Connect Your Wise Agent CRM to the Mojo Dialer

Wise Agent

We recently worked with Wise Agent on an integration to make connecting their clients databases with the Mojo Dialer seamless.

Like us, the folks at Wise Agent are always looking for ways to increase their agent’s productivity. Adding the Mojo Dialer to their integrations list was a force multiplier for our mutual client’s.

The drudgery of exporting and importing from Wise Agent is history.

Our mutual clients can push data from Wise Agent to Mojo with a push of a button. Then, the system will automatically log them in to the Mojo Dialer to begin their call session. The integration also automates the push from Mojo to Wise Agent for leads and contacts that originate in Mojo. These leads include qualified expired, withdrawn, cancelled, FSBO and circle prospecting leads.

During the call session, call updates are sent back to Wise Agent in real-time. These updates include any contact edits, additional phone numbers, additional email addresses, call notes, scheduled appointments and much more.

Check out this video for details on how the integration works: 

Since these updates happen in real-time, our mutual customers have access to the many CRM tools inside of Wise Agent as soon as they qualify the lead – helpful in teams with both ISA’s/telemarketers and agents working in unison. We’re hearing this integration has already spurred incredible growth for many of the teams utilizing it.

If you are a Wise Agent customer looking for a way to maximize your agents time on the phone while seamlessly working the fruits of their labor in to your CRM processes, this new integration is a must have tool for your Real Estate business.

Already have the integration set up and have questions? No problem, give our awesome support team a call today!

Agents Are CRUSHING Their Database With Mojo

Long ago, the Mojo Dialer was merely list dialer – agents would load their data files into Mojo, select which list to call and begin smiling and dialing. The Mojo Dialer worked superbly for this kind of lead generation and it put us on the map for salespeople looking to prospect with a hosted power dialer. Since then, we have evolved into something much more.

Mojo is no longer just a list dialer. It has grown into a suite of powerful tools including action plans, designed with one goal: Contact, Contact, Contact!

Over the years, our clients’ wants and needs have also evolved, and with each turn in the marketplace, we’ve made the necessary improvements and adaptations to meet their ever-changing challenges.

Today, Mojo is the central sales tool for many of our clients. It’s a single platform where they grow, nurture and profit from their database using simple contact tools like the Mojo Dialer, Action Plans, drip and blast email, as well as marketing tools like newsletters and letters.

Database lead generation

It all starts with your leads – and your database

A salesperson without leads is like a fisherman casting his line in the bathtub. He will never, ever catch any fish. Any healthy database has a steady stream of new leads such as Expired, FSBO and web-generated leads. Leads are a great way to keep the pump primed and the pipeline full.

The long-term benefit of subscribing to a Real Estate lead service like Mojo’s or one of our preferred vendors, is that your database will continue to grow, making leads a force multiplier in the transactions you get from your database annually. It’s a no-brainer.

Another major contributor to our clients’ databases are Just Listed/Just Sold data from the Mojo Neighborhood Search. We don’t call them leads, because technically, it is data. Data, that when used correctly through Mojo’s many tools (like the Mojo Dialer) become high-value leads. These leads are proven to have a higher ROI than any other lead source and come without the drudgery often associated with Expired and FSBO prospecting!

The short-term benefit of subscribing to a lead service is the low-hanging fruit, those leads that quickly convert to appointments and listings without much effort. However, depending too much on low-hanging fruit can be dangerous. Trying to build repeatable business this way will result in certain disappointment.

To be truly successful, you need to actively reach out to your database using a variety of methods for the most penetration. Before we explore those methods, though, let’s answer the question “What should be in my database?”

The answer won’t be the same for every client, but here are the core components of a productive databases (in no special order):

  1. Sphere of Influence (SOI) / Circle of Influence (COI)

Most of our clients actively work their SOI/COI inside Mojo. This group consists of everyone they know, including friends, family, barbers, insurance agents, soccer coaches, etc. You get the idea.

  1. Past Clients

This is a simple one. This category is anyone who has done business with you in the past. Now, if you’re brand new to the industry, relax! You will begin building this side of your database in no time. Be patient.

