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Stories from the Mojo Sales Team: We’re not always the Mojo customers are looking for

Monday, May 13th, 2013

MojoThere are many companies that use the word Mojo in their company and product names. As a result of our name being Mojo, we show up in many of the Google searches for these other companies and products. The list below includes just a few of the calls we have received in the past from people looking for one of these different companies.


The Mojo Double Trouble Game Call

I suppose if you were doing a Google Search for the Mojo Calling System, it would make sense that these guys would pop up.  You can imagine how far along the sales call gets when someone looking for this game call reaches out to us. It starts to be evident that they are in the wrong place when the caller starts to refer to leads as predators or turkeys.

Mojo Music (Magazine)

This is a frequent ‘mistake’ call. Customers of Mojo Music call in to us often and ask to cancel or renew their subscriptions. Since our service is subscription based, we get pretty far along in the call and either figure it out when we can’t find their account in our system OR when we start talking about our cancellation data policy. This is always a fun call when the customer senses something is wrong before we do: “What do you mean my data might be deleted in 30 days? How are you going to delete my magazines?”

Mojo Herbal Smoke

I won’t link to this one; we don’t want our customers picking up any bad habits. This one is tough; we really have no idea why when completing a Google search for Mojo Smoke, people come to our site and call in to our sales team. Our only guess that stoners think our website is a bit trippy and inline with what a synthetic pot alternative website should look like…? This is a quick call though, we start talking contact rates and calls per hour and then there is dead silence and the sound of the caller hanging up.

Mojo Tabs (Rated R)

This one goes down in Mojo history as the best false sales call ever. The caller identified herself as the wife of one of our customers and stated they were experiencing an issue with Mojo. When we asked her what the issue was, she informed us that Mojo does not work and her husband wanted a refund. Our salesperson proceeded to inform her that without a ticket or some documentation proving a service interruption, we could not refund our prepaid service. She turned in to a ‘heater’ instantly and asked us how she should have documented the issue. We let her know about our support portal and support email addresses that were available. She REALLY flew off the handle and asked the question that made it clear who or what she thought we were. She asked if we would only refund the money if she provided a photograph or video of Mojo not working, because if that is what it took, we could keep our $29.95 and she would flush the pills. Needless to say, we explained our service to her and explained she had mistaken us for something entirely different. She gasped and hung up the phone… phew.

We hope you enjoyed this blog post highlighting some of the nuances of having the name Mojo. If you have had a similar experience in your business, please share below by adding a comment.



PRISON BREAK: Using Mojo to escape the drudgery of office work

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

Mojo dialer

Don’t be surprised when you are watching the Oscars or Golden Globes next year if Mojo winds up scoring one of those gleaming statues. We’ve already bought our tuxes and designer gowns.

OK, so maybe we’re not expecting to beat out Disney Pixar, but we ARE now in the animated movie business.

To celebrate the launch of Next Generation Mojo, we’re introducing Jim The Realtor, a mild-mannered guy who loves his customers, his family and his country (not necessarily in that order).

But there is a problem, and perhaps you recognize it already.

Jim, who could just as easily be a health/life/auto/home insurance agent or other sales professional, feels imprisoned by the office bureaucracy of managing and growing his business. There are messages to return, hot leads to follow up, cold calls to make, marketing materials to write, lukewarm leads to keep engaged, and hopefully, deals to seal.

It never ends. The organization and busy work are 24/7 shackles.

mojo sells

Using the old file-hidden-in-the-cake trick, Jim’s wife gives him the tools necessary for escape from the daily drudgery. Mojo’s prospecting and lead management tools include:

The Triple-Line Power Dialer – Make up to 300 calls per hour and spend your time talking to more humans and fewer answering machines and endless rings.

Automated Email Campaigns – Using our Action Plans, send out a series of scheduled drip emails reminding your prospects why your services best meet their needs.

Nurture Calling – It can be a nightmare tracking when you last followed up with a potential client and when you should do so next. Our Daily Planner handles all that for you, eliminating the organizational stress from your ongoing tasks.

Not sure which one of those tools he used to dig a tunnel underneath the prison, though.

mojo dialer

My favorite part of the new Mojo movie is when Action-Adventure Realtor Jim converts the Mojo logo into scuba diving equipment. Absolutely ingenious how the “J” doubles as a snorkel!

mojo sells

Who knows what other adventures our Realtor will find himself in next? Perhaps he will be selling luxury condos in the jungles of Africa or trying to corner the market on FSBO and Expired Listings in the Mt. Everest area.

