Mojo’s Android Dialer is coming to a device near you!

Mojo Dialer for AndroidUpcoming Android Dialer to round out Mojo’s family of mobile applications.

There are many polarizing dichotomies in our culture, including the device sitting in your pocket – iOS or Android. We know because we’ve been on the front lines of this argument since releasing Mojo on the Go and Mojo ID for iOS…Only.

Since its release, we’ve been accused of being a stuck up, one-way, Apple fanboy company on many occasions. As bad as it has been, we’ve kept on with our belief that overall, the Android platform was just too fragmented for us to successfully release Mojo on the Go – and for 5 years, we didn’t touch it.

Fragmentation is a general term used to describe difficulties writing applications across the Android platform with its many screen sizes, operating systems, devices, and components.

Always wanting to satisfy our users in both camps, we’ve been monitoring the effect many of the new Android devices have had on fragmentation. Our research, along with many other prominent tech researchers, shows the Android platform is less fragmented today than just 12 months ago, and apps developed for many of the current devices, will work across most of the platform.

The time for us to put Real Estate’s #1 prospecting system on the Android platform has come.

Our team spent the beginning of the year interviewing candidates for our new Android Dialer team and we are happy to announce they have all been on team Mojo since June 15 – banging away on our first entry into the Android market, Mojo ID.

We chose Mojo ID because it was a good starting point to help bridge new employees to existing Mojo web services and protocols. We expect to roll out Mojo ID for Android within the next few weeks, at which point, the team will join our iOS team for a joint effort to build Mojo on the Go! for Android – a complete power dialer and real estate prospecting system for the Android platform.

iOS devices rejoice, you’re getting something cool too!

Our iOS team hasn’t been sitting idly by watching the Android team get all the attention. Realizing there was plenty of improvement to be had in our current Mojo on the Go! for iPhone since the release of iOS 8, they’ve been working on a faster, smarter and easier-to-use Mojo on the Go for iPhone.

Some of the changes include a complete revamp of the user interface (it’s sexier and easier to use), changing how we retrieve data while using the app (way faster app behavior and more stable platform), combining Mojo ID (no need for two separate apps) and many other service improvements to make it much more stable on a less than perfect wifi and cellular data signal.

So whether you are in the iOS camp, or the Android camp, soon, you will be setting appointments faster, more often, and easier than ever with Mojo’s new family of mobile applications.

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