World’s Fastest Flying Hybrid Car (and why Mojo cares so much about speed)

Artists rendition of the BiPod Flying Car in automobile and plane modes Source Scaled Composites

WOW!  Imagine commuting to work or doing your errands in this sweet car…

Aviation Week & Space Technology reports that legendary aircraft designer and engineer Burt Rutan has one more amazing surprise up his sleeve: a Flying Electric Hybrid Car.

Rutan, a former flight test engineer for the U.S. Air Force, has five of his creations on display at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum. He’s the brains behind SpaceShipOne, the world’s first privately developed spacecraft — and SpaceShipTwo, which is slated for private space missions in the age when NASA no longer has an active astronaut program. His aerospace company, Scaled Composites, just unveiled its prototype for a two-seat electric “roadable aircraft.”

The BiPod, which made its maiden test flight on March 30 in California’s Mojave Desert, can be driven like a car from the left cockpit and be controlled like an aircraft from the right seat.

The Flying Car’s first test flight in the Mojave Desert. (Source: Scaled Composites)

To switch from plane to car mode, the wings are removed and stored between the dual fuselages. As a car, the BiPod will cruise at highway speeds. As a plane, it is designed to optimally soar at 200 miles per hour.  Is it the fastest Flying Hybrid Car?  Well, although there already is at least one competing flying car on the market (really), it’s not a hybrid, so it’s likely that Rutan owns the distinction for now.

Mojo cares a lot about speed — and we know how much our customers care, too.

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“I used to get a lot of calls back right away, saying WHO’S THIS?” Selph told us. “I’m now getting a hold of a lot more people for the first time.”

Of course, speed means nothing without results. Just as the Flying Car’s speed would be irrelevant if the wings weren’t aerodynamically sound, there are tons of features built into the Triple Line Power Dialer that make you a more effective salesperson. Most important is our system’s “First Hello” capability. You talk to your lead the moment they answer the phone. And with automated pre-recorded message drops, you only need to make your sales pitch ONCE to answering machines. The second you hear a voicemail message, just press your answering machine button and Mojo moves you on to the next potentially live call. Meanwhile, your upbeat pre-recorded pitch is left on the machine as crisp as if you were doing it live (because we insist on using superior copper lines).

For a full rundown on other time-saving and efficiency-boosting features, click the link at the bottom of the Triple-Line Power Dialer box.

Power dialing and lead management software might not be as exciting as a flying car, but unlike the future world of the Jetson’s, Mojo is available to change your life right now.

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Bob Montgomery