Lead Manager and Dialing Services Import your contacts, leads and calling lists in to Mojo to manage and dial with the Mojo Auto Dialer. Make your sales and prospecting calls at a blazing rate of up to 300 calls per hour and track each opportunity from ‘cradle to grave’ using our web based and mobile contact management products.
Single and Triple Line Power Dialer Options We offer both a single and triple line dialer. The Mojo Dialer significantly decreases your wait time between calls and greatly increases your productivity. You are making hundreds of calls per hour and because your wait time between conversations is reduced, you spend more time speaking to prospects and setting appointments.

Our single line license dials up to 85 contacts per hour while our triple line license dials up to 300 contacts per hour. Our EXCLUSIVE copper-based dialing architecture with ‘First Hello’ technology produces the best call quality in the industry and lightning fast answering detection.
Manage Leads, Contacts and Clients from anywhere Import data, make notes, print hot sheets, utilize our many integrations and slice and dice your calling and contact lists using our web-based and mobile platforms.

Mojo on the Go! gives you the power to take your entire contact and dialing system with you on the Go! on the iPad and iPhone. Work anywhere you have an wired, wireless or 3g connection!
Auto send email Touching clients and prospects by email is a great way to increase the odds of getting their attention. Create stunning email templates with our WYSIWYG editor or import your existing templates that can be sent with the push of a button. You can also auto send email templates during calling sessions by assigning the template you want to any one of our last call result buttons. Additionally, Mojo is integrated with many of the top email services, making long term email campaigns a piece of cake.
Mojo Voice: Call. Capture. Connect. Mojo Voice is our virtual phone number service. Using your Mojo Voice number as your caller ID or in your print and online materials, makes tracking your inbound calls a piece of cake. Calls returned to your own unique Mojo Voice number are tracked across our web-based and mobile platforms, giving you a clean report of who is calling you back.
Mojo Voice comes in two tiers. The first tier is a simple call routing service, routing the incoming call to any of your available phone numbers. The second tier adds a virtual attendant with voice mail. Both offer the ability to offer an opt-out during call back that automatically marks the contact as DNC if they exist in your database.
Expired Property Data The Mojo Expired Data service is a complete off-market data solution delivering high quality Expired, Cancelled and Withdrawn properties directly in to your Mojo Dialer. Not only do you get new leads daily, the Mojo Expired Data service also updates the listing status of your existing properties so you are working callable properties only.
For Sale by Owner Data Access high quality For Sale By Owner data that seamlessly integrates with the Mojo Dialer and the Mojo on the Go! mobile application. We scour over 30 sources to bring you the highest quality and highest quantity For Sale By Owner Data.
Reverse Look Up Data Enter any street address + Zip and Mojo Reverse Look-Up will return the name and phone number. Easily perform Reverse Look-ups one-by-one or batch Reverse Look-up an entire list of data.
Just Listed/Just Sold Data with Map Search Create instant calling lists using our Neighborhood Search with free-form map plotting. Perfect for creating high yield Just Listed/Just Sold, Open House and Circle Prospecting prospecting lists.
No Set-Up Fees! Unlike many Real Estate Data companies, our data products have no set-up fees, keeping more cash in your pocket.
Mojo on the Go! Dialing App - Take your Power Dialer, Data, Alerts and Notes with you! With the Mojo on the Go! for iPad, iPhone and Android devices, you have your prospecting mission control system in the palm of your hand. Dial single or triple line dial, manage your appointments and complete your scheduled call backs right from your device, wherever you have a wifi or 3g signal. Mojo on the Go! keeps you organized by showing you all of your calendar items, calling lists and contact groups. Never miss a call back or appointment with the Mojo on the Go! notification system. The best part, all of your work is synched instantly to the Mojo Cloud, keeping all your devices and computer current.
Mojo on the Go! Mobile Dialer The Mojo ID app instantly shows you who is calling you back from a prospecting session. You will see the contact details, property information, last call notes and much more on your phone before you take the call back. You will impress the heck out of your prospects by knowing who they are when you answer and you'll close more appointments!
Lead Vendor Posting We’ve partnered with many of the best lead providers in the industry, giving you an effortless way to get your leads in to your Mojo. By simply pushing a button, these vendors can sync your data Mojo, in the list or groups of your choice, without exporting or importing, pretty slick huh? Give us a call today to find out if your lead provide is on our approved vendor list.