  1. Referrals

Referrals are the backbone to almost every salesperson’s success. There might be some overlap in your database between your SOI/COI, past clients and referrals, but don’t worry. The main thing is to figure out a system for your referrals, such as categorizing them into A, B and C referrals. It’s pretty common to have a ‘C’ group for anyone who has committed to sending you referrals verbally; a ‘B’ group for anyone you know has sent you at least one referral, and an ‘A’ group for those gold-level contacts who have sent you multiple referrals.

  1. Aged Web/Seller Leads

This is another big income-producing category. When salespeople finally give up on a lead differs from agent to agent, but one thing is certain: few salespeople go the extra mile and nurture their leads fully. This means a lead that you have in your database that seems cold just might convert when you least expect it (and with less effort), because the competition has given up on them!

There are many categories in a well-rounded database. The ones mentioned above are just a few of the popular ones which our clients actively target. Always remember that your database is not stagnant. Your goal should be to constantly update it with new opportunities, regardless of the category when you are prospecting your leads. A lead that doesn’t convert today might be a great referral maker over time.

Action Plans

Wringing money out of your database with the Mojo Dialer

 There’s a saying that Fearless Agent Coaching’s Bob Loeffler always uses which we love: “Become the celebrity in the household.” It paints such a simple approach to working your database: Keep contacting, touching, and reaching out so that when anyone in your database thinks real estate, they instantly think of YOU.

Mojo has the tools to help you “become the celebrity” in your prospect’s mind. Here are a few ways that Mojo customers are truly putting their databases to work for them:

  1. Daily Leads (Off Market, FSBO, Web Leads)

Clients load these leads (along with any previously received leads which haven’t been contacted yet) into the Mojo Dialer each morning. While prospecting, they categorize the leads they contact into the appropriate group of their choice. Any leads they haven’t contacted get assigned to an Action Plan with drip email and marketing letters. Any leads with emails immediately receive the first of a series of drip emails that the user has created. At the end of the session, the client does a mass letter printing and mails the letters out.

This workflow offers total penetration, leveraging multiple contact points. Mojo’s Action Plans lets you focus on building relationships with prospects and not worrying about managing routine tasks.

  1. Grouped Leads (Hot Leads, Warm Leads, Future Follow-Up or Any Custom Group)

Clients call their various grouped leads two ways. The first is they load the group into the dialer and call leads they’ve contacted before but haven’t converted or set appointments with yet. The conversation is different because they’ve spoken with them before and the goal is to set the appointment or keep the dialogue and rapport going.

The second method is via our follow-up call workflow, driven by Action Plans. When grouping leads into groups during prospecting, our clients will assign the various Action Plans they have created, which include actions such as drip email, marketing letters, tasks and follow-up calls.

This is the preferred method because it leaves no chance of leads falling through the cracks.  Mojo literally leads you by the nose to complete your follow-up, something most salespeople need and appreciate. The typical workflow here is that after clients prospect their new leads, they will enter the Activities planner and begin their follow-up calls. It’s a seamless workflow that makes following up via the phone a breeze!


These leads are getting prospecting calls; drip email, marketing letters and follow-up calls, all pre-scheduled by Mojo’s Action Plans – the ultimate lead generation dream team.


  1. Web Leads

Web leads that come into Mojo almost always get set to an Action Plan immediately. The popular Action Plan used is the “10 Days of Pain.” This is a pre-created plan available in Mojo, and it includes the popular steps used by many of the top agents in the country. Mojo even includes the popular 8×8 and 33 touch plans for those contacts that don’t convert during the 10 Days of Pain.

  1. Sphere of Influence

 A general rule of thumb here is to call/contact these contacts every quarter. Our clients leverage our last contacted dialing filters and call through these contacts every 90 days. The filter only serves up people not contacted during this time frame, so you never end up calling the same person twice in the same time period. It’s epic!

Clients assign a customized Action Plan to these contacts to make sure that between calls these contacts are getting emails, letters and items of value at certain intervals. Once assigned to the Action Plan, Mojo does the rest and reminds the agents of the tasks and actions they have to do. It takes the burden off our clients. They just sit back and do what Mojo reminds them to do.

