Astronomical Results: Realtor Mitch Ribak’s Got His Mojo Working

Mojo DialerThere’s the East Coast, the West Coast, and the Space Coast. The latter is Mitch Ribak’s territory, officially known as Brevard County, Florida. It’s home, of course, to the John F. Kennedy Space Center, dozens of Florida’s best-kept-secret beaches, and about two dozen golf courses, which Ribak likes to frequent in between closing real estate deals—which isn’t often enough because Ribak’s Tropical Realty of Suntree in Melbourne, Florida, wrote $8.3MM in contracts during March 2011.

Ribak is somewhat unique in the realm of real estate agents. Whereas most agents practice a seller-based, cold-calling approach, Ribak’s business, thanks in large part to his phenomenal success as an Internet marketer, is buyer-based. His Internet marketing savvy generates inbound leads (about 43,000 and counting) of people looking to buy property along this prime piece of Florida coast.

To follow-up on all those leads, Ribak fields a team of 3 lead conversion agents (LCAs), agents whose job it is to do nothing but follow up on inbound leads and convert them into Brevard County buyers. To do that, since November 2010, Ribak uses Mojo’s Triple Line Power Dialer. The impact it’s had, Ribak says, has been nothing short of amazing.

“I was getting ready to hire three more LCAs because we weren’t making our numbers in terms of the daily contacts we wanted,” Ribak explains. “Then, I decided to try Mojo instead. The team of LCAs fought me tooth and nail, but I decided to go ahead and give it a try.”

Now, instead of being able to make 50 calls a day with 15 contacts and 35 messages left on voicemail, each LCA is getting 250 to 300 calls a day placed with 30-plus contacts using the Mojo Dialer, Ribak says. If you ask his LCAs how they feel about Mojo’s triple-line power dialer now, “They would never go back,” Ribak says. “Their productivity is through the roof, and instead of spending $1600/month plus commission per LCA, I’m spending just $450 a month with Mojo and doubling our contact results.”

And, maybe it’s no surprise, but now that Ribak has connected the Mojo Dialer into his CRM system and customized it to work the way he wants it to, that $8.3MM sales figure for March, well that’s double their average monthly sales of $4MM too.

Ribak didn’t shop around before he licensed the Mojo Dialer. “I’m the kind of person who knows exactly what he wants, goes into a store, buys it, and leaves. Mojo offered everything we wanted. I can put multiple agents on each LCA license. They use copper line technology that eliminates that annoying lag time other power dialers use that telegraph a sales call and the folks at Mojo are great to work with.”

Mitch teaches brokers and agents all over the country via the Real Estate Success Network. Topics range from capturing more internet leads to effectively mining your current database for results. For more information, visit the Real Estate Success Network website”

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