Web Based Organization Organization across the Mojo Cloud is simple and tracking and following opportunities has never been easier. The Mojo Calendar system is available across our web-based system and mobile systems, ensuring you don’t miss a call or appointment.
Notification System Our notification system is in place to make sure, whether you are in front of your computer or on the road with your mobile device, you will be alerted whenever you have an appointment, callback or to-do coming up!
Scheduled Call Planner Calendars and notifications are great, but completing your scheduled calls and to-do’s is the most important part of lead generation. With Mojo’s Scheduled Call Planner, all of your callbacks and to-do’s are organized based on due date. Coupled with our unique scheduled call dialing, the Scheduled Call Planner is the most innovative follow-up technology since the Post-It note!
Smart Integrations Want more power? Great, we have many integrations with the top contact systems such as BoomTown, Top Producer, Wise Agent, Google, Zapier and many more. These integrations allow you to push data back and forth from Mojo to your companies CRM system, keeping you completely organized, even when using other lead management systems. For a full list of integrations, give us a call today!

    Connect with more prospects, have more conversations and set more appointments:
  • Hosted Single Line Power Dialer- Prospect at up to 85 Calls Per Hour!
  • Hosted Triple Line Power Dialer- Prospect at up to 300 Calls Per Hour
  • Crystal clear conversations thanks to Mojo's exclusive, analog single and multi-line technology
  • Industry leading call quality and 'First Hello" answer detection over our copper-based infrastructure
  • Pre-Recorded answering machine message dropping
  • Digital Call Recording
  • Instant access to Google Maps and Zillow information while calling
  • Scoreboard calling reports
  • Time Zone protection
  • Lead Provider Live Lead Posting
    (Mojo Lead Store, The Redx, Vulcan 7, Kunversion and Cole Information)
  • MojoVoice Caller ID and Call Capture service
  • Exclusive Smart Dialing Modes
  • Robust calling reports
  • Exclusive custom calling filters
  • Multi-user friendly with supervisor, agent and user access roles, features and reports
  • Much much more
    Stay in Touch with Your Leads and Contacts:
  • Hosted, web-based Lead Manager
  • Follow-Up Call Planner
  • Intelligent follow-up call dialing
  • Simple email sending with templates
  • Auto send emails based on call outcomes
  • Click To Call
  • Mail Merge
  • Much much more
  • Letters
    Stay Organized:
  • Integrated Follow-Up Call, Appointment and Task Planner
  • Sync with Top Producer
  • Data Search
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • To Do Creation and Tracking
  • Customizable Data Fields
  • Printable Hot Sheets
  • Mojo on the Go! Mobile Applications
  • Sync with BoomTown
  • Sync with Follow Up Boss
  • Sync with Wise Agent (coming soon)
  • Sync with Outlook Calendar
  • Sync with Google Calendar
  • Sync with Mail Chimp
  • Sync with Constant Contact
  • Many other integrations available
  • Much much more
    Keep you Productive on the Go:
  • Mojo on the Go! Complete mobile prospecting system for your iPhone, iPad and Android devices.
  • Set more appointments with Mojo ID, Mojo's incoming Caller ID application that displays who is calling you back from your prospecting sessions, so you never take blind call backs again!
  • Reminder alerts by email and on your device ensures you don't miss an important call back or appointment.
  • Much much more.
  • Know who is calling you from your database and access critical information such as full name, last call date, property information and previous hot notes on your mobile device with our Mojo ID application.
    Get Hard to Find Contact Information for Seller Leads:
  • Expired Property Leads
    Our high quality expired property leads integrate seamlessly with the Mojo Dialer and are available across the Mojo Cloud. Available in the US only.
  • For Sale By Owner Leads
    Our high quality For Sale By Owner leads integrated seamlessly in to the Mojo Dialer and are available across the Mojo Cloud. Available in the US only.
  • Just Listed/Just Sold and Cold Calling Data
    Create instant calling lists using our Neighborhood Search with free-form map plotting. Perfect for creating high yield Just Listed/Just Sold, Open House and Circle Prospecting prospecting lists.
  • Reverse Look-Up Phone Service
    Search the name and phone number for any address, either single record searches or batch calling list searches, and append all of your records with incomplete or missing contact information.
"Not only do I think Mojo is fantastic tool for sales professionals to use while they prospect, I am also a client! I have had our entire sales team on the Mojo Sales Engine for the past month and have watched our business increase 100%! My sales team has said nothing but positive things about the ease of the system and the way it supports them using their time in an efficient manner. In my 20 years of being in this business, it's rare that a service comes along that I would endorse and Mojo is one! Bottom line, if you're in sales, you got to get Mojo!"
