First ‘HELLO’ Technology

‘First hello’ is a term used to describe the predictive dialing feature in which a dialing system connects the prospect to the caller as fast as possible so the caller hears the first ‘Hello’ of the answered call.

‘First hello’ technology depends upon two main factors: the predictive dialer’s detection capabilities and the Telco pathway from the dialer to both the prospect and the caller. The second factor is crucial as the speed and reliability of the Telco pathways can significantly impact ‘first hello’ capabilities. The first pathway is from the prospect to the dialer. When the prospect answers, the Telco must pass the detection signals or voice immediately to the dialer. For some VoIP-based Telco services, this signal does not work with dialers or the voice is delayed while being relayed to the dialer, causing delays in the detection. The second pathway, from the dialer to the caller, is equally important. When the dialer detects an answer, the prospect’s voice is bridged to the caller. If the caller does not have a dedicated pathway back to them, the connection can be delayed. In order to maximize the effectiveness of ‘first hello’ technology, it is critical that both pathways are available for the dialers use.

With the Mojo Dialer, ‘first hello’ technology is hosted on a dedicated copper line pathway. This provides superior call detection, which results in the caller successfully hearing the first ‘Hello’ when the prospect answers their phone, unlike VoIP-based dialing systems.

‘First hello’ technology creates an improved calling environment for both the caller and prospect. Companies can immediately see a positive impact on conversion rates using ‘first hello’. Callers also benefit since they experience less phone calls of a hostile nature, eliminating call anxiety.

The Mojo Dialer is the only multi-line, copper-based power dialer on the market and we invite you to see for yourself the quality by signing up today!