Boom! You can now connect Boomtown Leads with the Mojo Dialer for the highest ROI on buyer leads!

Mojo Dialer is now integrated with Boomtown

Auto-dial your Boomtown leads with the Mojo Dialing system.

In the buyer-led Real Estate world, one company stands out from the pack, and Boomtown is that company. They have been perfecting their CRM and predictive lead scoring longer than anyone and have a huge, raving fan base to prove it. When they called and asked us about integrating our platforms last March, we dropped what we were doing and got right on it.

For years, both Mojo and Boomtown Leads have catered to Real Estate professionals, offering unique tools and services to compete and win in an increasingly competitive market. Until recently, there was no easy way for our mutual clients to seamlessly bridge the seller side of their business (Mojo) with the buyer side (Boomtown).

Before our new integration, Boomtown clients had to export their Boomtown Leads and import them into Mojo for calling. Once the calling was done, they had to export all data, notes, and appointments out of Mojo and back into Boomtown—a time-consuming and tedious process.

With our new integration, the process is completely automated and seamless. Boomtown users can easily push data over to the Mojo Dialer with a push of a button. Once the push is complete, the system automatically logs them into Mojo and sets them up for their call session. During the call session, any calls, notes were taken, or contact changes are all pushed back to Boomtown in real-time, ensuring data consistency and eliminating the drudgery of importing/exporting.

From Mojo, users can push data initiating on the Mojo side (seller leads, just listed just sold leads, circle prospecting leads) from the dialer to Boomtown, a perfectly seamless way to get their seller leads over to Boomtown, to be massaged through Boomtown’s powerful pipeline workflow- ensuring much higher conversion rates.

That’s not all, the great minds at Boomtown (some of the most impressive developers we’ve had the pleasure of working with)  were not satisfied with a simple integration, they wanted their users to have a truly integrated experience. To accomplish this, they created a mobile site, which is embedded in to the Mojo user interface and places all the native Boomtown actions, and controls at their fingertips. This has drastically shortened the learning curve and gives their users more flexibility when prospecting.

Whether you’re a power prospector, or just looking for a solution to nurture your leads, with the Mojo/Boomtown integration,  you’ll make more contacts, you’ll have more quality conversations and you’ll close more- period.

If you aren’t already familiar with Boomtown (near impossible?), go check out their website Just like Mojo, their the original, and they have the experience, people and tools to explode your pipeline!

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