PRISON BREAK: Using Mojo Dialer to escape the drudgery of office work

Mojo dialer

Don’t be surprised when you are watching the Oscars or Golden Globes next year if Mojo winds up scoring one of those gleaming statues. We’ve already bought our tuxes and designer gowns.

OK, so maybe we’re not expecting to beat out Disney Pixar, but we ARE now in the animated movie business.

To celebrate the launch of Next Generation Mojo, we’re introducing Jim The Realtor, a mild-mannered guy who loves his customers, his family, and his country (not necessarily in that order).

But there is a problem, and perhaps you recognize it already.

Jim, who could just as easily be a health/life/auto/home insurance agent or other sales professional, feels imprisoned by the office bureaucracy of managing and growing his business. There are messages to return, hot leads to follow up, cold calls to make, marketing materials to write, lukewarm leads to keep engaged, and hopefully, deals to seal.

It never ends. The organization and busy work are 24/7 shackles.

mojo sells

Using the old file-hidden-in-the-cake trick, Jim’s wife gives him the tools necessary for escape from the daily drudgery. Mojo’s prospecting and lead management tools include:

The Triple-Line Power Dialer – Spend your time talking to more humans and fewer answering machines and endless rings.

Automated Email Campaigns – Using our Action Plans, send out a series of scheduled drip emails reminding your prospects why your services best meet their needs.

Nurture Calling – It can be a nightmare tracking when you last followed up with a potential client and when you should do so next. Our Daily Planner handles all that for you, eliminating the organizational stress from your ongoing tasks.

Not sure which one of those tools he used to dig a tunnel underneath the prison, though.

mojo dialer

My favorite part of the new Mojo movie is when Action-Adventure Realtor Jim converts the Mojo logo into scuba diving equipment. Absolutely ingenious how the “J” doubles as a snorkel!

mojo sells

Who knows what other adventures our Realtor will find himself in next? Perhaps he will be selling luxury condos in the jungles of Africa or trying to corner the market on FSBO and Expired Listings in the Mt. Everest area.

The creative masterminds at Mojo are keeping the plot of the sequel very hush-hush, but I can assure you, there will be a sequel.

If you haven’t seen our first “Jim The Realtor” movie, visit our home page (and please share the Youtube link with your colleagues). But more importantly, don’t live in his prison any longer.

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Bob Montgomery