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Beyond Insurance & Real Estate: Web Designer Empowered By the Mojo Dialer

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

Prospecting is prospecting. Leads are leads. Cold calls are cold calls.

So when veteran independent insurance broker John Petrowski recently decided to take a 180-degree career turn and devote himself completely to web design services, it’s not surprising that he chose to stick with the same sales productivity tools.

Petrowski, who runs The Website Shoppe out of his South Carolina home, had long relied on the Mojo Triple Line Power Dialer to log 250-300 calls an hour to sell health insurance. As the founder of the Independent Health Insurance Agent Association (IHIAA), he shared his Mojo Math with us back in 2011, noting that he used to only be able to manually dial 40 prospects an hour. “I no longer have to spend half a week on the phone to land one deal,” he explained.

But drastic changes in the commission structure, enacted by the Affordable Care Act, motivated him to leave the health insurance field and devote all his efforts to his side business. Initially, Petrowski had helped mostly fellow insurance brokers upgrade their websites, but now he caters to all small business owners (four employees or less), including restaurants, beauty salons, florists, opticians, creative professionals and consultants.

“Cold calling is by far the most effective way to target small businesses,” says Petrowski. “If I could succeed with selling insurance, I was sure I could do it with websites. So far, it’s been working tremendously well. Many small businesses still have these ancient GeoCities websites from 15 years ago. And they’re not mobile or tablet friendly. They’re losing a lot of traffic and a lot of customers without even realizing it.”

Petrowski’s niche is designing WordPress themes — customizing layout, logos, colors, headers, graphics, etc. — so that businesses aren’t using cheap-looking, cookie-cutter sites. His major pitch is affordability, offering most design packages for $600-$800 with an average $1,200 rate for e-commerce sites.

“Most of my competitors advertise as if they were based in the United States or are U.S. companies that farm the work out to affiliates overseas,” he says. “They typically charge $2,500, pay about $300 for labor, and keep the rest.”

“Many clients want to meet with me face-t0-face because they have been burned in the past by their web designers. When you say you are local, it matters,” Petrowski adds.


John Petrowski believes his web design clients prefer to do business with a local company versus dealing with a company based overseas.

As a one-person operation, The Website Shoppe does not have the luxury of having a huge marketing budget for outreach and advertising. Growing and sustaining the business means making cold calls, period.

“People think that when you run your own small business that your phone rings. It doesn’t. You have to call your customers,” he says. “And it’s easy to get clients from cold calling, believe it or not. I like working from home and being with my family. I’m a very independent thinker. I’m not a corporate person. I’d rather not have 3 or 4 people working over me.”

Petrowski started using the Mojo Triple Line Dialer back in 2007 after becoming extremely frustrated with the quality of the leads he was buying at $7 to $8 a pop. They were shared leads, meaning that he had to be the first to make the call.

“It used to be that 75 percent of the people I dialed would answer the phone and were real. It eventually dwindled down to where only 5 percent would pick up. Now if you buy 100 leads today, you’ll only get that same 5 percent. More customers are putting in their real email addresses and fake phone numbers when they visit a website now. I’d say that 70-80 percent of commercially available leads are completely fake,” he says.

When he was still in the insurance business, Petrowski would pay telemarketers $10 an hour to mine exclusive leads for him. With the help of the Mojo dialer, tripling the amount of their calls, his exclusive leads cost $5 each instead of $8 for a shared one.  A meticulous keeper of records, Petrowski used to share his call and sales date on his personal blog.


The Website Shoppe’s clients range across all small businesses.

Based on the lessons of his health insurance sales days, Petrowski now generates all his leads for free through, a service he accesses through his local public library. The “premier source of business and residential information for reference and research” requires that you enter your library card number through your library’s website. (Ask the reference desk at your library if they subscribe to the service.)

Petrowski uses ReferenceUSA to download all the small business listings in a particular town, filtered by business type, state and zip codes. Then he scrubs the list of all chain-stores, banks, supermarkets and doctor’s offices — places where is unlikely to get the chief decision maker on the phone. He then imports those cold leads into Mojo.

“Mojo is a very simple, user-friendly dialer,” says Petrowski. “And now that everything is web based, you can make calls from every computer instead of installing the software each time. You can go online and make calls from anywhere.”