Our clients love our fully responsive HTML5 email editor because it empowers them to create great-looking email templates for market updates, home buying tips, DIY tips and much more.

mojo dialer email editor

Here’s a client example (with permission) of an email created in Mojo. Did you know this about dryer sheets? Score! Can’t wait to try it:) Click on the image to see the full size image.

  1. Past Clients

Many of our users use a similar approach to the SOI/COI workflow on these contacts because the goal is the same: Make contact, check needs and get referrals. They will use the same Action Plan, but keep the contacts in their separate categories inside their database.

  1. Referrals

Most clients have their referrals separated (as mentioned earlier) into A, B and C groups. They will create Action Plans based on these groups and assign them accordingly. Referrals are such a huge income producer that automating your follow-up and communication with this audience ensures that you’re taking full advantage of all the upside.

Popular Action Plans for these include follow-up calls, tasks for sending items of value, and drip emails with templates and letters.

  1. Aged Web/Seller Leads

Our clients actively prospect these using the Mojo Dialer. However, in parallel, they also have them in Action Plans such as the 33 touch. A two-pronged approach to these contacts using the Mojo Dialer in conjunction with a long-term drip plan like the 33 touch is very popular and used by many of our clients.

While this not an exhaustive list of the many ways agents leverage Mojo, hopefully you now have an idea of how agents are using Mojo to crush their database.

The Mojo Dialer, Action Plans, follow-up calls, tasks and letters work together to extract all the available gold nuggets and opportunities from your database in one, easy-to-use, web-based platform.


Ready to venture beyond calling with the Mojo Dialer? If you’d like help setting up an Action Plan or any of the other prospecting tools discussed in this blog, please call our Customer Support team at 877-859-6656. We’d be happy to walk you through any of our tools and recommend strategies for your business!

New York Realtor Ron Ferrara Calls Prospects With Two Mojo Dialers

Ron lists homes like this with the Mojo Dialer

Keller Williams agent Ron Ferrara, who sells real estate in the Queens, NY area, remembers when he had a little too much “home” in his home office. Just starting out as a Realtor, following nine unsatisfying years working in the investment banking world, Ferrara downsized in every way he could. He moved back in with his parents and used his bedroom as his office.

“I had an air mattress blown up in it, and I would deflate the mattress and then go to work on my prospecting,” he recalls. “I pretty much didn’t make any money that year. It was hard. I lived off my savings. For the first month, I had no idea what I was doing. I was just calling random numbers by hand.”

“But it was all worth it,” he adds. “When I was in the corporate world, I had no control over my destiny. Owning my business is a dream. I can can work as hard as I want and get the results that I want.”

Focusing on selling single-family and multi-family homes in Queens, with prices generally ranging from $450,000 to $1,000,000, Ferrara has noticed a fascinating trend. Despite the crowded conditions (“houses are on top of each other”), very few people want to leave.

“Inventory is low and it’s been declining even further over the past few years,” he notes. “When you get a listing and you price it correctly, it will definitely sell within a few weeks.”

Realtor Ron Ferrara’s turf in Queens, where there’s no such thing as a “cheap” house. (Source: Zillow)

Realtor Ron Ferrara’s turf in Queens, where there’s no such thing as a “cheap” house. (Source: Zillow)

Queens: The Land Where No One Ever Leaves

Many of Ferrara’s clients are working class retirees who have lived in the same house for 40 or 50 years. Some want to cash out on their highest-price asset and move down South where real estate is much cheaper. Some are moving in with their kids. But very few locals seem to be in a rush to leave.

“You know what it is? Queens is an immigrant community. Not just first-generation immigrants, but like me – my family is fourth generation. Once you come to Queens, you kind of get sucked in. A lot of people have extended family who live close by and a lot of friends who stayed here. They grew up here and sometimes it’s tough to break that chain,” Ferrara says.

Consequently, the New York Realtor has to have 200 phone conversations to meet one homeowner who is thinking about selling. Out of those rare people contemplating a move, only about 1 in 10 actually goes through with it.

To keep up with that lopsided equation, Ferrara needs to make 2000 prospect calls a day. And he does so with not one, but two Mojo Dialers running at full speed for four hours every day.