The creative masterminds at Mojo are keeping the plot of the sequel very hush-hush, but I can assure you, there will be a sequel.

If you haven’t seen our first “Jim The Realtor” movie, visit our home page (and please share the Youtube link with your colleagues). But more importantly, don’t live in his prison any longer.

‘Modern Family’ Morality Tale: How cutthroat is your real estate competition?

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

mojo dialer

We last celebrated America’s funniest Realtor, Phil Dunphy, last fall when alter-ego Ty Burrell won the Emmy for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy.

And that comedy would obviously be ABC’s “Modern Family.”

We’ve got absolutely no stake in ABC or parent company Disney, but we’re huge fans of the ongoing real estate agent storyline and thought you would enjoy the most recent episode, “Send Out the Clowns.”

In the episode, real estate agent Phil is about to score the biggest real estate listing of his career, when rival agent Mitzi Roth (guest star Ellen Barkin) swoops in on his territory — intent on stealing the client for herself. It’s a brazen but sleazy move — the kind that Mitzi is known for.

To punctuate her unrepentant sleaziness, Mitzi sneers at Phil on their way into the house: “Go back to condos, Dunphy!”

mojo dialer

When the clients are looking the other way, Mitzi deliberately falls backwards into the hedges and blames Phil for pushing her. “Oh my God, he shoved me!  I thought you had your anger problem under control!”

The tactic works and Phil loses the listing.

Discouraged, he goes home and tells his kids that the true path to success in life is lying and cheating.

His youngest son, Luke, encourages his dad to “play dirty” and “take her down.” He lends Phil his spy pen, which Phil tries to use to capture a confession at Mitzi’s office.

mojo dialer

Mitzi senses she is being set up, gives Phil a patronizing hug and steals the spy pen as well!

But Luke hasn’t given up defending his dad’s honor. He bumps into Mitzi at the supermarket and asks her point blank why she is so mean and explains how his father is worried about paying for his older sister’s college.

mojo dialer

Playing the sympathy card seemingly penetrates the real estate agent’s steely exterior and when she sees Phil a few moments later, she compliments him: “You have a very nice kid there.”

“He’s mine!” Phil defensively replies.

mojo dialer

Want to find out if Phil is able to get his real estate listing back?  And if anything happens to Mitzi for her dirty business tactics?

ABC has posted the full episode on-line for free with fewer commercials than the broadcast version.

But we’d also love to hear from you.

We know that the Mojo system is especially tailored for the needs of real estate agents, helping you prospect at 300 calls per hour with the Triple Line Power Dialer and giving you the first response opportunity on hot leads with Mojo Live Lead Alert.

We also know that highly successful Realtors like Colorado’s Seth Jenson, Oregon’s Andrew Beach, and Florida’s Mitch Ribak swear by Mojo for increasing productivity.

But what’s life like out there away from the phones for you?  Surely, rival real estate agents aren’t swiping each other’s kids as Phil darkly joked about in the supermarket, but are there unscrupulous characters amongst your competition?

Tell us your stories!  What’s the most bizarre thing that’s happened in your sales territory?

Real Estate Out of This World: The Joys of Selling Lunar Property

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012
real estate prospecting with mojo dialer

How challenging would real estate prospecting be if you were selling barren lots on the moon?!

Sure, the golden time for giving gag gifts is now over — anyone get stuck with anything insane from your family’s holiday Yankee Swap?

However, there’s really no bad time to amuse your Realtor friends or employees with some MLS listings for extraterrestrial house plots.

In the same spirit of buying and naming a star after someone, the Lunar Embassy will sell you a one-acre moon lot for the bargain price of $22.49 (plus a $1.51 “Lunar Tax” and $12.50 for shipping and handling of the deed).

Hey, if you look at NASA’s fact sheet on the moon, there’s now approximately 14,647,439.75 square miles of open space ready for developers!  And thinking about New Year’s Resolutions, you weigh a lot less up there, too.

There are many reasons to be skeptical that your Lunar property deed might not ever be graced with that dream vacation home (with a great room and sauna) you have been planning in your imagination. The “real estate” company itself starts off its FAQ in defensive mode, giving you its assurance that you are not taking part in a fraudulent transaction.

real estate prospecting with mojo dialer

The Lunar Embassy claims its rights to Expired and FSBO listings on the moon is based on international law and a loophole in the 1967 United Nations Outer Space Treaty.

But here’s why I don’t trust the validity of their property claims: They don’t even bother to use spell check!