“Everyone needs a marketing plan,” he adds. “If you’re one guy working out of your house, you don’t have the luxury of spending thousands of dollars on advertising and waiting for your phone to ring. For a very reasonable cost, you can pretty much control your own destiny.”

(Interested in redesigning your website? Check out The Website Shoppe. To learn more about the Mojo Dialer, watch our full demo video.)

Becoming more efficient with the Mojo Dialing System

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

Mojo Dialing System

We’ve been using this slogan for years and never before has it rung truer than it does today. Prospecting by phone is a low-cost, high-yield alternative to glossy ads, mailers and social media marketing anyone can do from the comforts of their home, office or anywhere it is convenient. Real Estate agents are embracing listing calls like never before and Insurance agents are leveraging aged leads in a market where  real-time leads are so beat up by the time they get them on the phone, they are hardly worth the effort.

Efficiency is top priority when prospecting using the phone

It’s simple math really, the more calls you  make, the more people you talk with and the more appointments and sales you create. This is where the Mojo Dialer shines. Mojo turns any sales agent in to their own call center. By utilizing the Mojo Dialer system, salespeople can easily double or triple their outbound calls, equating to the same efficiencies gained by having three or four telemarketers on a call center dialer.

Hand dialing is holding you back

Many of our customers were unaware services such as ours existed before being referred to us. Most have been hand dialing for years and didn’t know they were prospecting with a tool now considered archaic, their fingers. Not only is hand dialing slow as molasses, but it leaves agents with call reluctance because of how difficult and frustrating the experience is. Anyone that has dialed 50 numbers in a row knows just how true this is. Misdialing numbers, getting answering machines, hearing the ringing over and over in your ear. The worst part, looking down at your lead list realizing that you have only dialed 50 out of 300 leads and you have already burned up half your day. This is all a thing of the past when you use Mojo.

The Mojo Dialing system is simple and convenient. Agents can now choose between our single and triple line dialing licenses, giving them the opportunity to leverage 90 calls per hour with our single line auto dialer, or really get business cranking with our triple line auto dialer, blazing away at up to 300 calls per hour. The new Mojo just makes sense; a simple user interface layered over our industry leading power dialer technology, making Mojo the easiest, most powerful sales productivity tool available today.

Check out our latest Mojo video below to learn why, When You’ve Got Mojo, Sales Happen!

Mojo On The Go! The Mojo Dialer lands on the iPad

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013


At Mojo, we have spent the past couple of years daydreaming of the day when we would put the power of the Mojo Dialer on to the iPad’s of every sales agent that owned one. It wasn’t until recently, when began developing our web-based Mojo Dialer platform, that we began production of the industries first and only, dedicated power dialing and lead management application for the iPad.

For most agents, prospecting requires them to be tied down to their desktop computers or their clunky  laptops. Clunky laptops certainly get you mobile, but they leave performance  at the mercy of your internet connection, which often leaves the user with slow connection speeds, latency in searching for records and an overall frustrating experience . We needed to get a solution in the hands of our customers that kept them mobile but that also gave them unprecedented speed and reliability, thus the dedication to developing Mojo On The Go!.

‘Mobility for the working agent has never been so easy to reach, thanks to the Mojo Dialer and the Mojo On The Go! iPad Application’

Mojo On The Go! is exactly the solution we were looking for; it gives agents the mobility they need and its performance exceeds our expectations. With a dedicated iPad application, we are able to utilize the resources of the iPad to complete data intensive tasks such as querying records for starting a call session, for searching data and for general contact management duties. Unlike using a web-based service from a laptop or iPad browser, which depends on a centralized web-server for its resources, the dedicated iPad application gets the job done locally and so fast, it might very well replace the desktop!

