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The Flying Car's first test flight in the Mojave Desert.

Artist’s rendition of the BiPod Flying Car in automobile and plane modes (Source: Scaled Composites).

WOW!  Imagine commuting to work or doing your errands in this sweet car…

Aviation Week & Space Technology reports that legendary aircraft designer and engineer Burt Rutan has one more amazing surprise up his sleeve: a Flying Electric Hybrid Car.

Rutan, a former flight test engineer for the U.S. Air Force, has five of his creations on display at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum. He’s the brains behind SpaceShipOne, the world’s first privately developed spacecraft — and SpaceShipTwo, which is slated for private space missions in the age when NASA no longer has an active astronaut program. His aerospace company, Scaled Composites, just unveiled its prototype for a two-seat electric “roadable aircraft.”

The BiPod, which made its maiden test flight on March 30 in California’s Mojave Desert, can be driven like a car from the left cockpit and be controlled like an aircraft from the right seat.

The Flying Car’s first test flight in the Mojave Desert. (Source: Scaled Composites)

To switch from plane to car mode, the wings are removed and stored between the dual fuselages. As a car, the BiPod will cruise at highway speeds. As a plane, it is designed to optimally soar at 200 miles per hour.  Is it the fastest Flying Hybrid Car?  Well, although there already is at least one competing flying car on the market (really), it’s not a hybrid, so its likely that Rutan owns the distinction for now.

Mojo cares a lot about speed — and we know how much our customers care, too.

Our Mojo Triple Line Power Dialer triples the number of calls you can make compared to a traditional auto-dialer, empowering you to zip through 250 numbers an hour.  Take a tip from health insurance sales standout Ethan Selph and set your Mojo auto dialer to six rings instead of three, giving your prospects a chance to get off the couch and answer the phone without being out of breath.

“I used to get a lot of calls back right away, saying WHO’S THIS?” Selph told us. “I’m now getting a hold of a lot more people the first time.”

Of course, speed means nothing without results. Just as the Flying Car’s speed would be irrelevant if the wings weren’t aerodynamically sound, there are tons of features built into the Triple Line Power Dialer that make you a more effective sales person. Most important is our system’s “First Hello” capability. You talk to your lead the moment they answer the phone. There are no annoying clicks or delays, which telegraph the fact you are using an autodialer.

And with automated pre-recorded message drops, you only need to make your sales pitch ONCE to answering machines. The second you hear a voicemail message, just press your answering machine button and Mojo moves you on to the next potentially live call. Meanwhile, your upbeat pre-recorded pitch is left on the machine as crisp as if you were doing it live (because we insist on using superior copper lines).

For a full rundown on other time-saving and efficiency boosting features, click the link at the bottom of the Triple-Line Power Dialer box.

Power dialing and lead management software might not be as exciting as a flying car, but unlike the future world of the Jetson’s, Mojo is available to change your life right now.

Would you buy your lead management and power dialer system at the arcade? Of course you wouldn't!
mojo triple line power dialer

Ben Franklin’s financial advice is still very much relevant to your lead prospecting.

Recognize these famous eyes?  They belong to someone who could spot a cheap knock-off from a mile away.

mojo triple line power dialer

Ben Franklin believed in thriftiness, not cheapness. It’s not an accident he’s on the $100 bill.

American patriot Ben Franklin would thrive in today’s soundbite-a-second media environment. His Poor Richard’s Almanack — ripe with financial and life advice — is still hailed by Berkshire Hathaway’s Charlie Munger (Warren Buffet’s partner) as the blueprint for success. His quotes have also inspired novelty beer bottle openers and talking action figures.

One of my favorite quotes that applies to real estate prospecting and insurance prospecting is “He that would fish, must venture his bait.” Those eight words sum up the patience required to convert cold calls or qualified leads into sales — whether you are painfully still doing that fishing manually or taking advantage of the Mojo Triple Line Power Dialer.

Franklin is also widely attributed to another one of our favorite quotes, although the true origin of the words remain uncertain.

Here’s the wisdom:

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten.”

We’ve recently become aware of a few unscrupulous knock-off companies who are offering cheap imitations of Mojo products at much lower subscription rates.  We know this because inevitably these customers who thought they were getting a good deal were hoodwinked and shared their horrifying experiences with us.  Some of these dishonest companies are slandering Mojo by name via social media sites and we feel it is better to give our customers the real scoop rather than get bogged down in the mud.

Beware: Those cheapo depot lead management software and auto-dialer companies are NOT offering the same features or technology deployed by Mojo. It’s the difference between an iPod and the cheap MP3 player you might win at a carnival or from one of those crane machines at the arcade.

