Test drive our new Mobile Dialer, Mojo on the Go!

Mobile Dialer

Mojo on the iPad is revolutionizing the way salespeople work

Mobility has been a hot topic in sales for a few years now. The ability to perform sales functions while on the go gives salespeople the freedom to multi-task like never before. Until recently when we launched our new Mojo on the Go! application, a mobile dialer, salespeople struggled with being completely mobile because there was no good power dialing and lead management applications available for the iPad. Sure, agents could lug around their laptops and prospect on the go where it was convenient, but laptops are heavy, cumbersome and their controls do not provide the flexibility the iPad does.

The video below is a walkthrough of the Mojo on the Go! application. We demonstrate the full capability of our new mobile dialer, from data management to power dialing and show you just how easily it is now to take your prospecting on the go!

The Mojo on the Go! Test Drive

For more information about Mojo on the Go! Please check out our website at www.mojosells.com OR read the official launch press release here