Mojo Dialer Support: Great Customer Service is more than an overused marketing slogan

Mojo Selling SolutionsLooking back to the beginning of Mojo, it often amazes me where we are today. I can remember a time when our customer service was only delivered by phone and contracted out to the lowest bidder. We’ve come light-years since my beginning here in the spring of 08’ and I don’t regret any of the many changes we’ve made over the years to get where we are. Today, I can say without hesitation, Mojo Dialer Support is the best customer service group in the industry.

Our company focus IS customer service

The unique thing about our company is our complete dedication to customer service. While many companies are hard at work setting up affiliate arrangements and white labeling their products, we have been hard at work for years perfecting our hosted dialing platform and data products, putting our name behind the technology, and listening to our customer’s input.

The many pillars driving our customer-focused culture prove our dedication:

Employee Training

Call Mojo on a Friday between the hours of 12-1 pm and you’ll hear our greeting tell you our company is closed for employee training. While I’d like to tell you we’re on the driving range hitting balls, the truth is we take this time to appreciate our employees with a lunch of their choice, a weekly analysis of ticket resolutions, design, and feature discussion, and finally, time covering a weekly customer service topic.

Do we lose sales taking this time for training and discussion? Absolutely, and it is well worth it. Customer retention in our business model is extremely important and there is no better way to retain a customer than treating them correctly and listening to their wants and needs – this is the foundation of Mojo Dialer support.

Customer Feedback that Guides Mojo Dialer Support

“MOJO was a true turning point in my business in terms of helping me take my business to the next level. In addition to their cutting edge technology and their desire to always keeping improving the quality of their service for their clients, their customer service is second to none!”
-Chip Walsh
Broker / Owner

While many of our competitors are just ‘white labeling’ another vendor’s product, or counting on affiliate arrangements to sell their products, the Mojo Dialer and data products are designed, created, sold, and supported by Mojo Selling Solutions. This gives us a huge advantage over other companies as we can make immediate changes to our platforms, accommodating customer feedback quickly and reliably. Every effort is made to accommodate all customer requests that benefit the majority of Mojo customers.

Having the resources alone doesn’t make us successful. Having a clear path for customers to take when submitting feature requests and improvements is key. Our support portal utilizes the latest feedback technology to ensure our customers can give us their ideas quickly and easily. In the backend, our 15-person development team is notified when new ideas are created and updates the clients who request them as progress is made.

In-House Development TeamMojo Selling Solutions

As I already mentioned mentioned, we have a dedicated development team. Our development team is made up of 15 employees, split into multiple teams, focused on each of the Mojo modules. This kind of coverage makes bug fixing and feature releases quick and painless.

While we love our developers, our first line of defense is not a living, breathing, coffee-drinking being. Our first line of defense is a series of products used to identify exceptions (bugs, code anomalies, areas of improvement) in real time. This information and our response to it is critical to our overall customer service initiative. In a nutshell, 90% of the bugs found in the Mojo platform, both web Mojo and Mobile Mojo, are fixed before any customer has the misfortune of experiencing them. Now that is cool!

Our Mojo Dialer Support People

I saved the best for last, the Mojo’ers who walk through our doors each day. Everything I have previously mentioned doesn’t matter if we don’t have the people to execute our vision. Our employees are the heartbeat of Mojo’s entire operation and we’ve got one heck of a team.

We take good care of our employees, and as a result, they take care of you. In addition to being an awesome group of folks to talk with, each of our employees knows the industries we serve in and out. The average tenure of our employees is over 13 years, with the most recent addition over 9 years ago. Our employees have ample experience, learning from both our generous customers and company training. Bottom line, our team has you covered!

I started this article by noting we’ve come a long way, and we have. We’ve found success by learning from mistakes and putting processes and procedures in place to ensure they don’t happen again. Instead of passing the buck off to affiliates and re-sellers, we put our name and reputation behind every product we offer, keeping us 100% accountable for making sure our customers are happy.

We’ve made it our #1 priority to offer the best products and service, backed by the best customer service team available.

A recent survey sent out to a random selection of customers on 9/8/2014 speaks for itself. 500 respondents graded their last experience with the Mojo Dialer support team earning 4.5 stars out of 5!

We have one goal at Mojo; to offer indispensable prospecting tools backed by an unmatched level of support. We believe that every call, ticket, and touch point is an opportunity for us to keep a customer for life.

Mojo was founded, nurtured, and thrives today based on these principles. It is this way today and it shall forever be.

David England is the General Manager of Mojo Selling Solutions. Like many of our employees, David started with Mojo in 2008 in the training department when Mojo first released their hosted auto-dialing solution, the Mojo Dialer. 
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