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Becoming more efficient with the Mojo Dialing System

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

Mojo Dialing System

We’ve been using this slogan for years and never before has it rung truer than it does today. Prospecting by phone is a low-cost, high-yield alternative to glossy ads, mailers and social media marketing anyone can do from the comforts of their home, office or anywhere it is convenient. Real Estate agents are embracing listing calls like never before and Insurance agents are leveraging aged leads in a market where  real-time leads are so beat up by the time they get them on the phone, they are hardly worth the effort.

Efficiency is top priority when prospecting using the phone

It’s simple math really, the more calls you  make, the more people you talk with and the more appointments and sales you create. This is where the Mojo Dialer shines. Mojo turns any sales agent in to their own call center. By utilizing the Mojo Dialer system, salespeople can easily double or triple their outbound calls, equating to the same efficiencies gained by having three or four telemarketers on a call center dialer.

Hand dialing is holding you back

Many of our customers were unaware services such as ours existed before being referred to us. Most have been hand dialing for years and didn’t know they were prospecting with a tool now considered archaic, their fingers. Not only is hand dialing slow as molasses, but it leaves agents with call reluctance because of how difficult and frustrating the experience is. Anyone that has dialed 50 numbers in a row knows just how true this is. Misdialing numbers, getting answering machines, hearing the ringing over and over in your ear. The worst part, looking down at your lead list realizing that you have only dialed 50 out of 300 leads and you have already burned up half your day. This is all a thing of the past when you use Mojo.

The Mojo Dialing system is simple and convenient. Agents can now choose between our single and triple line dialing licenses, giving them the opportunity to leverage 90 calls per hour with our single line auto dialer, or really get business cranking with our triple line auto dialer, blazing away at up to 300 calls per hour. The new Mojo just makes sense; a simple user interface layered over our industry leading power dialer technology, making Mojo the easiest, most powerful sales productivity tool available today.

Check out our latest Mojo video below to learn why, When You’ve Got Mojo, Sales Happen!

To Become a Power Prospector or Not?

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

Patrick Ferry talks about success with the Mojo DialerAfter 10 years of training prospecting skills and strategies, I find the success rates to be very bad.  Meaning the ratio of how many people decide to “try” prospecting and in the end quit, or the most common decision is the statement, “that’s just not my style”.  As my ratio of training created more and more successful prospectors I notice 4 fundamentals to someone making the transition from “trying” to “success”, becoming a powerful prospector.

First is the recognition of the long term pay off of becoming a powerful prospector, second is the significant difference between the two words “try” and “commit”, third learning the three aspects (lead sources, what to say, and how to engage conversations), and finally simply having the mindset of being grateful for the opportunity everyday.   Some of you may notice that 3 out of the 4 have everything to do with your mindset or attitude.

“You are in this amazing and rewarding journey of becoming a powerful Prospector”.

Let’s look closer at each one to discover where you are in this amazing and rewarding journey of becoming a powerful prospector.

First the recognition of the long term payoff.  So many times salespeople try prospecting because they are looking to solve a short term financial problem or lack of leads/appointments in their business.  And from that perspective it’s either ineffective or doesn’t serve you long term.  The ratio is probably 90% of salespeople who just try out prospecting to solve their short term lead or income problem fail miserably.  It’s simple, prospecting isn’t a short term fix for anything.  It’s a long term solution for your business.  The bottom line, a powerful prospector is someone that can set an appointment within 1-2 hours of prospecting or between 10-20 contacts.  Imagine, what the rewards will be when you can get with those results over a year and then over your career.  Multiple great leads or appointments every week, lead to multiple sales on a weekly basis … for almost all industries results in at least 6 figure income.  Powerful prospectors recognize that this is a long term solution not a short term fix.

 Second, simple yet critical fundamental is the difference between “trying” out prospecting vs “committing to” become a powerful prospector!  I’ve had thousands of salespeople tell me they “tried” prospecting and it doesn’t work for them or their market.  I always giggle inside because they are right!  It doesn’t work if you TRY!  It only works if you commit to “make it work.”  It’s the same thing for some of the prospecting strategies out there.  I “tried” that script.  I “tried” that lead source.  I “tried” MOJO.  It’s the commitment to make it work for you and your market is how to win.

I “tried” that script.  I “tried” that lead source.  I “tried” MOJO.  The commitment to make it work for you and your market is how to win.

Third is the hard work, developing your understanding of the different lead sources in your market, your knowledge of what to say, and the skills to engage conversations with strangers who are not expecting it.  This is what takes even the best salespeople so long to own and perform.  Because you might have one aspect down but without all three your success is so sporadic which leads to the frustration of the ups and downs.  When you combine contacting the best lead source in your market, with an ability to engage great conversations with strangers, with finally knowing what to say to guide that conversation to a result, you will win!  But unfortunately depending on how much time you can dedicate to these skills it could take 18 months to 5 years to really get to the point where you are getting the results of a powerful prospector.  I always challenge salespeople to first think about the long term benefit to them financially and for their family once they commit to becoming a powerful prospector, because that’s the motivation to drive you past all the hurdles along the way!