Mojo Dialer is the “High-Powered Chainsaw” of Prospecting

Every morning at about 8:30 a.m., Ferrara begins by importing his Expired leads from REDX into Mojo and then sits down to dial at his three computer screens. Two of the browsers are opened up to two Mojo dialers.

“I have two desk phones, and I have two headsets, and then I hit start on both dialers. Then it starts calling people. If someone picks up on the one, then I pause the other. And if both pick up the same time, I actually go into the same script with two different people. I’ll just toggle back and forth with my mute,” he explains. “The more people I reach, the more people I can help and the quicker I can reach my goals.”

Sound complicated? Ferrara says he quickly got the hang of it with just a little bit of practice.

He first learned about the Mojo Dialer from a Mike Ferry training conference and now recommends the all-in-one, cloud-based prospecting system to everyone he meets in the industry.

“Say you’re chopping trees for a living,” he says. “Mojo is like using a high-powered chainsaw versus a knife. You could try to use a knife to cut the tree down, it might take you a year to cut a tree, or you could use the high-powered chainsaw.”

“What I always tell people is if you’re dialing by hand, you’re just going to waste so much energy and effort just to dial, and check the numbers. The Mojo Dialer handles all that so you can focus on your conversations.”

Always have access to your leads and contacts with the Mojo on the Go mobile app

Ferrara also highly recommends the “Mojo On The Go!” mobile app for enabling you to always have access to your customer database wherever you go. “I use it for my CRM as well. If I need somebody’s phone number, I can just log right in. I like how Mojo saves my login. I can get into Mojo in two seconds. I’m on the road a lot. If I have an extra five minutes, I can just go into that month’s lead folder and make a few more calls.”

With help of the Mojo Dialer, Ron converted this For Sale By Owner to listed and SOLD.

Thinking about call reluctance? As this recent Zillow review will attest, sometimes prospects are thankful when Realtors reach out to them.

Advice For New Realtors

With Ferrara’s inflatable mattress days being only three-and-a-half years ago, the contributing factors to building a successful real estate career from scratch are fresh in his mind.

“Connect with a great coaching organization like Mike Ferry, get the skills, and then just do it every single day as hard as you can,” he recommends. “And you will see the results. It might take you a year or so to even start seeing it, but you’ll get there!”

“I’ve also learned a lot of lessons on the phone,” Ferrara adds. “Having an upbeat attitude, voice and manner over the phone really translates into better results. Subtle things really make a difference. When I first started out, I was scared to make calls, but I never get call reluctance anymore. If you’re scared to talk to people, just go out and talk to 100 people. You’ll get over it very quickly. It just goes away over time.”


To learn more about the latest prospecting features included in Mojo, click here. If you’d like to share your real estate prospecting experience with the Mojo community, please email your story to

I am proud of our customer service team

Customer support is not an easy role

There are many hats worn here at Mojo and one of the hardest to wear is that of customer service. Our customer service agents go non-stop the moment our tech line goes live. In addition to answering incoming tech calls, our customer service folks are also responsible for responding to support tickets and various other emails throughout the day. Add to this the burden of supporting thousands of clients, from a variety of industries, with varying degrees of technical aptitude, our customer service agents are more like ‘keep everyone happy Ninja’s’.

It’s for this reason I write this post. I want to recognize and thank the folks who make up our customer service team for giving 110% to their role here at Mojo.

“There is nothing better than Mojo”

I recently received feedback from a client I’d like to share. I apologize for it’s length, but it is full of awesomeness:

“I am a real estate prospector that has used every dialer under the sun, and trust me when I tell you, there is NOTHING BETTER THAN  MOJO. It is wonderful and I wouldn’t be as successful or as happy as I am dialing and setting these appointments without it.  What I love about Mojo is it is extremely user-friendly and reliable, very affordable, the technical support is better than having a best friend in IT (yup you Andrew! and everyone that has helped me there so quickly and efficiently and always available with never a long hold time!!!). They are always sending webinars on latest features (like that newer email feature). If you love to work fast, efficiently and have a lot of great conversations every day- Mojo is the way! Anytime I dream up a feature or something new to do to better interface with my sellers, I call and suggest it to Andrew and then he says “Oh, well, Mojo already offers that, here let me show you how you can do that, it’s really easy…” It is amazing like they read minds!  Thanks Mojo, for everything! Don’t know where I would be without you! keep up the fine work! ~Lu”

While I am privileged to watch the team in action every day, it’s emails like this that really tell the story – and the real impact their work has on our clients.

