August 25th, 2014


Realtors using drones to showcase luxury properties are facing the wrath of the Federal Aviation Association, according to the New York Post.

Realtors using drones to showcase luxury properties are facing the wrath of the Federal Aviation Association, according to the New York Post.

Drones. Drones. Drones. They are at the center of debate in U.S. foreign policy and military conflicts around the world. They’re shaking up the commercial sector with buzz about wanting to deliver packages with them. And now, they’re even causing a stir in the real estate universe. Continue Reading

August 20th, 2014
Lee Rosa’s Keller Williams team closed 94 transactions last year, most them directly attributable to Mojo’s Triple Line Real Estate Dialer.

Lee Rosa’s Keller Williams team closed 94 transactions last year, most them directly attributable to Mojo’s Triple Line Real Estate Dialer.

If South Florida real estate agent Lee Rosa sounds overly dramatic about his Real Estate Dialer, you’ll have to forgive him. He still vividly recalls the clumsy days of dialing prospects by hand.

“You know that scene in ‘Pulp Fiction’ where they open the suitcase and there’s a shining bright light? Well, Mojo spoke to me. Everything came together at that moment,” recalls Rosa, of RGT Real Estate Services, a Keller Williams affiliate serving Broward, Dade and Palm Beach counties. “When I first started, I used to have two phone lines with two headsets and I’d cross names off my list with different color highlighters in each hand.” Continue Reading

April 28th, 2014

How New York’s Ray Cooper minimizes stress and maintains his edge in an ultra-competitive real estate market

Ray’s customized Mojo workstation – he spends most of his 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. days getting energized at his treadmill desk, often logging up to 10 miles per shift.

Ray’s customized Mojo workstation – he spends most of his 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. days getting energized at his treadmill desk, often logging up to 10 miles per shift.

When you know what you want, you don’t achieve it sitting down.

That’s the philosophy of Long Island real estate broker Ray Cooper, of Ray Cooper Realty, who keeps up his frenetic sales pace with the help of a treadmill desk.

“It’s hard to be on the phone making 150 calls a day if I am not amped up. I have to stay upbeat and positive and I have to be standing – and that really can only come from exercise. I’m more energized when I’m on my treadmill,” says Cooper, author of “How to Sell a House Fast in a Slow Real Estate Market.”

Specializing in high-end luxury properties, the “walker and talker” sometimes logs up to 7-10 miles a day while talking to prospects. His market, too, is getting healthier. Continue Reading

April 2nd, 2014

Never choosing to sit still, last year we set out to change the way agent’s prospect, work and succeed in an ever-increasing mobile environment. We tasked our teams with creating two rock solid, easy to use and fully functional mobile prospecting apps to compliment the Mojo Dialer and data system; they delivered. 

Mojo on the Go! was first released last year for the iPad and just recently, for the iPhone. We’ve got a full quarter of 2014 data behind us and we couldn’t be happier with the success of each app!

 March Mobile Prospecting Statistics

iPad lead dialer

March 2014 Usage Statistics
Mojo on the Go! for iPad
Unique Users : 1108
Call Sessions: 2371
Total Calls: 161,000
Our iPad app has been available for 8 months and clearly a popular tool for prospecting!

iPhone Lead Dialer

March 2014 Usage Statistics
Mojo on the Go! for iPhone
Unique Users : 414
Call Sessions: 953
Total Calls: 47,203
Not to shabby! Our iPhone app was released in February.



“I did the Power dollar tonight on the way home from the gym I completed 30 phone calls, absolutely awesome. This is the best productivity tool I’ve ever found” ~ Kevin Landis




As you can see, there was a ton of mobile activity in the month of March and the feedback on it has been great. We have customers prospecting and following up with leads at open houses, in the car between appointments and from the local Starbucks.

The ongoing success of our mobile apps has incentivized us to keep designing and coming out with new mobile solutions… Stay tuned!

March 4th, 2014

Keller Williams Agent uses Mojo Dialer

Overcoming Call Reluctance

As strange as it sounds, when Georgia real estate agent Allen Smith first tried prospecting, he refused to pick up the phone.

