Tips for Prospecting with the Mojo Dialer

No matter what industry you are in, the key to increasing sales is to make contact with your target audience. Not all contact is good contact, so make sure you are prepared before you get on the phone and start trying to sell. It would be better to make no contact than make a bad impression, and your business is all about making people trust you enough to get on board with what you are offering. There are some key things you can do to make sure you are driving sales your way and not to the competition!

Top Tips For Prospecting

1)  Stick to a schedule

Prospecting is a daily venture if you hope to be successful, prospect every day to get the most positive results. Block off time on your calendar and dedicate that time every day to prospecting, even if it is only an hour or two. It can make a world of difference for your bottom line. Stay focused during this time and do not brush it aside, take your prospecting seriously if you want your prospects to take YOU seriously!

2)  Develop a system

The more organized you are, the better off you will be. Stop using paper leads and keeping records in print form, get software that will help keep you organized. People lose track of things, but taking advantage of the technology out there will keep you in better control of your business. Keep detailed notes on prospects and clients so you are not grasping at straws to remember their information, you will make a much better impression.

3)  Be prepared

Many salespeople have an aversion to using scripts, but the only thing worse than reading from a script is having nothing prepared. Of course, you should not literally read from it, but have something in place that you can build from and get it down to a science. Role-play with your colleagues until your pitch is smooth and practiced so when you get a prospect on the phone, you sound like an expert. If you have confidence in what you are saying, they will too.

4)  Call, call, call!

Make your calls as soon as you get a new lead. Prospects are not going to be around forever, you are not the only agent in your marketplace hungry to close the deal. If you get to them first and contact them often, they will remember you. Build a relationship by calling quick and calling often.

5)  Be positive

Avoid attacking your competitors. The majority of prospects are wondering one thing, why should I choose you over the next guy? What makes you better? Take caution that you focus on what makes you and your product great when answering those questions while avoiding negative comments about your competition. Emphasize the benefits of your product and play on your strengths when making comparisons. Allow the prospect to draw their own conclusions.

6)  Get up and brush yourself off

Rejection is a normal part of the sales process,  get used to it and learn from it. Sales is a numbers game; the more prospects you have lined up, the more deals you will close. Even the best salespeople cannot close every sale. Every prospect is looking for something a little different than the last and you will never be able to meet everyone’s needs. Every rejection can be used constructively to improve your skills and motivate you to close the next one. It’s all about perseverance!

Using Mojo, which combines dialing and lead management into one program, can assist you greatly in your sales efforts. Load your list of leads into the dialer, maximize your time by speed-dialing them, and keep notes on the prospects you are able to reach. Schedule tasks on your calendar to call prospects at a later time or date and have it remind you. Set scripts to appear on your screen so you have a base to draw from while speaking with your prospect. Avoid anxiety while calling by being in total control of the dialer and having the ability to see who is being dialed as well as having all of their information right in front of you when they answer. Mojo can greatly help you increase your sales but, remember, there are still things you need to do as a salesperson to guarantee the close. Stay focused and be positive!

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