Mojo’s follow-up system keeps you engaged with your most important leads

Mojo Dialer

Follow-up is king.

Over the years we’ve found one golden rule to be true: follow-up is king, especially real estate follow-up.

When people start prospecting with Mojo, they have one goal: pitch as many people as they can during their prospecting time, and that is exactly what Mojo does for them. What most people don’t think about, is the amount of follow-up work that is necessary to really be successful on the phone.

Think about it, many of our agents set a goal to contact, not just dial, 100 contacts per day; that is a lot of conversations. What happens during these conversations?

Well, it’s easy. Some of them end quickly with a simple ‘not interested’. Some of them lead to engaging conversations where our customers can use their ‘skills in the script’ to lead the contact down the path to an appointment or sale. And some of them fall in the middle and need some sort of follow-up call to finish business.

This is necessary for a variety of reasons. Perhaps it is because not all decision makers are present on the contacts side, or perhaps there are contingencies placed on the appointment such as a home value analysis or a hurried homeowner needing to get to work. Regardless of the reason, many calls do not end with a simple yes or no result and these are the calls that can make or break an agents success on the phone.

Don’t fret though, the Mojo Dialer has the tools necessary to schedule, manage and complete these calls so no opportunities ever fall through the cracks.

A new, simple approach to follow-up.

In 2010, with the release of our previous platform Mojo ACE, we changed the model of power dialer functionality by bringing our customers the Daily Planner. The Daily Planner was great in theory, but the feedback from our customers was that it was too complex, it had too much functionality, and it competed with their dedicated CRM platforms, which ultimately created more work for them. When we scrapped Mojo ACE, we scrapped the Daily Planner with it, and we reintroduced our new simple approach to organized follow-up when we released web-based Mojo. We called it, quite simply, the Mojo Calendar.

The Mojo Calendar and follow-up call display are an easy to use, easy to navigate user interface that enables our clients to easily view, manage and complete the scheduled follow-up calls, to-do’s and appointments they’ve created while power dialing with Mojo. The best part, the Mojo Dialer is intelligently integrated into the entire system, making your follow-up calls a button click away!

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