Becoming more efficient with the Mojo Dialing System

Mojo Dialing System

We’ve used this slogan for years and never has it rung truer than it does today. Prospecting with a dialing system is a low-cost, high-yield alternative to glossy ads, mailers, and social media marketing anyone can do from the comforts of their home, office, or anywhere it is convenient. Real Estate agents are embracing listing calls like never and Insurance agents are leveraging aged leads in a market where real-time leads are so beaten up by the time they get them on the phone, that they are hardly worth the effort.

Efficiency is a top priority when prospecting using the phone

It’s simple math, the more calls you make, the more people you talk with, and the more appointments and sales you create. This is where the Mojo Dialer shines. Mojo turns any sales agent into their call center. By utilizing the Mojo Dialer system, salespeople can easily double or triple their outbound calls, equating to the same efficiencies gained by having three or four telemarketers on a call center dialer.

Hand dialing is holding you back

Many of our customers were unaware that services such as ours existed before being referred to us. Most have been hand dialing for years and didn’t know they were prospecting with a tool now considered archaic, their fingers. Not only is hand dialing as slowly as molasses, but it leaves agents with call reluctance because of how difficult and frustrating the experience is. Anyone who has dialed 50 numbers in a row knows just how true this is. Misdialing numbers, getting answering machines, hearing the ringing over and over in your ear. The worst part, looking down at your lead list and realizing that you have only dialed 50 out of 300 leads and you have already burned up half your day. This is all a thing of the past when you use a dialing system.

The Mojo Dialing system is simple and convenient. Our new dialing system just makes sense; a simple user interface layered over our industry-leading power dialer technology, making Mojo the easiest, most powerful sales productivity tool available today.

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