You Can’t Copy Innovation: Beware of Mojo Dialer Knockoffs

FUNNY BUSINESS -- This fake money might not trick you, but it pays to check if your cheaper power dialer can live up to the real thing.
FUNNY BUSINESS This fake money might not trick you but it pays to check if your cheaper power dialer can live up to the real thing

British writer Charles Caleb Colton probably never imagined that he would be most remembered for his line, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”

Ironically, when the quote is imitated, flattery often is referred to as the HIGHEST form or the BEST form.

In any case, we disagree with the premise.

The Mojo Dialer is more than a sum of its features. It’s a reflection of our passion for providing the hardest-working salespeople, with the best-sounding voice possible.

Over the past few months, we’ve noticed a significant increase in how often copycat companies try to imitate Mojo. From where we sit, the pattern is obvious. We release a new feature — and a month later a cheaper competitor coincidentally comes out with the same idea.

Like that annoying kid in grade school who always looked at the answers on your test, people can always try to copy ideas. But they can’t imitate innovation.

When companies that compete on price alone copy the look of Mojo, they can’t replicate our development team, customer service and most importantly, call quality.


For real estate prospecting, lead nurturing, or quite frankly, anything else related to sales, people understand that Call Quality is King. In that regard, when you are working the power dialer each morning, only one thing matters:

Mojo is the only hosted multi-line copper-based analog system left on the planet.

Using the Mojo dialer, the phone signal goes through copper like electricity. It’s instantaneous. With a VoIP dialer, the server is sharing both voice and data. When more data is going through the lines, the voice quality suffers. Your voice can be distorted, even sounding a bit shady — not exactly the image you want as a real estate agent.

VoIP also has a higher frequency of dropped calls and delays on the first “Hello,” which can be the kiss of death on a sales call. Think about your reaction when you are home, relaxing after dinner, and there is dead silence for a few moments when you answer the phone. People don’t like thinking that a robot is on the other line.

We understand that these are price-sensitive times and strive to provide great value. But competing on price alone is foolhardy from both a vendor’s and customer’s perspective. If you were a skydiver, would you buy the cheapest parachute? Maybe you ultimately would, but the cost would not be the first thing on your checklist.

We’ve had several customers leave us to try out the cheaper alternatives and they soon come back. They tell us they prefer Mojo for its superior call quality, priceless features, and our easier and faster user interface.

Nonetheless, we know there is nothing we can do to completely stop the knockoffs — it’s a problem facing nearly every industry in our economy.

One thing we know they won’t copy is this blog post. The truth hurts.

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Bob Montgomery