Stories from the Mojo Sales Team: We’re not always the Mojo customers are looking for

There are many companies that use the word Mojo in their company and product names. As a result of our name being Mojo, we show up in many of the Google searches for these other companies and products. The list below includes just a few of the calls our Mojo Sales Team has fielded in the past from people looking for one of these different companies.

The Mojo Double Trouble Game Call

I suppose if you were doing a Google Search for the Mojo Calling System, it would make sense that these guys would pop up.  You can imagine how far along the sales call gets when someone looking for this game call reaches out to us. It starts to be evident that they are in the wrong place when the caller starts to refer to leads as predators or turkeys.

Mojo Music (Magazine)

This is a frequent ‘mistake’ call. Customers of Mojo Music call us often and ask to cancel or renew their subscriptions. Since our service is subscription-based, we get pretty far along in the call and either figure it out when we can’t find their account in our system OR when we start talking about our cancellation data policy. This is always a fun call when the customer senses something is wrong before we do: “What do you mean my data might be deleted in 30 days? How are you going to delete my magazines?”

Mojo Herbal Smoke

I won’t link to this one; we don’t want our customers picking up any bad habits. This one is tough; we have no idea why when completing a Google search for Mojo Smoke, people come to our site and call into our sales team. Our only guess is that stoners think our website is a bit trippy and in line with what a synthetic pot alternative website should look like…? This is a quick call though, we start talking about contact rates and calls per hour and then there is dead silence and the sound of the caller hanging up.

Mojo Tabs (Rated R)

This one goes down in Mojo’s history as the best false sales call ever. The caller identified herself as the wife of one of our customers and stated they were experiencing an issue with Mojo. When we asked her what the issue was, she informed us that Mojo does not work and her husband wanted a refund. Our salesperson proceeded to inform her that without a ticket or some documentation proving a service interruption, we could not refund our prepaid service. She turned into a ‘heater’ instantly and asked us how she should have documented the issue. We let her know about our support portal and support available email addresses. She REALLY flew off the handle and asked the question that made it clear who or what she thought we were. She asked if we would only refund the money if she provided a photograph or video of Mojo not working because if that is what it took, we could keep our $29.95 and she would flush the pills. Needless to say, we explained our service to her and explained she had mistaken us for something entirely different. She gasped and hung up the phone… phew.

We hope you enjoyed this blog post highlighting some of the nuances the Mojo Sales Team experiences thanks to having the name Mojo. If you have had a similar experience in your business, please share below by adding a comment.

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