Mojo’s Just Listed and Just Sold Lead Service Gets a Face Lift

With Mojo’s new and improved Free Form Search, Just Listed and Just Sold Data has never been easier to get

When you hear the word facelift, what is the first thing that comes to mind? I can tell you for me, it’s Burt Reynolds. I remember Burt tearing up the roads of America driving a 1977 Pontiac Trans-Am in his hit movie Smokey and the Bandit. What kid didn’t want to have that car!? It was fast, it was furious and it even made tire screeching sounds on dirt! (to this day, I still attempt this with no luck). Fast forward 30 years and you might see the side effects of all that ‘head out the window’ driving Burt did in his movies, well,  if you like the windblown look, you might see it as an improvement 😉

Real Estate agents across North America are using the Neighborhood Search for their just listed and just sold data. Our Neighborhood Search is a low-cost data source that allows agents to create calling lists with pin-point accuracy, utilizing Bing Mapping technology and our database of publicly listed information.

When we set out to give our Neighborhood Search a facelift, we wanted to make it as fast and furious as Burt’s Trans-Am (without the wind-blown side effects of course). Here is a list of the improvements that have made this version of our Neighborhood Search the best one yet!:

More Just Listed and Just Sold Data!

First, we did a huge data dump into this version of the Neighborhood Search. If you have been using prior versions of the Neighborhood Search, you will see a big improvement in the amount of data we have available. This new data truly makes the Neighborhood Search the one-stop shop for Just Listed/Just Sold data.

Fast. Fast. Fast.

At Mojo, the productivity of our customers and their efficiency using our products is the top priority, and the Neighborhood Search was no exception. This version is so fast, that we dare say it would give Burt Reynolds and his 77′ Trans-Am a run for their money! We have spent months optimizing the giant Neighborhood Search database ensuring it returns results fast. There are millions and millions of Just Listed/Just Sold data records in our database and we think it is pretty impressive that  you can search, create a dialing list, and begin dialing in minutes

We Added a Stroke of Genius

Before starting our Lead Store facelift, we went through our customer suggestions and made a list of popular improvements to implement. The first thing we did was add a multi-unit/apartment filter that allows an agent to filter out multi-unit data such as apartments. This gives agents who do not want to call on apartment data the ability to filter it out and focus on single-family data only. Another popular request was to indicate on the map,  areas that were previously mapped out and imported by the agent. This means that with each search, agents will see if they have searched and imported the same area previously, and then can decide how to move forward before importing duplicate data. Additionally, when we find duplicate contacts at the same address, we create one record and insert any additional contacts on the same record, giving agents complete call penetration. Lastly, we increased our import from 500 records to 2000 records, giving agents more power when creating calling lists.

The bottom line is that we think you’re going to like what we have done with North America’s favorite Just Listed and Just Sold data source. With more up-to-date data, faster search queries, and more intelligent controls, we just force-multiplied your ROI!

‘The new Neighborhood Search is only available in the new web-based Mojo Dialer. For more information on how to get on our new web-based Mojo Dialer platform, please call us today at 877-859-6656″
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