Finding Your ‘Mojo’

We all know that prospecting doesn’t rate too high on the ‘fun’ list. It probably rates in the ballpark of public speaking or getting poked in the face with a sharp stick. Sometimes, it feels more like a chore than a positive action for your business. You need to approach prospecting with MOJO. MOJO means getting in your groove, getting into a flow where you are alert, enthusiastic, and on top of your game. Nothing is worse than calling 20 numbers in a row and getting an answering machine or no answer for every single one. It puts a damper on your MOJO. When this happens, it zaps the energy right out of you. Calling number after number and not getting results changes your attitude rather quickly. Now, what if there was a way to turn the tables on prospecting and make it fun again? I am not joking about putting fun and prospecting in the same sentence. It can happen. MOJO gives you that edge. It cuts through all of your junk dialing and gets to the ‘good stuff’. When you are dialing 3 lines at the same time, you are tripling your speed and contacting three times the live leads. It is like hiring three telemarketers and having them transfer all the good calls to you. And, in these hard economic times, we know that hiring three people to do your calling is just not viable. For a fraction of the cost, you can have MOJO fill that position in your company. MOJO is a power dialer, not to be confused with a predictive dialer. With MOJO, you will not drop calls like you would with a predictive dialer. Save money, stay on your game, and triple your production. When you’ve got MOJO, sales happen.