-Tom Ferry
CEO Tom Ferry-your coach and author of Life! by Design
No Hidden Fees · No Per-Minute Fees
No Hidden Fees · No Per-Minute Fees

Lead Manager
Easy to Use Import Wizard
Advanced Data Management
Multi-User Friendly
Email and Email Template Builder
iPad Application
Mojo ID application with Caller ID
$10 per user


Single Line Power Dialer
Up to 85 calls per hour
Copper Based Hosted Dialer with First Hello Technology
Pre Recorded Answering Machine Message Drops
Multiple Caller-ID Broadcast
Great for Dialing Targeted contact lists and introducing prospecting into your daily habit
$89 per user
Triple Line Power Dialer
All the features of the single line power dialer plus two additional dialing lines
Up to 300 calls per hour
Lightning fast live answer detection
Throttle your dialing between single, double and triple line dialing. Flexible enough for the widest range of prospecting needs
$139 per user


Call Me Feature
Don't have long distance service to call the Server? - Don't worry for, $25.00 per agent, the server will call you so you won't incur long distance charges while using Mojo Power Dialer.
$25 per user
Call Recording
Want to record Sales Calls for Quality Assurance? For $25.00 an agent, the Mojo Power Dialer will be set up to Record and Store Those Recordings for Future Review.
$25 per user
Mojo Voice
Subscribe to and display your Mojo Voice number as your caller ID instead of your work, home or cell phone number. Prospects will see your Mojo Voice number, with the area code you choose, on their caller ID when you call them. When your prospects call the number back, the call is then routed to one of our Mojo Voice options. These options range from simple call routing to your preferred phone such as your cell or direct work line, or to our Mojo Voice auto attendant where prospects can leave you a voicemail or opt-out from future calls. Regardless of your needs, one of our Mojo Voice packages has your prospecting needs covered.
Please note Canadian numbers are not available at this time
$5 per month
(1, 3 and 6 month plans available)
Rover Dialer Functionality
Single and Triple Line Dialing licenses can be dedicated to specific agent logins or used as Rovers across the account. This allows multiple users access to our Power Dialer functionality in environments where two agents dialing at the same time is not required.
Mojo on the Go! for iPad and iPhone
For the first time ever, you can take your lead management and power dial with you on-the-go with our iPad App and iPhone app, Mojo On The Go!.
Manage your data, send emails, set appointments and power dial your leads, all from the convenience of your Apple mobile device. The best part? It all syncs with your Mojo account in real-time insuring that you are always in sync.
Mojo ID
Say goodbye to taking blind incoming calls thanks to our Mojo ID app. By syncing your Mojo contacts and prospects to your mobile device, any time that one of your contacts or prospects returns a call,
your device will pop an image including all of your contacts information such as name, address, last call date, notes and other pertinent contact information. Mojo ID is available in the App store at no charge.

The Lead Store (OPTIONAL)

Expired and Off Market Data
The Mojo Expired Data service is a complete off-market data solution delivering high quality Expired, Cancelled and Withdrawn properties directly in to your Mojo Dialer. Not only do you get new leads daily, the Mojo Expired Data service also updates the listing status of your existing properties so you are working callable properties only. Federal DNC scrubbing available for U.S. clients.
$50 per month
Neighborhood Search
Unlimited access to our entire U.S. and Canadian residential database. Create instant calling lists using our freeform geographical plotting webpage to target your calling area. Perfect for Just Listed/Just Sold calling and residential neighborhood calling. Federal DNC scrubbing available for U.S. clients.
$25 per month
For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Leads
Mojo monitors over 30 FSBO sources daily and distribute the leads to you in real-time, all throughout the day. Mojo's FSBO's are filtered by many data points ensuring that you get what you want and none of the garbage you don't want. Our cost is peanuts compared to the other guys making our FSBO service a no-brainer. This feature is available for all 50 US states and is sold by county.
$25 per month
Reverse Look-Up Service
Enter any street address + Zip and Mojo Reverse Look-Up will return the name and phone number. Easily perform Reverse Look-ups one-by-one or batch Reverse Look-up an entire list of data. Federal DNC scrubbing available for U.S. clients.
$25 per month
What is the cost?