“I’ve never met a stranger face to face,” says Allen, who joined the Keller Williams West Cobb office (suburban Atlanta) last November. “I’ll strike up a conversation with anyone. Most of my leads came from talking to people in grocery stores, parks, restaurants and from open houses.”

“Do you know anyone interested in buying a home, selling a home or investing in real estate who I can talk to today?” he would ask, carrying a stack of business cards. Calling his sphere of influence for referrals wasn’t an option because most of his friends and family are in South Carolina.

His mentors stressed the crucial importance of prospecting by phone but he “would think of every excuse in the book to avoid it.” He finally dove in this January, barricading himself in an empty KW conference room with his cell phone and a list of 965 Just Solds borrowed from a fellow agent.

“That took forever,” he recalls. “When you’re pushing buttons with your finger, there’s never enough time in the day to make your calls. Instead of calling 100 people in two hours, I was calling 100 people in two days.”

Dabbling with Power Dialers

“There is no failure for me. I have to succeed. I have nothing else to fall back on,” says Allen, whose previous jobs have included selling cars, being a police officer and driving freight trucks cross country. “I am committed to making real estate the last thing I do for the rest of my life.”

“Once you get your real estate license, the lead generation is all up to you. Our office is very helpful with advice and resources, but no one will hold your hand while you do it. You have to just go out there and do it,” he adds.

Finally relenting on the value of phone prospecting, he started cranking through his lists with the Mojo power dialer but soon switched to a competing dialer because it came free with one of his Keller Williams training classes.  Just as quickly, he changed right back to Mojo.

“The free dialer was a good dialer, but it didn’t have the functionality that Mojo had,” he explains. “Mojo makes it easier to organize my leads, to take notes and to put things into groups. My Mojo calendar keeps me up to date with everything, automatically telling me when I need to make follow-up calls.”

“With the free dialer, I was sitting here taking notes in a notebook and then retyping it in a database later – that’s time that’s being sucked away from my lead generation,” Allen adds.

By The Numbers

In a recent shift with the Mojo single-line power dialer, Allen made 172 prospect calls in 2 hours and 21 minutes, walking away with 24 good contacts. He had been using a competing service to provide Expired leads – because it, too, was free with his training class.  But frustration over incorrect phone numbers brought him to the Mojo Lead Store.

“I’d say that 75 percent of the phone numbers I got (from the competing service) were bad numbers,” he says. “I would rather have 200 good leads from Mojo than 1,000 leads from them. In terms of accuracy, Mojo just blows them away.”

Right now, Allen is closing one house a month. Based on his prospecting progress, he is optimistic that he will be closing five houses a month by the end of 2014.

“Nobody really likes change,” he says. “But in order to succeed you need to embrace change. You don’t want to be left behind.”

Taking Advantage of a Healthy Market

For the past four years, Atlanta has been at the top of Penske Truck Rental’s “Top 10 Cities People Are Moving To” list based on national one-way reservations data. Due to the city’s relatively strong job market, inventory is very low right now.

“We have lots of nice quiet suburban neighborhoods with homes ranging from $125,000 to $12 million,” Allen notes. “There’s also a lot of new construction here. We’re not out of land yet!”

“Keller Williams is the number one office in Cobb County and I’m grateful for the chance to do something that I’ve always wanted to do,” he says. We’re the best training company out there. There’s always something happening here every week and I want to learn as much as I can.”

Much of that learning happens every day on the phone.

“The number one job of a real estate agent is lead generation, not selling homes. Without the first thing, the second thing doesn’t happen,” he says. “Don’t be afraid of the telephone. Don’t be afraid to talk to people.”

“With Mojo, I don’t have to sit and dial numbers for 10 hours a day. I can get the same amount of leads in two hours,” he says. “Mojo makes my life so much easier. It just gives me my time back.”

Realtor who overcame call reluctanceAn avid Atlanta Braves fan since age 4 – when his dad took him to the old Fulton Stadium to see Hank Aaron play – Allen is also thankful for how his boosted work productivity will allow more time for ballgames this spring and summer.



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