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Lee Rosa’s Keller Williams team closed 94 transactions last year, most them directly attributable to Mojo’s Triple Line Dialer.

How South Florida Realtor Lee Rosa tripled his productivity and gave himself more time to enjoy the scenery

If South Florida real estate agent Lee Rosa sounds overly dramatic about his Real Estate Dialer, you’ll have to forgive him. He still vividly recalls the clumsy days of dialing prospects by hand.

“You know that scene in ‘Pulp Fiction’ where they open the suitcase and there’s a shining bright light? Well, Mojo spoke to me. Everything came together at that moment,” recalls Rosa, of RGT Real Estate Services, a Keller Williams affiliate serving Broward, Dade and Palm Beach counties. “When I first started, I used to have two phone lines with two headsets and I’d cross names off my list with different color highlighters in each hand.”

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Keller Williams Agent uses Mojo Dialer

A ROOKIE’S JOURNEY: How Truck Driver-Turned-Agent Allen Smith Conquered Call Reluctance

Overcoming Call Reluctance As strange as it sounds, when Georgia real estate agent Allen Smith first tried prospecting, he refused to pick up the phone. “I’ve never met a stranger face to face,” says Allen, who joined the Keller Williams West Cobb office (suburban Atlanta) last November. “I’ll strike up a conversation with anyone. Most

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Real Estate prospecting tips
Real Estate prospecting tips

Want to hit paydirt? Fire up our Real Estate Dialer and Stop ignoring your most productive lead source!

If you are struggling with growing your listing inventory, pay attention. We recently held a Google+ Hangout where customers could ask us questions about Mojo workflow and data management when using the Mojo Real Estate Dialer. What started as a tutorial of sorts, soon turned in to a great discussion on the major mistakes Real

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iPhone Lead Dialer
Mojo Dialer Mastermind Group

Mojo Mastermind Group – Learn, Share, Connect

After what feels like a gazillion requests, we have finally chosen a social platform for our Real Estate customers to share and learn on. Utilizing the latest technologies available on the Google + platform, the new Mojo Mastermind Group offers our clients the best social platform for asking questions, attending best practice webinars (hangouts), sharing

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Real Estate Dialer

How Realtors are using our Real Estate Dialer, Mojo Voice and Mojo ID to maximize their prospecting efforts

A popular question we receive from our Real Estate customers is: “How do I maximize your Real Estate dialer to make the most of my prospecting time”. It’s a pretty easy question to answer, after all, using our Real Estate dialer is all you need to really maximize your prospecting time, but there are some

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Just Listed Just Sold Prospecting
Getting more money for your home

Getting Schooled on FSBO Prospecting Calls: “Mr. and Mrs. FSBO, I can absolutely get you more money than you can on your own.”

After listening to thousands of FSBO prospecting calls I’ve noticed agents don’t know how to deal with the single most important question in the mind of the FSBO family: “Can you get me more money than I can on my own?”  I heard it over and over again, real estate agents avoiding the debate or

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If you came to our website back in 2008, you would have known us as this company.
Mojo Dialer new single line dialer
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To Become a Power Prospector or Not?

After 10 years of training prospecting skills and strategies, I find the success rates to be very bad.  Meaning the ratio of how many people decide to “try” prospecting and in the end quit, or the most common decision is the statement, “that’s just not my style”.  As my ratio of training created more and

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Just Listed Just Sold Prospecting data
For Sale by Owner data
Mojo Dialer iPad Application

Mojo On The Go! The Mojo Dialer lands on the iPad

  At Mojo, we have spent the past couple of years daydreaming of the day when we would put the power of the Mojo Dialer on to the iPad’s of every sales agent that owned one. It wasn’t until recently, when began developing our web-based Mojo Dialer platform, that we began production of the industries

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Mojo Dialer features MOJO ID

Take Your Lead Generation to a Whole New Level with The New Mojo Dialer and Mojo ID

For years, the Mojo Dialer, has been helping Real Estate Agents, Insurance Agents, Financial Services sales professionals and a variety of other industries, maximize their time on the phone by allowing them to dial out at a high rate of speed, professionally, over our exclusive copper-line infrastructure. The focus has always been on the outbound

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Mojo Dialer

What if there were an Olympics for Real Estate Agents?

Whether you’re prospecting for new insurance clients, real estate customers or other business opportunities, those of us in sales tend to have ultra-competitive Type A personalities.  We want to win.  And when the stakes are our careers, salaries, homes and families, there’s no shortage of motivation. Mojo’s prospecting and client nurturing software is built on

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jim hippie

Mojo ID helps you perform in the clutch — never be taken by surprise again

Remember Mojo’s new mascot, Jim The Realtor?  The last time we left him, he was shackled to his shabby desk, a self-imposed prisoner who never sees his family due to an inefficient work process. Jim, who could just as easily be a health/life/auto/home insurance agent or other sales professional, learned that the Mojo Dialer (up

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