‘We wanted agents to perform follow-up actions effortlessly from their iPad, so we included touch-to-call, free of charge, for all licenses’

Mobility means many things for our customers but our domain is dialing and setting appointments so we wanted it to be a straightforward, streamlined process for our customers to make their follow-up and appointment calls using Mojo On The Go!, even if they weren’t subscribed to a Mojo Dialer ‘dialing’ license. That’s right, a $10 lead management-only license gets you the keys to our ‘touch to dial’ functionality in the iPad that

Mojo Dialer iPad Application

Touch to Call is available in the new Mojo On The Go! Mojo Dialer mobile iPad app.

allows you to effortlessly call contacts by simply clicking on their contact record. This simple action, initiates a call back to our customer, once connected, the line automatically dials the contact. Heck, if the user doesn’t hang up the phone, they can actually call through a list of records in a row, one at a time which is still much more efficient than hand dialing and these calls can be completed from anywhere, using Mojo On The Go!. Those looking to save a little money, can drop a dialing license for a few months, keep the $10 lead management license and still auto dial through their leads/follow-up using Mojo On The Go! and ‘touch to dial’.. Now that is value!

‘Mojo On The Go! is available now in iTunes’

We’re so confident that this app is going to make a measurable difference in your business, we are offering it on iTunes free of charge with any license purchase. To get your hands on the future of prospecting, go here and download it today!


“Mojo On The Go! is only available for customers of the web-based Mojo Dialer platform. Existing customers using legacy  platforms will be contacted by the staff at Mojo Selling Solutions when the data migration tools are in place to convert over to the new web-based platform”


Take it from Ben Franklin, you get what you pay for!

Monday, July 18th, 2011
mojo triple line power dialer

Ben Franklin’s financial advice is still very much relevant to your lead prospecting.

Recognize these famous eyes?  They belong to someone who could spot a cheap knock-off from a mile away.

mojo triple line power dialer

Ben Franklin believed in thriftiness, not cheapness. It’s not an accident he’s on the $100 bill.

American patriot Ben Franklin would thrive in today’s soundbite-a-second media environment. His Poor Richard’s Almanack — ripe with financial and life advice — is still hailed by Berkshire Hathaway’s Charlie Munger (Warren Buffet’s partner) as the blueprint for success. His quotes have also inspired novelty beer bottle openers and talking action figures.

One of my favorite quotes that applies to real estate prospecting and insurance prospecting is “He that would fish, must venture his bait.” Those eight words sum up the patience required to convert cold calls or qualified leads into sales — whether you are painfully still doing that fishing manually or taking advantage of the Mojo Triple Line Power Dialer.

Franklin is also widely attributed to another one of our favorite quotes, although the true origin of the words remain uncertain.

Here’s the wisdom:

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten.”

We’ve recently become aware of a few unscrupulous knock-off companies who are offering cheap imitations of Mojo products at much lower subscription rates.  We know this because inevitably these customers who thought they were getting a good deal were hoodwinked and shared their horrifying experiences with us.  Some of these dishonest companies are slandering Mojo by name via social media sites and we feel it is better to give our customers the real scoop rather than get bogged down in the mud.

Beware: Those cheapo depot lead management software and auto-dialer companies are NOT offering the same features or technology deployed by Mojo. It’s the difference between an iPod and the cheap MP3 player you might win at a carnival or from one of those crane machines at the arcade.

Mojo triple line power dialer

Would you buy your lead management and power dialer system at the arcade? Of course you wouldn’t!

So here’s what to watch out for when you are comparing Mojo with the cheap pretenders:


* THEY use VoIP technology because it is inexpensive to run and has inexpensive telco charges. But that savings also decreases call quality and first-hello technology, taking advantage of that critical moment when a human voice first answers the phone.

* MOJO uses copper line technology. This is a more expensive service for us because it requires many more servers versus a single voice and data server that our competitors use. We do this because the connection rates on ‘pickup’ are instant and users hear the first hello. Also, by dispersing our load over many servers, users take advantage of servers that are not overloaded.


* THEY use overseas technical support staff, leading to frustrating encounters with inexperienced help reading from a script. Not to mention occasional language and communication barriers. There is dramatically less problem resolution because there are no decision makers on the phone with the customer.

* MOJO insists on hiring American technical support, but not only that, ALL of it is in-house here at our New Hampshire company headquarters. We are able to strictly monitor quality control, escalate problem tickets and deal with level 3 issues promptly. We also have no communication issues due to language barriers.