“They can earn anywhere from $2000 to $100,000 from that one conversation”

Fourth and final one is to start with gratitude!  Most salespeople start in a state of “I need income” therefore i “must” prospect.  Or start from “I hate this, but i have to do it.”  Versus coming from a place being inspired by how incredibly wonderful it is to have the opportunity to help someone in your community and get paid for it.  And that you have the opportunity at the touch of your finger tips.  For example, a real estate agents has the opportunity everyday to dial 7 numbers, have a life changing conversation with someone in their community and they can earn anywhere from $2000 to $100,000 from that one conversation.  WOW!!!  With that in perspective it’s silly to start anywhere else other than grateful!

Finally are you in this for the long haul?  Have you determined what the long term payoffs are going to be for you and your family once you master everything required to become a powerful prospector?

When you launch the MOJO Dialer next, start from a place of gratitude for not only what this prospecting session can do for you and your family, but also what you can do to help a family in your community today!


Patrick Ferry talks about success with the Mojo Dialer‘Patrick Ferry has been in the coaching and training industry for over 10 years.  He has trained over 5000 agents from all over North America how to generate new business with their prospecting and marketing strategies.’
Mojo Selling Solutions is the company behind the Mojo Dialer and Mojo Lead Store and Data Service. For more information on the Mojo Dialer and what Mojo has to offer, please contact us at 877-859-6656 or visit out website at for demonstration videos and other informative blog posts.

Do you get butterflies when you receive a callback?

Thursday, July 5th, 2012

Mojo sellsAs sales professionals, if our phones aren’t ringing, it’s a problem. It could mean that we aren’t generating enough of a value proposition for our contacts or perhaps we aren’t building the sense of urgency needed to get a response from our prospecting efforts, either way, if our phones aren’t ringing, it means that we have far less opportunity to generate business.

The Mojo Sales Engine ensures that you will get the call backs you need to win. With our industry exclusive, copper-based multi-line power dialer that dials up to 300 calls per hour, it is no surprise that a single prospecting session can easily generate 20-30 call backs on the days following your session.

Now that we have that out of the way, I think you will understand my surprise when we asked members of our inner circle, some of the top Real Estate and Insurance professionals in the country, how they handled incoming calls to their phones after a prospecting session.

Here is the #1 response that we received:

“I let it go to voicemail and hope that they leave a message so I can research why I called them (what kind of lead) and then I call them back when I can and hope they pick up the phone”

Probably the most shocking response we got was from a Real Estate agent that closes over 100 transactions a year, they told us that they do pick up the phone when they get a call back but that they ‘got butterflies’ in their stomach when they did because they feared sounding unprepared and disliked having to figure out ‘who’ the prospect was so they could pitch them correctly. Let me reiterate, this was from a seasoned Real Estate agent that closes over 100 transactions a year!

If a successful, professional Realtor gets butterflies when a prospect calls them back, there was clearly a need and opportunity for Mojo to come up with a feature that would make an impact on all of our customers and help ensure that they were prepared for every call back.
mojo sells
Mojo ID is our latest mobile application for the iPhone that syncs your contact and property data to your phone and lets you sync those records to your iPhones address book as their own group. Once you have synced your data, when someone calls you back from your prospecting session or someone you have been working with in Mojo, your iPhone will populate with their information and you will know who is calling you, when you last called them, what kind of property they have (if they are listing calls such as expired, FSBO, withdrawn, etc.), property address, listing price and a variety of other information that will help you answer your incoming calls with confidence.

Mojo ID is a no brainer for anyone that takes prospecting and lead generation seriously and wants to take their best shot with every contact. Having the caller’s information at your fingertips means that you spend seconds identifying the prospect before you pick up the call and all your talk time pitching and building your brand.


Mojo ID can be downloaded from iTunes and is used in conjunction with the Next Generation Mojo Sales Engine, Power Dialer and Lead Manager.

Stay tuned for an upcoming Mojo ID post where we get down to business on just how awesome Mojo ID really is!

Mojo for Breakfast: New Daily Planner feature as essential as OJ

Monday, September 26th, 2011

Jumping on the Mojo Bandwagon: We used the Mojo metaphor first, but who's counting? (Mojo Selling Solutions is not affiliated with Minute Maid Orange Juice or its subsidiaries).

I recently stumbled across this Mojo-themed ad while flipping through some magazines at my dentist’s office, which leads me to share two critical pieces of life advice:

1. Always choose a dentist or medical professional who has the latest magazines in their waiting room instead of a tattered pile that looks like it came from a yard sale. If they can’t afford brand new magazines, what’s the quality of their X-Ray machines or other diagnostic equipment?

2. If you’re tired of flipping through magazines wasting your time on celebrity gossip in any waiting room, be sure to maximize your downtime with Mojo Mobile, the free iPhone app for our customers that allows you to make calls and manage your leads from anywhere!

