New Feature Announcement: Aged FSBO Leads Service

Targeting sales prospects

For Sale By Owner or aged FSBO leads, can be the most lucrative lead type for Real Estate agents to prospect for listings. For starters, the FSBO is looking to sell their home and that is half the battle. Secondly, FSBO leads rarely know what they are getting themselves into when taking on the task of selling their own home. What sounds good at first, often ends up being more than they were signing up for.

Aged FSBO leads are ripe with opportunity.

Unlike most off-market lead types, FSBO leads are not ‘hottest’ when they first become available. This is because the homeowner has not yet felt the pain and aggravation of ‘trying’ to sell their home on their own. If you call a FSBO lead within a day of or even the week of them posting their property, you are calling a homeowner who is dedicated and excited about saving the 6% commission associated with using a Realtor, not good. On the flip side, pitching a FSBO lead that has already dealt with the headache and frustration of trying to sell their own home, is much easier.

Low-hanging fruit has never been so easy to reach.

Our new aged FSBO lead service puts the frustrated homeowner within your reach by allowing you to go back in time and purchase FSBO leads that are now ready to talk! With this new service you can purchase aged FSBO leads in 7 and 30-day blocks, and filter by property type and price range, giving you full control over the data you receive. Once you’ve made your settings and previewed the data, you simply press the purchase button and all of your new-aged FSBO leads are ready to be dialed with the Mojo Dialer.

If you are looking for the low-hanging fruit in Real Estate prospecting, give our new-aged FSBO lead service a try today!

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