* THEY have no online support. What else needs to be said?  You work flexible hours based on your own schedule and needs. Without any after-hours support, your business is frozen if you have an issue with your system.

* MOJO offers a technical support portal and forums where users can easily find answers to their questions. Using our Knowledge Base articles, you can  troubleshoot your issues and make sure that business continues as usual!

Whether you are purchasing a meal at a restaurant, tickets to the ballgame, or a lead management system for your phone sales operation, it all comes down to “You Get What You Pay For.”

And with no contracts or annoying hidden set-up fees, we’re confident that Mojo’s $149 monthly subscription is the best value in the industry by far.  That’s why we have our No-Brainer 7-Day Money Back Guarantee — an offer by the way that very few new customers bother to cash in.

Insurance Prospect Confessional: I WANT your sales calls!

Friday, June 24th, 2011
Tone is Everything: Mojo Dialer and lead management software helps you sort the No's from the potentially lucrative Maybes!

Tone is Everything: Mojo power dialers and lead management software help you sort the No’s from the potentially lucrative Maybes!

If you’ve been doing phone sales for more than a day, odds are high that you have heard every possible excuse to get you off the phone as soon as possible:

“How DARE you call during ‘American Idol!’”

“How dare YOU call during my mid-morning snack!”

“How dare you CALL during the Super Bowl!”


“Would love to talk more about annuities, but my daughter’s dance recital starts in three minutes!”

“Can you try me back in a few weeks?  I’m washing my hair right now.”

“I’m in the middle of sorting my baseball cards and Silly Bands. You caught me at a bad time!”

Well, timing is everything — DON’T call during the Super Bowl or Christmas or Thanksgiving (even if you have nothing else to do). But conversational tone means a lot, too.  Very soon the Mojo dialer will be adding a “temperature” feature for you to label each cold or warm lead with a flame icon indicating their mood and attitude the last time you called.

Why is this important?  Because HOW a customer says No or Maybe is often more important than the words themselves.

I know this is true and let me testify why from the perspective of an insurance policy customer. I despise my current home insurance company. Their rates are outrageous and they are still punishing me for a tiny stove fire that caused some minor smoke damage in my kitchen a few years ago.

About six months ago, a sales agent from Company B called me up and told me that they didn’t care about the burnt pasta pot and that it is time I stop being raked over the coals for it. They gave me a quote that would reduce my annual homeowner’s policy from $1,200 to about $800 annually.  I checked the company’s references and it looks like they aren’t selling policies out of the back of a van. They have their name on a major sports stadium.

But in order to save that money, I would have to switch over my car insurance policy, too.  I told the sales rep to call me back in a few weeks because I really was happy with my car insurance even though she could beat that quote, too.

Since that initial call, Company B has politely followed up three times — and due to some inexplicable sense of inertia, I told the sales agent that I wasn’t ready to make a move yet. But as I’m typing these words, I’m embarrassed. It is obviously in my best interest to switch insurance carriers, and only laziness has prevented me from doing so. Now, I’m going to call her back.

A quick sales lesson from my ridiculous experience: If customers don’t want you to call them and open their eyes to advantageous opportunities, they won’t be bashful about lecturing you.  But if you don’t hear a hard “No,” you should keep calling back according to your sales action plan (sign up for our Facebook or Twitter feeds to learn how Mojo’s lead management software will soon help you STICK to your action plans).

John Petrowski, president of the Independent Health Insurance Agent Association (IHIAA), recently told Mojo that fear of being rejected or yelled at (“call reluctance”) is the number one reason why sales people fail.

“I can count on one hand the number of people who got upset at me,” says Petrowski.

That’s because many people have internalized the stereotype of the telemarketer who won’t take no for an answer, the caller who goes on and on with his sales pitch. Don’t be that person. If a prospect says they are not interested, take the hint and move on.

“You don’t get anyone mad with a ‘Have a Nice Day,’” he says.

The impact of “Call Reluctance” is so powerful that some psychologists have gone as far as calling it a “social disease.”

Sticking with the medical jargon, I’d say it is a disease closer to hypochondria. With a positive attitude, the frequency of rude responses you’ll get will be minimal.  Because the reality is that MANY people really do want to hear from you even if they seem rushed or harried.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a phone call to make….

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