We have a variety of pricing points to best serve you, head over to the pricing section of our website for more information.
How do I sign up for Mojo?
Simply click on one of the Sign up Now links on our website.
How soon can I get my Mojo working?
Once you sign up for Mojo through our website, you can start to use the system immediately. You will have immediate access to our training webinars, help section and tutorial videos. You will also have access to the Mojo Lead Store where you can purchase our data products.
Do you offer texting?
We do not offer texting from Mojo, and for good reason. We love our clients! and we don't want them getting in to trouble. Text messaging is highly regulated, and unless you have permission, sometimes double opt-in permission, you cannot send text messages to anyone. To add text messaging to Mojo would be a piece of cake, but we like to get a good nights sleep, and we won't sleep knowing one of our clients might get in to hot water:)
How does the Mojo Dialer work?
The Mojo Dialer requires you need just a high-speed Internet access (wifi or cable) and a phone line for dialing in to our server (this can be a land line, a VoIP line or a cellular line). Once you log in to the website with your email address and password, you will see a number on the screen that you will dial in order to connect to our dialing system. The website then communicates with our dialer servers, telling them what phone numbers to dial.
What services does Mojo integrate with?
We integrate with: Zapier, Boomtown, Top Producer, The Wise Agent, Follow Up Boss, Outlook Calendar, Mail Chimp, Constant Contact and More. Additionally, we take automatic vendor lead posting (no data file import required) from The Redx, Vulcan7, Cole Information, Telelisting and Kunversion. Each integration and posting partner has its own unique functionality. Call us today to find out more! Oh, and this list continues to grow, so check back often:)
How does the Triple Line Mojo Dialer work?
Look above for the nuts and bolts of how it works. The sizzle is simple; we dial 3 dedicated copper-lines on your behalf. As soon as we detect a live connection on one of the 3 lines, we connect you instantly. There is no delay in hearing the 'hello' and the call quality is pristine keeping you looking professional, unlike with our competitors VoIP multi-line and predictive dialers. It is this major advantage that has made the Triple Line Mojo Dialer the most popular and widely used dialing platform on the market today in the Real Estate, Insurance and Mortgage industries.
Why would I want a single line dialer when I can dial by hand for free?
This is a no brainer. Have you tried dialing 200 leads by hand? It takes forever! Our single line Mojo Dialer will give you the ability to dial your leads at up to 90 calls per hour. You don't hear the ringing (causes insanity for some), you won't have to hang up and dial (it completely automates the dialing process) and you will be able to drop pre-recorded messages saving you a ton of time!
Do I need 3 phone lines to utilize the Mojo Dialer?
Absolutely not! Who has 3 spare lines? Well, we do, and that is why we manage your single phone line over 3 dedicated copper lines. It's simple, dial in with any phone and we do the magic on the backend. Of course, if multi-line dialing is more than you need, we have our single line Mojo Dialer license available at a discount.
Does Mojo work with low cost VoIP call solutions?
Whether or not Mojo will work with programs such as Skype, Vonage, Magic Jack, Ring Central or Google Voice is very dependent on the quality and strength of your internet signal. Due to the variables in our customers network environments, we can not guaranty quality of service when using such programs to dial in to Mojo with.
What training is involved?
What training? Our service is so easy, you won't need it. Just kidding! Everyone has questions that need to be answered or a little help going in the right direction. For this, we offer 2 live daily webinars for you to attend and get those questions answered.
What is a Rover Dialer?
The rover dialer functionality allows you to 'share' a dialing license among multiple lead management licenses. This feature is popular in a team environment, where shift work is happening or on teams where not all members of the team need to dial at the same time. Here is an example: You have 10 agents on your sales team. You want your 10 agents to all access leads, make notes, set appointments and use the power dialer; however, your agents rarely dial at the same time. In this case, you would purchase 10 lead management licenses and 1 Power Dialer license to be used by any one of the agents at a time. At any time, you can purchase more dialing licenses to be shared by your agents.
Does Mojo work in Canada?
Yes! We have over 1000 Canadian customers that utilize the Mojo Dialer ranging from Real Estate agents to Construction companies. Not all data products are available in Canada, please call us for more details.
Do you have a referral program?
We do! The Mojo Refer-A-Friend program is a great way for our customers to earn rewards to be used towards our many products.
What are the Minimum Operating Requirements for Mojo Dialer?
