The Importance of Real Estate Role Play when Mastering Prospecting

Real Estate Role Play is the professionals way to practice prospecting.

Mastering the Art of Prospecting with  Real Estate Role Play

Finding success with real estate prospecting without first practicing can be likened to not studying before a final exam, in a class you’ve missed more days than you’ve attended!

You might think you can wing it. You might think you can deftly deflect any objection a potential client could throw your way because, hey, you’re a smart, quick study and you’ve heard people talk before so why not?

Let us tell you why not. In the heat of a call, you don’t want to fumble for your words. You don’t want to get an objection and all you can think to say is, ‘Jeez, yeah, that’s about right. Thanks anyway.’ Click. And you don’t want to rely solely on your scripts, because calls can get off script in a hurry.

Building a Solid Habit So the Right Words Come Naturally

To be great at real estate prospecting, you need to practice and preferably role play, for at least a few minutes every day. Real Estate role play firmly embeds your core message in your brain. Do it enough, and it is as if it gets into your DNA. You won’t be searching for what to say. You won’t have to think about it. You will just know what to do and what to say. This not only will make you feel more confident, but it will make you sound more confident.

There are plenty of role playing scripts out there to choose from. Pick a few and then get a partner or three to work with.  You can even rotate through a few of them each week to get some variety in your pre-game workout so to speak.

When picking a partner, you want to make sure you are working with someone who will give it to you straight, someone who will not be afraid to give you constructive feedback on how you’re doing. This is the time to work out the kinks.

Real Estate Role Play Done Right

It’s also a good idea to challenge each other to not only come up with the standard objections but also to dig deep and throw in obscure curve balls. While you may never get that exact outlandish objection, it will give you a chance to hone your ability to think quickly at the moment.

It’s also good to remember that these practice sessions are not just about memorizing the words. This is the time to test out your tone, mannerisms, and delivery. All of which should match the person you are talking to. Real Estate role play will quickly allow you to master these critical points.

Furthermore, pay attention when it’s your turn to be the potential client in the role play.  This is a great opportunity to see things from the client’s perspective. By taking the time to see things from this perspective, it becomes easier to understand their frustrations and respond with genuine empathy for their situation in a real call scenario. Perfecting this skill will help you build the trust and rapport needed to get those appointments.

And if you’re having trouble finding a partner in your real estate office, reach out to your peers on Facebook, or in a forum such as the one available to Mojo clients, seeking a partner to work with. Take it a step further, find other Mojo Dialer users in your sphere, and reach out to them not only to role play, but to share best practices while using Mojo – a win/win situation. It may feel awkward, or even a little silly at first.  But just remember, this is the way to master the craft; it’s how you get to the art of prospecting. It’s how you develop the nuance that means the difference between a “no thank you” and a “yeah, maybe.” The top earners know this. They may make it look easy while they’re working the phones, but that’s because they put the sweat in behind the scenes to get there.

If you are doing these things diligently and consistently, before long, you’re getting on the phone and you’re hoping someone throws you an objection because you know just what to say. Before you know it, you’re hoping they tell you something you haven’t heard, because you’re so prepared, you’ve studied, you’re ready,  and you’ve got this because practice makes perfect.

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