Colton Lindsay: ‘It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you.”

Colton Lindsay, Fearless Agent talks Mojo Dialer.

Four years ago, Realtor Colton Lindsay started recording himself while prospecting and posted the videos to YouTube, thinking sellers would be clambering to see him in action.

“And the reality is, sellers don’t give a crap,” Lindsay says laughing. “They just don’t care. But what it did was it created this following of Realtors I now have.”

Proving he truly is a Fearless Agent, Colton Lindsay has recorded many prospecting calls for all to see!

What happened, he explains, is agents from across the country started watching Lindsay and friend Deric Lipski, a Massachusetts-based real estate agent and then reached out to ask questions and get tips.

“And I was just like holy cow, how do I monetize this?,” Lindsay says. “And that’s what I’ve been able to do over the past 11 months is turn it into a business that makes money.”

Lindsay partnered up with The Fearless Agent, with whom he’d already been coaching and training. Together they turned The Fearless Agent’s product into a web-based service that allows subscribers on demand and group coaching sessions weekly.

“’It’s not what you know, but who you know’- Remember when that was the saying?,” Lindsay asks. “I believe we have transformed –because of the way social communication is—to, ‘It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you. You gotta make sure people know who you are and you gotta brand yourself.”

And Lindsay has done just that. Originally from Clinton, UT, Lindsay grew up in the real estate world. After graduating from Weber State University with a BA in Technical Sales, he went on to graduate from the Floyd Wickman Real Estate Training program. In a very short time, he’s developed into one of the Top Agents in Weber and Davis County located just north of Salt Lake.

“I have two assistants and I sell about 75 homes a year,” he says. “Probably about 65 percent of that is referral-based now, and I built that off of For Sale by Owner and Expireds.”

Colton Lindsay says that in addition to hiring a coach, what helped him build his business the most was simply calling, “a ton of For Sale by Owners and Expireds every day using Mojo. I can’t think of a better way to stay in touch with people.

“I use it still now in my business for three or four hours every single day. I would cold call, I would call FSBOs, I would call expireds and I would work the people I know as much as possible.”

“I use it still now in my business three or four hours every single day.” (Mojo Dialer)

As a result, he’s been able to build what he calls a “people farm,” and this is where the majority of the sales portion of his business comes from. Lindsay says the trick to FSBOs and Expireds is learning the science of sales.

“Learn to open up a dialogue with the person, be able to build a rapport with them. Be able to stay connected with them. And keep them on the phone long enough to keep asking for an appointment,” he says. “The best way is just having a conversation. You know a lot of agents in my opinion are way too pushy, way too aggressive, I’m not saying don’t be persistent, but don’t be rude.”

He says focusing on doing nothing but closing, in his estimation, is counterproductive.

“A lot of agents …they are trained to close over and over and over again, and to me you’re just going to burn bridges and have to do FSBOs and Expireds your whole career,” Lindsay says. “Whereas if you can learn the science of sales, where you’re having an actual conversation that leads them to naturally just inviting you over. You’re going to build a client for life, you’re going to build referrals forever.”

And that’s certainly what’s worked for Lindsay. He estimates that these days he makes about 7,500 contacts a year during his 8-11 a.m. prospecting shift that, and even though he’s got plenty in the pipeline, he still completes religiously every day.

“I call a lot more past customers and SOI and what I call a people farm which are leads I built over the last few years,” he says. “I think I’ve got like 28,000 numbers in my Mojo database. You always have people to call for sure.”

In addition to sales, Lindsay says at this point in his career, he’s starting to transition into coaching with The Fearless Agent. With two daughters, ages 3 and 3 months, he says this move will allow him to spend more time with his family. Plus, he says, being able to help agents achieve their goals has been even more satisfying than selling homes.

To that end, one piece of advice he likes to offer new agents is to make sure you have follow up systems in place.

“I call a lot more past customers and SOI and what I call a people farm which are leads I built over the last few years.”

“The follow up is what’s powerful,” Lindsay says. “You know maybe 10 years ago an agent could get away with just prospecting, prospecting, prospecting, but the market’s shifted such that– prospecting is important, but also lead follow up is probably equally as important.”

He goes on to explain that with Mojo you can, ”build a connection with Mail Chimp and all these different systems; you can stay in touch with them through direct mail, through email, with a phone call— and if you utilize all of those together to stay in front of them, then they’re just naturally going to call you when they think real estate. So it’s about building a group of people, almost a circle of people who know who you are.”

Using the Mojo Dialer, Lindsay says, he’s able to enhance that process.

“The biggest thing for me with Mojo is the contact card and how easy it is to set and complete follow up, to easily put your notes right into it, to do a birthday reminder to call them on their birthday, to have the calendar right there,” he says. “Just sending an email or poster is not going to cut it. You have to have a face to face or ear to ear conversation with these people. Mojo allows you to have more of those conversations.”

Yay Colton! Colton has been a Mojo customer since 2010 and nothing gets us more stoked than hearing about how our service helps agents like Colton change their businesses! 

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