A quick example from their FAQs:

“Whilst we are on the subject, we would like to take this opportunity to give you some useful tips to avoid fraud on the Internet: Beware of pyramid shemes, sites that say you have won a prize but they want money up front before you can collect it, some business opportunity shemes, “get rich quick” shemes, work at home shemes and sometimes, even sales of computer equipment (you pay, and the computer equipment never arrives). These are the most common types of fraud to be found on the Internet according to recent statistics. Don’t give your bank account number or social security number to just anyone, unless you know the company that you are dealing with.”

C’mon, Lunar Embassy, are you not familiar with the word “scheme?”  How can I buy into a scheme even for fun, if you call it a “sheme” four times?

Credibility is vital for all real estate prospecting, of course, especially the Earth-based homes you likely specialize in.  When you are calling your Expired, FSBO, SOI and just listed/just sold leads, having the Mojo Triple Line Power Dialer will ensure that when an autodialed call is answered, you will hear the first “hello” and not the third, fourth or fifth.

Nothing is worse than representing yourself with the impression of a robo-call, an instant turnoff for most potential customers.

You may as well be doing cold calls for lunar real estate.

Which reminds me to leave you off with an invaluable piece of Realtor advice:  Definitely avoid the Lunar Embassy’s Venus property, no matter how tempting the price.  Surface temperatures on Venus can reach up to 860 degrees Fahrenheit.  And in that climate, there won’t be cold calls of any kind!

Celebrating the Emmy for America’s favorite Realtor

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

Real estate agent Phil Dunphy, aka actor Ty Burrell, won the 2011 Emmy for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy. We're still waiting for an episode to focus on the challenges of real estate prospecting!

A hearty Mojo congratulations to actor Ty Burrell, who beat out some steep competition from his “Modern Family” colleagues to win a comedy Emmy the other night.

Why do we care about this on a real estate prospecting and lead management software blog?

Because Burrell’s alter-ego is Phil Dunphy, the funniest real estate agent on television!

Several memorable episodes of the hit ABC sitcom have focused on the sales and marketing challenges of the industry, including:

  • SLOW DOWN YOUR NEIGHBORS –  Phil learns that his new client happens to be a thorn in the side for his wife Claire, who is angry how fast the woman drives in their neighborhood. Phil must weigh his need for a hefty sales commission with his desire to maintain peaceful household relations. He doesn’t welcome the stressful duplicity involved in keeping the women apart: “I wish I were one of those people who thrives on the danger of leading a double-life. You know… Bruce Wayne… Peter Parker… Hannah Montana.”
  • THE MUSICAL MAN — Wanting to keep on the edge of modern real estate marketing, Phil shrinkwraps his minivan with a photo of himself with his family and the slogan: “I can’t be satisfied until you’re satisfied!”  However, the layout of the wrap-around ad has a picture of his wife alone with the slogan along with a cell phone number.  In a similarly unintended context, the picture of his oldest daughter Haley appears above the words “Let me make your dreams come true!”  Phil soon starts to get a barrage of inappropriate phone calls with heavy breathing. He’s horrified, but in a bizarre way, his soccer mom wife is flattered that she still can evoke that kind of response from men.
  • STRANGERS ON A TREADMILL — Will goofy dad humor play over well at a dinner of fellow real estate agents?  Phil’s family is a little nervous that his jokes may bomb when he is the keynote speaker at the Southern California Realtors Banquet (the “SCARB”). To “save” him from embarrassment, his wife Claire hides his notecards so he has to play it straight. Turns out that Phil’s improvisational lines are a huge hit, making him the Jay Leno of the real estate world. (You can listen to Phil’s killer speech here!)

This part of Phil Dunphy's real estate wrapped vehicle ad seems innocent enough....

... until you look at the other side of the van! (Click pic to see video clip highlighting the greatest fictitious real estate snafu in recent memory.)

The Emmy-winning scriptwriters of Modern Family definitely have their thumb on the pulse of the real estate world and what it is like to be a sales agent. We’ve seen the politics of an Open House, the personality-centric marketing campaigns and the pressures of making a living off commissions.

Now we wish the producers would go one step further and base an episode on the ups and downs of prospecting. Show us Phil when he’s tapping into his Sphere of Influence for potential new leads. Show us Phil when he’s mining FSBO and Expired listings. Give us a plot line surrounding the Triple Line Power Dialer!  How about some dialogue about Phil making cold calls from his car with Mobile Mojo!

Realistically, we recognize that the behind-the-scenes hard work of real estate sales isn’t that funny.  But the results can make you very very happy.  Check out all of Mojo’s real estate prospecting tools to find out how to become the Phil Dunphy of your local market — without embarrassing your family.

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