Mojo triple line power dialer

Would you buy your lead management and power dialer system at the arcade? Of course you wouldn’t!

So here’s what to watch out for when you are comparing Mojo with the cheap pretenders:


* THEY use VoIP technology because it is inexpensive to run and has inexpensive telco charges. But that savings also decreases call quality and first-hello technology, taking advantage of that critical moment when a human voice first answers the phone.

* MOJO uses copper line technology. This is a more expensive service for us because it requires many more servers versus a single voice and data server that our competitors use. We do this because the connection rates on ‘pickup’ are instant and users hear the first hello. Also, by dispersing our load over many servers, users take advantage of servers that are not overloaded.


* THEY use overseas technical support staff, leading to frustrating encounters with inexperienced help reading from a script. Not to mention occasional language and communication barriers. There is dramatically less problem resolution because there are no decision makers on the phone with the customer.

* MOJO insists on hiring American technical support, but not only that, ALL of it is in-house here at our New Hampshire company headquarters. We are able to strictly monitor quality control, escalate problem tickets and deal with level 3 issues promptly. We also have no communication issues due to language barriers.


* THEY have no online support. What else needs to be said?  You work flexible hours based on your own schedule and needs. Without any after-hours support, your business is frozen if you have an issue with your system.

* MOJO offers a technical support portal and forums where users can easily find answers to their questions. Using our Knowledge Base articles, you can  troubleshoot your issues and make sure that business continues as usual!

Whether you are purchasing a meal at a restaurant, tickets to the ballgame, or a lead management system for your phone sales operation, it all comes down to “You Get What You Pay For.”

And with no contracts or annoying hidden set-up fees, we’re confident that Mojo’s $149 monthly subscription is the best value in the industry by far.  That’s why we have our No-Brainer 7-Day Money Back Guarantee — an offer by the way that very few new customers bother to cash in.

Portlandia, the Goddess of Commerce, smiles on the real estate industry.
Top producer mojo dialer

Mojo auto-dialing and lead management software helps real estate agents like Andrew Beach make up to 300 prospecting calls an hour to their Expired, FSBO, SOI and just listed/just sold leads.


Agent: Andrew Beach
Business: Listed2Sold Team at Prudential NW Properties
Location: Portland, Oregon

Recent Dream Piece of Real Estate: “Ten acre scenic property on Bald Peak with mountain views, a total fixer-upper that was awesome to watch be restored and made new again.”

Recent Bust: “I had a total fixer, on a busy street, with no foundation, one bedroom, siding falling off, repaired siding with roofing shingles, commercial site next door with old tires, semi trailers, and debris everywhere.  Wow, that one I had to give back to the owner as they would have had to cut the price in half.”

Job Satisfaction: “I love exceeding client expectations on sale price and time on the market.  There’s nothing better than creating a satisfied customer.”

Andrew’s sales territory is gorgeous Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington, a region defined by mountains, farms and a commitment to the arts. The cosmopolitan city of Portland, which was originally founded as a trading post in the Old West, is symbolized by Portlandia, the Neptune-like “Goddess of Commerce.”

A giant copper statue of Portlandia, sculpted with the same hammering technique used to create the Statue of Liberty, sits at the entrance of the downtown Portland Municipal Services Building (City Hall).

Top producer mojo dialer

Portlandia, the Goddess of Commerce, smiles on the real estate industry.

You might think of Mojo as a modern trading post for real estate prospecting.

Andrew,  a top producer in his market, definitely does. He found out about our Triple Line Power Dialer and lead management system from Washington power agent Don Leske, who recommended it as a replacement for a competing product that went out of business with no warning.

“My sales philosophy is to do more than anyone expects,” he says. “That means that I’m not just out for a sale/transaction and a paycheck. I want to create a continual revenue stream of referrals from clients who have had an exceptional experience with me.”

“Mojo makes me way more efficient on the calls that I would normally make manually,” says Andrew, based on 18 months of results. “It keeps me focused for short periods of time to get the same results in half the time.”

“I love when I get a wrong number or make an unexpected connection because of the value represented by Mojo’s service,” he adds.  “One time I was waiting near a house for a client to show up.  I decided to pull up Mojo Mobile on my iPod Touch and made four contacts in 10 minutes and added one person to my sphere that is now going to send me leads.”

Andrew recommends the Mojo system for every real estate agent wishing to become more productive — with one notable exception.  He “selfishly” wishes that competing real estate agents in the Pacific Northwest never find out about it.

“Get Mojo immediately and try it out,” he advises.  “It’s money back if you don’t like it or won’t use it.  Once you have it you’ll be hooked!”