Mac OS X 10.05 or higher. Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 Google Chrome v.24.0.1312.57 or later. Minimum 2GB of Ram
What Internet browsers does Mojo work on?
Mojo has been optimized for and tested on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari. To have the best possible experience using Mojo, make sure you are using the most current version of Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Mojo will NOT work on Internet Explorer.
How do I contact Mojo?
Call us, email us or stop on by! Call us at 877-859-6656 or email us at info@mojosells.com
Does Expired data include email address?
Yes! Email addresses are included in our Expired Data Service.
Does Mojo have a 'Pro' Expired service?
We only have one Mojo Expired service, but hey, you can call it 'Pro' if you want. If 'Pro' means higher look up rates than our competitors products, then the shoe fits. So what is the difference between the Mojo Expired service and our competitors 'Pro' service? Simple, the price! The Mojo Expired service is another high quality, high value product the Real Estate industry has come to expect from Mojo Selling Solutions, try it today!
Are there any long term commitments or contracts with your data services?
Heck NO! We have never believed in luring customers in to a long term contract to secure 'good pricing'. We've always come out of the gate with great pricing, without anyone signing their life away. Contracts are a tool to keep customers on a service that is oversold, and under delivers. You WON'T find that here at Mojo!
Do you offer data?
We sure do! The Mojo Lead store offers high quality Expired property, For Sale By Owner Reverse Look-Up and Just Listed Just Sold Data. Utilizing the latest in technology, data is delivered throughout the Mojo cloud via our web-based Mojo dialer and mobile platform Mojo on the Go! for iPhone and iPad.
How does your FSBO Data service work?
Our FSBO data service scours the FSBO universe looking for newly created For Sale By Owner properties. We capture this data and then put it through our Data Filtering process where we remove incomplete ads, fake ads, realtor submitted ads and anything else not worthy of your time. You use the FSBO settings in Mojo to set your areas, your property types you wish to receive and set your price range. When we 'catch' a hot new FSBO ad, we immediately distribute it to and it is immediately available for you to call on. We deliver a high quantity of high quality FSBO leads and do it at a price point that is a no-brainer. Oh, one other cool thing. FSBO that are trying to be evasive by posting their properties with only full or partial address, we capture those and have staff that researches each and every one of them with the goal of delivering you the homeowner and contact number. Just another way we aim to be the best For Sale By Owner product available to you.
How does the Just Listed Just Sold Neighborhood Search work?
The Neighborhood Search is perfect for those that want to call around certain properties or cities. Using the Neighborhood Search mapping facility, users can map out a calling area on a map with plotting pins. Once they have identified the area they want to call, we show them the data and allow them to pull it down in to a calling list of their choice. We memorize areas already plotted to help eliminate data duplication, we allow users to filter out multi-unit properties and we also prevent duplicates. The Neighborhood Search is a MUST HAVE for anyone needing instant, targeted, high-yield calling list creation.
How does the Mojo Reverse Look Up service work?
Our reverse look up service allows you to submit addresses and find contact names and contact phone numbers for them. We have two look up methods: single look up and batch list look up. If you determine that a call is a bad number, you can instantly perform a reverse search from the contact form and query our mega lead database and real-time sources for the correct contact name and contact information. The batch list look up is PERFECT for those Realtors not wanting to give up and arm or leg for their off market data. Simply export your target properties (expired, withdrawn, cancel) from your MLS in to your property list inside of Mojo and push the reverse look up button. We instantly crawl your list and update contact name and contact phone numbers.
What is Mojo on the Go!
Mojo on the GO! is a companion application to our web-based Mojo service. Using Mojo on the Go! on an iPad, iPhone or Android device, users can manage their leads; make notes, set appointments and power dial at up to 300 calls per hour! Easily one of the most valuable tools in the prospectors' arsenal.
What is Mojo ID App?
Mojo ID is an advanced caller ID application keeping you on your toes when one of your prospects returns a call. On the return call, your mobile device will populate with an image of your prospects information so you are armed with the 'hot points' before you accept the call. No more blind call backs, closing appointments and sales just got a whole lot easier!
What are the requirements for your mobile products?
They change as Apple and Android updates their devices and operating systems, please see the requirements for each app in the iTunes and Google Play stores.
