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We aim to empower real estate professionals with the most cutting-edge tools and data to propel their real estate lead generation and contact management efforts. Today, we are thrilled to introduce three significant updates to our Neighborhood Search data product, each designed to elevate your real estate business to new heights in this market and tomorrow’s.

We are confident these changes will have a positive and lasting impact on our client’s real estate lead generation, whether they are securing new real estate listings or targeting homeowners with products.

Here are the changes:

Expanded Nationwide Coverage: We are excited to announce that our Neighborhood Search data is now available across all 50 states in the U.S. This expansion ensures that no matter where your market is, you have seamless access to our comprehensive, localized data that is essential for finding new listings and driving your business growth.

Comprehensive Land Data: Responding to our clients’ evolving needs, retail Real Estate Agents and investors, we have expanded our dataset to include detailed raw land data nationwide. This update is especially beneficial for Real Estate Agents and Investors looking for real estate lead generation in undeveloped or potential development areas.

Enhanced Property Values: Keeping pace with market dynamics is critical in real estate, and never more so than in 2024. Our new Automation Valuation Model (AVM) data now covers 94% of our overall dataset, providing up-to-date insights into property valuations. This new feature empowers you to focus your real estate lead generation on optimized areas while allowing you to adapt swiftly to market changes.

These updates help deliver clients the most relevant and actionable data for efficient lead generation. Whether you are focused on new listings, targeting homeowners with tailored offerings, or identifying lucrative investment opportunities, these updates will bolster your effectiveness and efficiency.

Furthermore, we are proud to maintain our commitment to affordability and accessibility, even in a market where others are raising prices on less-value products. Neighborhood Search remains available at just $49.00 monthly, putting our powerful tool within reach of all business sizes.

Mojo’s Neighborhood Search is the industry’s most comprehensive and effective real estate lead generation tool. With these updates and our existing features, we are confident that Mojo remains an indispensable partner in achieving success in this real estate market.

Embrace the future of real estate lead generation with Mojo today at!

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