The numbers speak for themselves

If you’ve ever called in to our support team, you probably already know they rock. Just like in sales though, the numbers tell the story. Check out these reports taken from our inbound phone and ticketing systems:


Year-to-Date Inbound Call Report

Mojo customer service

Our inbound phone provider experienced some growing pains this year and even with a 5 week period where calls would come in to us, but not actually ring our lines, the team still achieved an average wait time of 1:02 on over 47,000 answered calls.

This is a great number and it shows our customers are not waiting to get their questions answered – which means they get to spend more time prospecting!


Year-to-Date Ticket Report

mojo customer service

I was blown away with these numbers – 59% of tickets are responded to within an hour and 12% are responded to between 1-4 hours. This equates to 71% of our tickets being responded to same day, with the majority under an hour- stats most customer service companies only dream of. More impressive, these ticket numbers take in to account the time we are not in the office, including weekends.

Considering the amount of volume our customer service agents handle, the label of Ninja really does fit.

Customer service is not just answering phones and tickets

The team doesn’t just answer calls and respond to emails and tickets. A big part of their job is keeping up technically with the many enhancements and improvements we make to the Mojo system – so that when you call in for support, you get accurate answers and details on how Mojo can further enhance your business.

I’ve called the cable company, HP, Nikon and many other support teams and felt like I was just a number, stuck in a long wait cycle. It’s a great feeling knowing our clients don’t experience the same frustration.

My hats off to the Mojo team – thanks for all you do!



If you want to learn more about our approach to customer service, check out this blog post for a more intimate look.

Why Delaware Realtor Jason Morris Puts His Cell Phone on Airplane Mode


Real Estate prospecting time is precious, and if you don’t zealously protect that time, there’s no shortage of people who want to take it away from you.

That’s why Keller Williams Realtor Jason Morris developed the habit of not looking at his phone or email every morning, when he has a standing appointment with his Mojo Dialer. He sets his phone on airplane mode every night when he goes to bed so none of his emails, texts or voicemails pop up on his screen as a distraction.

“You have to teach yourself to protect your headspace,” says Morris, who sells homes in the Middletown, Delaware area. “You have to be mentally present to talk to strangers with confidence. I no longer let anybody have access to my time prior to noon. That time is 100 percent reserved for the primary task of the day – prospecting.”

“I don’t check my messages until my prospecting is done. This freaked me out early on because I was afraid I was going to miss something. But the reality was that there was seldom anything to miss to begin with. The habitual checking only served to foster stress and procrastination,” he says. “If you don’t have any drama bombs dropped on you first thing in the morning, it frees up your mindset to do these calls. By cutting yourself off from those information sources, you’ve already won most of the battle!”

Delaware is a Fast-Growing Commuter’s Paradise


Downtown Middletown in North-Central Delaware, home of the annual Olde Tyme Peach Festival.

The Middletown, Delaware area is a fast-growing market driven by the state’s affordable home prices (the same $300,000 house here fetches $500,000 or $600,000 in New York), low property taxes and no sales tax. It has become a very desirable area for new retirees and commuters to Philadelphia, New York and Baltimore (otherwise known as ‘Super Commuters’ who want higher salaries and cheaper homes).

“Traffic is pretty light here,” Morris says. “From Middletown, you can take a 20-minute car ride to get to the Amtrak and take the rail into the city. You can get to New York in an hour and a half. A lot of nurses do it. They do four 10-hour shifts and spend three days here. Philly’s only a 45-minute commute.”

“Much like the national trend, our market bottomed out around December 2012 – that was the turning point – and it’s been coming up since then. We’re seeing bidding wars and rapid price increases. It’s definitely becoming a stronger and stronger seller’s market. Inventory is low and we’re having a tough time finding houses for the number of buyers who are in the market,” he adds.

