Send Video Email with the Mojo and BombBomb integration


Have you ever wanted to send video email from Mojo? Well, if you have, you’re in luck! We just finished our BombBomb integration – adding a lot of flexibility to the Mojo prospecting system.

When we set out to integrate BombBomb with Mojo, we wanted to make sure we hit the trifecta of functionality our clients would want based on their day-to-day use of Mojo.

Sync your most important contacts to BombBomb

First, we wanted an easy way to push records from Mojo to BombBomb with lightning fast speeds. We came up with a solution for both single and bulk sending of contacts to BombBomb.

Mutual clients no longer have to export/import their qualified leads from Mojo to BombBomb; making their workflows very streamlined and trouble-free.

Record video emails right through Mojo

Video email through Mojo Dialer
Sending personalized video emails from the Mojo Dialer is now a simple button click.

Clients can now record their BombBomb videos right from the contact form inside Mojo. It’s super simple too! Click the email button, choose BombBomb and wallah,  the BombBomb video recorder pops up on your screen.

Once you’re done recording your video, you simply hit send and the BombBomb system sends your email and keeps you updated on it’s status via their powerful analytical data stream.

Enhance Mojo’s Action Plans with BombBomb video email templates

Lastly, we needed to merge BombBomb’s user template library with Mojo’s powerful action plans. You will now find a new action plan step called BombBomb when creating action plans.  When the user selects this new action, we populate a list of saved BombBomb user templates. Clients can select the one they want for that particular action plan step and Mojo will trigger it when due.

Continue with BombBomb’s powerful email analytics

BombBomb does all the email sending while Mojo just orchestrates the ‘when’ to send. This allows BombBombs powerful analytics system to be used. All email status notifications, alerts and tracking is contained within the BombBomb system with no unnecessary duplication in Mojo.

We invite all of our mutual clients to start using this powerful new integration and look forward to your feedback!