The Boom of the Real Estate Dialer

Real Estate dialer

‘If you came to our site back in 2008, you would have seen our company branded as Make My Calls. We changed the name in 2009 because of consumer confusion. Many thought that made the calls for them, so we changed our company name to Mojo, the name of our hosted dialing platform.’

It started with just a single phone call.

It was late 2008, and at the time, we were smack dab in the middle of transitioning from serving mostly mortgage and insurance professionals to a more diverse customer base of home loan modification specialists and call center companies. We were changing as a company too. We had just closed our satellite sales offices in Manhattan and L.A., bringing all sales efforts back to our headquarters in New Hampshire. Never would I have imagined during this time of chaos, we would be presented with an opportunity so great, that it would change the landscape of Mojo forever.

It happened on a sales webinar one day. A Real Estate coach piped up and asked me how the Mojo Dialer could help Real Estate agents list more houses and stay in contact with their past clients and sphere of influence. There aren’t too many times when I don’t have an answer, but this was one of them. I was on a webinar with 20+ potential customers and I couldn’t answer a basic sales question. I was so embarrassed. I couldn’t answer it because being from a small town in New Hampshire, I was unfamiliar with how Real Estate agents would use the phone to generate listings. I am thankful it was a coach, he sensed that I was lost and politely offered to follow up the webinar with a phone call so we could discuss some things, I was out of the pressure cooker. I will always remember that call, I will remember it because it opened a door, a BIG door, into the world of Real Estate.

I was on the phone with that coach a lot over the next few weeks, discussing the needs of Real Estate agents. We ironed out how our development team could accommodate these needs and we began making changes. Then, the dam broke, and almost immediately, order forms (I know, how archaic) took over our fax machine and order after order rolled in from Real Estate agents. We were now on a quest to keep making Mojo the best Real Estate Dialer available.

The Mojo Dialer has become the most widely used Real Estate Dialer.

Our goal has always been to make Mojo the easiest, most efficient, and smartest Dialer on the market for our Real Estate customers. Here is a list of the must-have features that our customers have grown to love (many of which we pioneered):

  • Copper-based call quality with first ‘Hello’ technology- Best conversation quality available.
  • Triple and Single line dialing- Our unique platform gives you flexibility.
  • Lead Store: FSBO leads, Neighborhood Search (just listed/just sold data) and Skip Tracer service- High-quality Real Estate data.
  • Mojo On The Go! Ipad application- Prospect from your iPad.
  • Mojo ID iPhone applications- Know who is calling you back from your prospecting session and set more appointments.
  • GMAP and Trulia integration- Be informed when you’re pitching.
  • Pre-recorded message drops- Save time and energy, push a button, and move on to the next calls, we’ll drop the message for you.
  • Call Hammer (call all available numbers for a property owner before moving on to the next lead)- Complete call penetration for every valuable lead.
  • Lead provider integration (Redx Sync, Landvoice posting, Vulcan 7 posting, Arch Posting)- Complete transparency, you can use the lead provider of your choice, with ease.
  • Contact reports- Keep track of the most important metric in Real Estate, your contacts.
  • Streamlined Appointment Setting and Call Backs- Easy to use calendar system, live-feed call backs so you don’t miss a call back, ever.
  • Printable Appointment Sheets- Take contact information, notes, and history with you on your listing presentation.
The most important feature of the Mojo Dialer? Support. Our customer support team is second to none. We know what it takes to support Real Estate agents, we understand that Real Estate agents need fast, efficient, and reliable support now, not later. Our entire staff has gone through extensive training on the prospecting needs of Real Estate agents, and you won’t find a team member who doesn’t understand Real Estate lingo or Real Estate prospecting methods.

The Mojo Real Estate dialer will always evolve.

We’ve come a long way since 2008. We now serve thousands of Real Estate agents all over North America. We have built strong alliances with coaching firms, brokerages, and other supporting companies in Real Estate who share a common goal: make our customers the most successful they can be. Our dedication to staying the best Real Estate dialer will never waver. We will always listen to our customers, implement their valuable feedback, and keep providing them with the best support possible. We were founded on these principles and have thrived because of them. It is still this way today and it shall forever be.

Mojo Real Estate Dialer Interface in 2024

Real estate Dialer


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