Mojo Thrives in Tough Real Estate Markets

Take a look at the gorgeous landscape above. It’s Saguaro National Park in Tucson, Arizona.

But there’s also something intensely ugly going on in Tucson. Property values have recently plummeted by 45 percent, making the area one of the worst hit cities in America alongside Las Vegas and Phoenix.

Despite it all, real estate broker Curt Stinson, a 15-year industry veteran, is smoking with leads from cold calls. For the past four months, he’s operated a call center with five telemarketers using the Mojo auto dialer and Mojo lead management tracking program, which automatically qualifies prospects after a phone call and moves the data to the next stage of the deal flow.

“As more and more agents drop out of the business, we’re picking up their customers,” says Curt. “And all my business is coming from prospecting. I don’t pursue bank referrals because those will eventually dry up when the market comes back.”

Curt’s call team dials more than 2,000 numbers a night and goes with this basic script: “We recently just sold a home in your area and we’re checking if you might be interested in selling your home.”

“It’s amazing how many people say yes,” he notes. “It’s hard for me to follow up on all the leads I generate and that’s a great problem to have.”

The Tucson broker credits Mojo’s Triple Line Power Dialer, which minimizes downtime by never stopping its dialing and only giving you live calls, for boosting his results from generating 8-9 contacts per hour to 30-40 contacts per hour.

Real estate is a pure numbers game. Making more contacts = more appointments = more listings = more sales.

“Over the past year, our overall business has increased by 20 percent and a good portion of it is because of Mojo,” says Curt. “Next year should be even better!”

He adds that he is looking forward to exploring Mojo’s Live Lead Feed, our system of automatically tracking Internet leads without having to manually enter data, when he ramps up his Website side of the business.

For now, though Curt is too busy handling the business generated by phone and offers this advice for any industry peers considering adopting Mojo: “Be prepared for a huge boost and be prepared to follow-up!”

Perhaps Curt’s Mojo experience can be duplicated in your market. Find out more about how our lead management auto dialer software can dramatically impact YOUR real estate business!

(If coincidentally you happen to be hunkering for a piece of Southern Arizona real estate, you can contact Curt at

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Bob Montgomery