Videos are optimized for slow connections, for high resolution/high definition playback, please click on the cog wheel icon in the player and raise the resolution to 720i or higher
  • Mojo Dialer Demonstration
  • Mojo Lead Store Overview
  • Mojo Expired Lead Service Demonstration
  • Mojo FSBO Lead Service Demonstration
  • Mojo Neighborhood Search
  • Mojo on the Go! iPhone Mojo Dialer Demo
  • Mojo on the Go! iPad Demo
We are located in the White Mountain Region of New Hampshire, here in the U.S of A. Many of us who work here left city jobs for the pleasures of small town, country life.
The company however is anything but a sleepy little small town business. We are the leading provider of on-demand lead acquisition and management services, on the cutting edge of pre-sales technologies and services, and one of the fastest-growing software businesses in the state. Our hosted services have been developed and honed with extensive customer input over the past eight years, and we are CONSTANTLY upgrading and tweaking our service to make it better and better.
Our large (and growing, fast!) list of customers are leaders from a wide variety of industries. You should be one of them!
"MOJO was a true turning point in my business in terms of helping me take my business to the next level. In addition to their cutting edge technology and their desire to always keeping improving the quality of their service for their clients, their customer service is second to none!"
-Chip Walsh
Team Walsh Real Estate
"I used to do phone prospecting many years ago but tried other avenues since then. Not liking my results, I finally got back into phone prospecting, this time through the MOJO dialer system. I started March 9th, 2015 and my focus is cold calling. I had a goal to eventually get to the point where I am contacting 100 people every day I prospected. I never talked to anywhere near half of that previously. I quickly reached 40 in one day, and on March 23, got my first 100 contact day! As of today (4/29/15), I have had a total of SIX 100+ contact days! I currently have 64 listing leads that I am following up on, have had 6 listing appointments and another one scheduled for tomorrow. I have taken 2 short sale listings, lost one due to the seller selling his home himself, and the remaining three plan to list by June and it appears that I will get to list them all! I haven't even gotten to the point where I've called 100 people per day every day of the week yet, and my results are astounding. I never would have attained it without MOJO. It's layout is great and simple to use, allows me to take notes and schedule follow-ups with ease, and the monthly dialing competition I just discovered is great motivation to call even more! From the bottom of my heart, thanks MOJO!"
- Mike Towers
"We had been looking for an autodialer and even mocked up one for the iPhone/ iPad. Before we could get it built we found MoJo. They had our design and more!
We really like their mastermind group in Google+ and their responsiveness to improvements and support. They also integrate with many other tools and CRMs.
Thanks MoJo!"
-The Ruiz/Miller Team with Keller Williams Cornerstone
"Hi Mojo!
I just wanted to let you know of a success I had calling with your system. I have been an agent for about 20 years and haven’t cold called for probably 15 years. My main business has always been farming but the last couple of years have been really feast or famine. Earlier this year was one of those famine times and I have a friend in the business who had cold called and had some success. So I got over all of my reluctance and fears and decided to do it.
I ordered the one dialer system and used that for about an hour before I realized that was a complete waste of time! So I immediately upgraded to the 3 line system and called as consistently as I could for about a month. Out of that I have a handful of leads several of which will be selling next year and I am developing rapport with them. I was able to turn one lead into an appointment and ended up getting the listing for $850k and sold it in a week)
This stuff does work if you stay with it!"
-Phil Ralph
Real Estate Broker since 1994
"The Mojo Sales Engine is hands down, the best Online Dialer out there! You cannot match the Enormous level of professionalism and customer service that they provide! As far as Online Dialer Systems are concerned, Mojo Sales Engine is the BEST Automated System out there; the Database alone is worth more than the super-reasonable price! As a whole, I do not think that there is another Online System out there that provides you with as much power as Mojo gives you, along with Amazing Customer Service and Technical Support. I will continue to use Mojo Sales Engine and promote the use of their system to every associate in my field, for the rest of my IT/ Sales Career! I made $10,000 within the First Three Months from when I started my First Account; I would have never been able to accomplish that in my sincere opinion! I want to personally thank all of the wonderfully capable and knowledgeable staff. I would personally recommend that every sales person, new or a veteran in the Telemarketing / Sales field, use Mojo!! The Dialer pays for itself, all you have to do is sit back, make calls and let Mojo do its magic. You will definitely have the advantage that will have your competitors wondering what they are doing wrong!! Thanks, To Mojo Sales Engine and all of their wonderful staff, especially to Robyn (Billing) and Josh & Josh (Tech Support, Sales)!!! "
-Scott Presnell
IT Manager / Sales Floor Supervisor
iNTEG Security Solutions
"The MOJO system maximizes my ability to follow up on all buyer leads for my real estate listings and sell my listings for more money in less time. MOJO leverages my ability to follow up on all buyer inquires in a matter of minutes instead of days. Because of the quick follow up, a sense of urgency is cultivated among the buyers, thus producing multiple offers. Multiple offers in these tough markets? You bet! My last four sales generated 20 offers! Quick Facts: My average listing generates 3.6 offers! My listings are selling in almost half the market time: 36 days vs 71 days. My listings are selling for more: 98.2% vs 94.6% (sales price to list price). That puts thousands of extra dollars in my sellers' pockets and gives a huge boost to referrals, too! Instead of "plinking away" one number at a time like most agents, MOJO has launched me into contact with hundreds of potential buyers at the push of a button. You go, MOJO !! "
-Tom Braithwaite
"I just wanted to show how extremely pleased we are with your Mojo Sales Engine! We have found it a highly cost-effective and a speedy way to generate high quality leads. We are also very pleased with the program's technical support, especially the personal and outstanding service we receive from Gail Copp. We could not more strongly recommend this service!"
