Refresh and Reorganize: Optimizing Your Mojo Dialer for 2018

Organizing your lead database and cleaning up Mojo Dialer in 2018.

Organizing your lead database in 2018

The new year is right around the corner. There is no better time than now to clean up your Mojo database and think about your workflow moving forward in to 2018.

Clear the Clutter

Depending on how long you’ve been using Mojo, your account may no longer need a substantial amount of data. This can include dead leads, folks you’ve determined to be the wrong number or any other lead/data type you just won’t be calling or marketing to in the new year. If this sounds like you, then it’s time to get organizing your lead database.

Identify this data in lists and groups and delete it. This will help prevent database bloat and make ‘room’ for your new data and leads moving forward. Also, having too much ‘stale’ data can get in the way of prospecting and marketing to your fresh data in Mojo, so don’t be a ‘hoarder’.

Review your Templates and Scripts

Mojo has both templates and scripts provided by experienced users. Do your email and letter templates have accurate information? Is the message on point? Are your email signatures correctly laid out, and do you have the best contact information?

Calling scripts get stale. Sometimes, agents use the same script repeatedly without applying any changes and expecting the same result. Look at your scripts, bounce them off a colleague or friend, and can you improve on them?

We’ll throw your lead sheets and checklists in here as well. Are you utilizing the Lead Sheet feature correctly? Are you asking the best questions to get the most productive answers? Many lead sheets that we see are over built with too many questions. Try reducing the questions you ask and make the questions moving forward more productive.

Same goes for checklists, make sure you keep them on point for the type you’ve created. Is it a pre-listing checklist? Keep your items specific to pre-listing. Is it a listing or closing checklist? Again, simplify them and keep them on point.

Plan and Manage Your Action Plans

Go through your created Action Plans and confirm you are using them as intended. How many contacts are they assigned to? If the answer is none, is it worth keeping? Review your Action Steps, we’ve added a bunch of new Action Plan features you might have missed and now is a great time to make sure you are squeezing every opportunity out of your database with them.

– If you haven’t already done so, schedule your monthly newsletter and assign your contacts to it.

– Consider creating a strict order Action Plans, or converting your older Action Plans to strict order to prevent scheduled activities from piling up in the past if you are not able to complete them. 

– Set up and plan your drip email only Action Plans using your saved Mojo or BombBomb email templates. Get diligent about assigning these to your various contact and leads in Mojo.

– Send postcards? Utilizing Mojo for this can drastically save time and energy. Create Action Plans with mailing label steps and give your labels the names of the postcards you are sending and frequency.

(Not every Action Plan tip is provided to save time, but trust us, using Action Plans is awesome!)

Confirm and Update your Workflow

Mojo Dialer Real Estate
In this Quick Tip Video we give some examples of workflow using groups, setting appointments, action plans and checklists.

Mojo is a SUPER powerful lead and database manager. This power is often underutilized by our users. Properties calling lists, calling lists, groups, Action Plans and many more tools are at your disposal for the best possible workflow. The Mojo Dialer creates a ton of activity and coming up with a clean, efficient way to process it all will completely change your game!

We suggest writing down your workflow on paper (think mind-map). Where do your leads come from? What list do they go in to? What are the potential call outcomes? What groups do you need for qualification stages?  What does your workflow tell you to do when you set an appointment? What groups do you use? Do you assign a checklist? What if they are not interested?

It also makes sense to have different workflows for different prospecting types. For example, you might want to continue emailing a newsletter to a FSBO via Action Plan if they are not interested ‘right now’ and including monthly follow-up call steps, vs. a Neighborhood Search lead you’ve been geo prospecting who has zero interest in listing or buying that gets sent to the ‘dead lead’ or archiving group.

One last tip, it is very helpful to figure prospecting as a manufacturing process, with a start and ‘finish’. What happens in-between the start and finish can all be managed by your groups and action plans – taking the burden off you.

Clean up your Mojo Dialer

Do you have 50+ caller ID’s in Mojo but only use a few? Do you have dozens of pre-recorded voicemail you’ve recorded about last year’s open houses? If you do, you are not alone! Many of our clients don’t even think to clean this up and now is a great time.

Go in to your settings area and check out the Caller ID’s in the Power Dialer settings. If you use them all, great. If not, go ahead and get rid of them. While you’re there, check out your saved voicemail messages, see any you won’t be using in the future? Get rid of them.

We hope you enjoyed these end-of-year tips and look forward to a phenomenal 2018!

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