Mojo Boosts Real Estate Prospecting Productivity

Jason Morris Realty Team

Morris runs a core 5-person Keller Williams team that includes himself (listings side), his wife Nancy (oversees buyer team), two buyer’s agents, and a closing coordinator. The team also is supplemented with outsourced help from receptionists, marketing assistants and additional phone salespeople.

The team currently sells about 100 homes a year in the $225,000-$400,000 range and 80 percent of its business is within a 12-minute drive of the office. (Here’s an interactive Zillow map of the homes they’ve sold over the past year.)


“We’re now at a plateau,” explains Morris. “When we first started Mojo (in 2012), we were adding 20 to 25 sales a year. We went from the low 20s to the mid-40s to close to 70 and then we hit 100. But we just haven’t been able to get beyond the 100 pace. The reason is staffing. We have some bottlenecks in terms of efficiency. So we’re changing things to fix our efficiency issues.”

Morris now hires a second company (that also uses the Mojo Dialer) to do all its circle prospecting calls – looking for sellers aiming to sell their homes over the next 12 months. This allows his internal team to focus primarily on follow-up nurturing calls.

“This will allow us to ramp up again,” he says. “We have an in-house person do all of the nurturing – the warm interaction – up until they are ready for an appointment and only pass those leads off to an agent once they’re ready to sell the house. That way we can actually have our agents doing three listing appointments a day versus three a week.”

Using Mojo for their nurturing calls, the team has found that the Mojo Dialer “squeezes out all the dead time” from working the phones. Here’s a breakdown of why:

  • If you were to make calls with a cell phone, you’d have to look up the phone number, manually dial the phone number, then wait for it to ring. You’re probably two minutes between attempts.
  • So if it takes two minutes to find a number, dial it and wait for a pickup or voicemail, and you have to do 10 of those to get a conversation, that’s 20 wasted minutes listening to the phone ring.
  • Mojo squeezes out the wasted time by finding the number for you, dialing the number for you and dialing multiple lines. Instead of spending most of your time twiddling your thumbs and waiting for a real person to pick up, you spend most of your time talking to prospects – real estate prospecting bliss.

“The huge firepower that Mojo brings to the table allows us to have such an abundance of leads each morning that we don’t have to chase people in the evenings or the weekends,” Morris says. “I never have to work on the weekends. Our staff on the buyer’s side does, but on the listings side, I can work a regular 9-to-5 day and be home everyday by 6 to be with my family.”

On the buyer’s side, the team also uses BoomTown for web lead generation and their primary CRM – a business practice that predates the team’s use of Mojo. Now that Mojo is fully integrated with BoomTown, the team can instantly import their live leads into the Mojo Dialer as they come in.

“This was the change that got my entire team using the Mojo dialer,” says Morris. “It was kind of a ‘teaching old dogs new tricks’ thing. They had been reluctant to try the Mojo Dialer because they were so attached to Boomtown and didn’t want to have to manually copy over the data. They found it easier to dial those calls on their cell phone. But once Boomtown connected to the Mojo dialer, it was a no brainer!”

Finding Motivation on YouTube

No matter how successful or accomplished they may be, every professional occasionally hits a rut and finds it challenging to maintain his or her peak performance everyday.

According to Morris, finding inspiration is a skill that has to be practiced and developed just like any other job skill. “There’s motivation all around you. If you go into YouTube and type in “motivational videos,” you’ll find thousands of these short 3 to 5 minute clips that are amazing for getting pumped up about your day.”

The video doesn’t need to be directly about real estate. One of his favorites is called Mindshift, a montage of quotes about pushing yourself and tapping the most out of your talents:

Whether it’s images of people enjoying a luxury lifestyle or training scenes from the latest Rocky movie, make your own YouTube playlist so you can keep going back to the videos that you find most inspiring.

“Once you’re in the right mindframe, you’re ready to make that first call,” Morris notes. “And once you make that first call, momentum takes over!”


Would you like to share your real estate prospecting stories? Send us a note at and let us know how Mojo is helping you be more successful!