-Peter Smith, ID
"I love your program & especially the support. Every time I have a problem, customer service handles it immediately. Now... I actually like prospecting again because the system is so efficient. I am three times more effective with my time. In fact, I just hired a telemarketer to help me out because I feel it is so cost effective."
-Tom Conway, CA
"I have been using the Mojo auto-dialer for several months now. I have noticed my productivity increase because I am able to reach many more people. Now I can call more people in one day than what it would take me in a week. I use the Mojo auto-dialer for getting new sales and keeping clients happy through better customer service. I would recommend this product to anyone that is serious about prospecting."
-Ethan Selph, UT
"Mojo is a great productivity tool. I have, in fact, tripled (or more) my contacts and I'm calling on prospects that I would never have called in the past. The platform is easy to use and tech support is very responsive. This is a 10+."
-Steve Klopfer, IL
"My staff and I have been using the MOJO dialer system for the last couple of months - We would highly recommend the use of the system - It allows us to talk to more people in less time - The quality of the system is terrific - Lastly, the customer support and service has been exceptional - I would highly recommend their service."
-Darren Webb, OK
"I would highly recommend Mojo Selling Solutions because they have a great product for an unbeatable price. The dialer is simple, but really is an effective tool that can help your company increase productivity without high overhead expenses. My company, The Debt Free Group, Inc is based in California and I'm connecting to their servers on the east coast using Skype, VOIP technology without any problems and very good sound quality. The nature of my business is debt settlement so our agents are on the phone non-stop and I cannot even imagine what my phone bill would look like if I didn't have unlimited minutes using 3 lines which is what Mojo is offering. Their staff is great, 5 out of 5 stars from one happy customer."
-Konstantin Stepanov, CA
"MOJO has given me the ability to make more contacts in less time. Where before, I would easily get distracted while dialing, MOJO allows me to do other things while it is dialing on my PC, and multi-task, or as I like to call it... A.D.D. a little bit, LOL. Whenever someone answers, I can easily switch back to the MOJO screen and start talking. Mojo is great for accountability, as it keeps track of the time I'm dialing each day, as well as what results I'm getting. Whereas I'd average 18-20 contacts a day manually dialing, if even that much, with MOJO, I average easily 35-40 contacts in the same time period. The only catch here... you have to use it! If you don't prospect every day, this product is not for you, but if you're looking for a way to increase your contacts dramatically, sign up now!"
-Bryan Washington, PA
"Mojo has immediately increased my reps productivity. They are making more calls and feel much less burned out after a calling session. I especially like the call report; it tells me exactly what is going on and how productive my reps are each day. This has been one of the more profitable products we have purchased in a long time."
-K. Galligan, CA
"In an hour they had us up and running just like promised. Now my mortgage brokers are making over 800 calls per days. Our Mortgage Modification business has double in the first week. Everything works as promised. My staff loves it, no dialing the phones and they just sit back and pitch. Some of my agents are making over a 1000 calls a day. It's worth 3 times what we pay. These guys are pros."
-Tom McLeary
Mortgage Modifications
"I cannot say enough about this dialing system! The MOJO dialer and tracking system make my calling so efficient and effortless. I get into my prospecting mindset, sign on to MOJO and within an hour I have contacted more people than most agents contact in a week. Thanks MOJO!"
-Angela Centofanti, OH