Mojo’s New Single Line Power Dialer is Feature Packed

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We are thrilled to unveil our latest innovation: the Mojo single-line Power Dialer. Building upon the success of our multi-line power dialer platform, this new addition is designed to empower sales agents with unparalleled efficiency and functionality, revolutionizing the way they utilize the phone in sales.

Our objective with the single-line power dialer was simple yet ambitious: to create the most comprehensive single-line dialing solution on the market. After thorough market research and meticulous planning, our team identified key features and options essential for elevating the dialing experience, and we are proud to say, they have surpassed expectations!

Here’s a glimpse into the exciting features available with our Mojo Single Line Power Dialer:

  • Mojo on the Go! iPad Application: Seamlessly power-dial on the move with your iPad, ensuring productivity knows no bounds.
  • Mojo ID iPhone Application: Stay informed about incoming calls during your sessions, empowering you to identify callers effortlessly.
  • Mojo Voice Virtual Number System: Enhance your calling capabilities with our virtual number system.
  • Zone Guard (Time Zone Protection): Never worry about calling at inconvenient times again with our intelligent time zone protection feature.
  • Ring Free Dialing: Experience uninterrupted dialing sessions without the distraction of constant ringing.
  • Multiple Caller ID Broadcast: Flexibility to pulse any verified Caller ID from any location, adapting to your needs.
  • Advanced Calling Filters: Target your audience precisely with filters tailored to your specific criteria.
  • ‘Start where you left off’ list dialing: Pick up right where you left off, ensuring seamless continuity in your calling efforts.
  • Drop Pre-Recorded Messages: Utilize pre-recorded messages while Mojo Dialer connects you to the next call, maximizing efficiency.
  • Live-Feed Call Back System: Set callbacks effortlessly, with contacts seamlessly dropping into your call session when due.
  • Follow-Up Alerts: Stay organized and never miss an opportunity with our intuitive follow-up alert system.
  • Call Hammer: Reach contacts efficiently by calling through all available numbers for a record.
  • Lead Store FSBO Data Service: Access valuable FSBO data to enrich your leads and drive conversions.
  • Lead Store Skip Tracer: Unlock deeper insights into your leads with our skip tracing service.
  • Lead Store Free-Form Search: Tap into the #1 source for Just Listed Just Sold data with our free-form search feature.
  • Ring Count Settings: Fine-tune your settings for optimal engagement with adjustable ring count settings.
  • Call Recording: Capture important conversations and insights with our built-in call recording feature.

Mojo Voice is fully compatible with Mojo ID, ensuring seamless integration and enhanced functionality.

With the Mojo Single Line Power Dialer, we are redefining the standards of single-line power dialer solutions, empowering sales agents to achieve new levels of success and efficiency. Experience the difference today!

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