Our Zapier Integration is Now Public

Connectivity has been the new buzz word for the past several years. Professional salespeople are always looking for ways to save time, save energy and to make the drudgery of making their systems speak to each other automated. This is why we put so much effort on Mojo Dialer integrations. One tool that has force multiplied Mojo Dialer integrations is Zapier.

Zapier is a third-party platform that acts as a ‘bridge’ between apps so they can communicate. Simply put, it’s a tool that helps anyone connect apps and automate workflows without any complicated code!

How it does it is via Zaps. Zaps are automations made up of two parts; Triggers and Actions. Zaps are what connects your two apps together so they can communicate. Zaps are like magic pixy dust for the development community – and the key to many Mojo Dialer integrations.

What makes up a Zap?

Mojo Dialer IntegrationsThe first ingredient to make a Zap is a Trigger. Triggers are just events that happen which start the Zap. An example would be adding a contact to a group in Mojo, or creating an appointment. These actions are triggers and make the magic start.

The second ingredient is Actions. Actions are events that happen in a second app automatically. Examples are if you add a contact to a group in Mojo (the trigger), it is automatically added to your CRM (Customer Relationship Manager). Other examples include adding the contact to your Google Spreadsheets, adding a Mojo appointment to your favorite calendar.

We could go on and on with examples, that is because over 1000+ apps are supported by Zapier. This means, if you were really ambitious and had a imagination like a 5 year old, you could connect Mojo to a enormous amount of platforms using Zapier (not recommended, the cloud might power down;)

Leverage two-way Zaps for complete automation.

We strongly urge you harness all the power of Zaps. In addition to creating Zaps that push contacts and events from Mojo to ‘x’, you can also push in to Mojo. Some examples include pushing new Facebook leads to your Mojo calling lists, or adding your website leads via forms (Gravity, Wufoo etc.) to your Mojo lists and groups so you can begin prospecting them instantly.

Pre-Built Zaps are available.

While we think using Zapier and creating Zaps is pretty elementary, the folks at Zapier have streamlined the workflow even further by creating pre-built Zaps. In the images below you can see examples.

If you have Zaps to create that aren’t already pre-built, no sweat, you can create all kinds of custom Zaps within Zapier and their easy-to-use interface makes it super easy!

We’re working on more Zap POWER

Now that our connection with Zapier is public, there are a few things we’re excited about. First, you can now access our Zaps from the Zapier website. Second, we will be hard at work adding more functionality to our Zaps to include more robust contact updating and other cool stuff to make you more streamlined than ever!

Visit the Zapier website to find out more or sign up today for free and get connecting!