Lead Capture App for your tablet!

Mojo Capture Form


We recently updated our Mojo on the Go tablet app with a cool new feature – lead capture pages. This new feature allows Mojo clients to create capture forms on their tablets and present them to contacts and leads on the go – such as during open houses or in the office.

No one enjoys jotting down lead information repeatedly and contact capture pages give a professional and efficient way to gather lead details and get them in to your database immediately, so nothing falls through the cracks.

 How to set up Lead Capture pages:

  1. Log in to our mobile app on your tablet device (iOS or Android).
  2. In the settings area, click on Lead Capture Forms.
  3. Give your form a name and a logo.
  4. Choose which list or group you want the form to post your lead data to.
  5. Select a source you want to add to each lead posted.
  6. Choose the contact fields you want to display on your form.
  7. Select an action plan to trigger on form submission (optional).
  8. Choose whether to have a single column or split column form layout.
  9. Save the form.
  10. In the Lead Capture forms grid, select Enable when you are ready to use the form.
  11. Once you choose enable, the app will automatically show the form and lockout the app with password protection.

How to use Lead Capture pages:

Contacts fill out the form with their contact information and hit submit. Once submitted, the data gets sent to the users Mojo account in real-time for follow-up later. Other options include assigning the contact automatically to an action plan for things such as auto-responders, follow-up plans, drip email and power dialing.

It’s that simple!

Check out our walkthrough video and start using our new capture pages for Mojo on the Go today!

Haven’t started using Mojo on the Go! yet? You can download it here for iOS and Android.