But back to the orange juice ad. Or is it a lipstick ad?

We love seeing references to “Mojo” in pop culture and advertising — as we pointed out in this earlier homage to Austin Powers — but we weren’t inspired by the movie. As our company’s general manager, David England, eloquently puts it, “When you’re at your best and things just fall into place, when customers can’t tell you no, when everything is going as planned, when you are living in a ‘Yes World,’ you have Mojo!”

Now, unlike the OJ ad above, we can’t promise that the Mojo Triple Line Power Dialer or our Pitching Coach training tool will cause you to be smothered in kisses. But we can tell you that Mojo’s lead management system for Realtors, insurance agents, mortgage brokers and other phone sales professionals will feel as important as a good breakfast.

Mojo’s system already triples your productivity — proven results that make long-term commitments and contracts unnecessary on our end — but the breakfast is about to get tastier.

Based on customer feedback, we’ll soon be adding some exciting new features in Next Generation Mojo (stay tuned here for the big announcement).  You’ll be starting your morning with the Mojo Daily Planner, an intuitive customizable prospecting planner that methodically tracks all of your opportunities and contacts and reminds you when to take the next step.

During each phone call, you’ll assign your opportunities, contacts and customers to an action plan. These action plans tell you when to call or email them again or just update them with a soft-sell newsletter with industry-specific consumer tips.

Mojo Next Generation will take even more stress out of your current daily workflow. When you show up to your desk, the Daily Planner will feed you your action plans to follow and there’ll be no need to overthink the sales process.

And that means more time to take your best clients out for breakfast and (hopefully) the budget for freshly squeezed juice!

Insurance Prospect Confessional: I WANT your sales calls!

Friday, June 24th, 2011
Tone is Everything: Mojo Dialer and lead management software helps you sort the No's from the potentially lucrative Maybes!

Tone is Everything: Mojo power dialers and lead management software help you sort the No’s from the potentially lucrative Maybes!

If you’ve been doing phone sales for more than a day, odds are high that you have heard every possible excuse to get you off the phone as soon as possible:

“How DARE you call during ‘American Idol!’”

“How dare YOU call during my mid-morning snack!”

“How dare you CALL during the Super Bowl!”


“Would love to talk more about annuities, but my daughter’s dance recital starts in three minutes!”

“Can you try me back in a few weeks?  I’m washing my hair right now.”

“I’m in the middle of sorting my baseball cards and Silly Bands. You caught me at a bad time!”

Well, timing is everything — DON’T call during the Super Bowl or Christmas or Thanksgiving (even if you have nothing else to do). But conversational tone means a lot, too.  Very soon the Mojo dialer will be adding a “temperature” feature for you to label each cold or warm lead with a flame icon indicating their mood and attitude the last time you called.

Why is this important?  Because HOW a customer says No or Maybe is often more important than the words themselves.

I know this is true and let me testify why from the perspective of an insurance policy customer. I despise my current home insurance company. Their rates are outrageous and they are still punishing me for a tiny stove fire that caused some minor smoke damage in my kitchen a few years ago.

About six months ago, a sales agent from Company B called me up and told me that they didn’t care about the burnt pasta pot and that it is time I stop being raked over the coals for it. They gave me a quote that would reduce my annual homeowner’s policy from $1,200 to about $800 annually.  I checked the company’s references and it looks like they aren’t selling policies out of the back of a van. They have their name on a major sports stadium.

But in order to save that money, I would have to switch over my car insurance policy, too.  I told the sales rep to call me back in a few weeks because I really was happy with my car insurance even though she could beat that quote, too.

Since that initial call, Company B has politely followed up three times — and due to some inexplicable sense of inertia, I told the sales agent that I wasn’t ready to make a move yet. But as I’m typing these words, I’m embarrassed. It is obviously in my best interest to switch insurance carriers, and only laziness has prevented me from doing so. Now, I’m going to call her back.

A quick sales lesson from my ridiculous experience: If customers don’t want you to call them and open their eyes to advantageous opportunities, they won’t be bashful about lecturing you.  But if you don’t hear a hard “No,” you should keep calling back according to your sales action plan (sign up for our Facebook or Twitter feeds to learn how Mojo’s lead management software will soon help you STICK to your action plans).

John Petrowski, president of the Independent Health Insurance Agent Association (IHIAA), recently told Mojo that fear of being rejected or yelled at (“call reluctance”) is the number one reason why sales people fail.

“I can count on one hand the number of people who got upset at me,” says Petrowski.

That’s because many people have internalized the stereotype of the telemarketer who won’t take no for an answer, the caller who goes on and on with his sales pitch. Don’t be that person. If a prospect says they are not interested, take the hint and move on.

“You don’t get anyone mad with a ‘Have a Nice Day,’” he says.

The impact of “Call Reluctance” is so powerful that some psychologists have gone as far as calling it a “social disease.”

Sticking with the medical jargon, I’d say it is a disease closer to hypochondria. With a positive attitude, the frequency of rude responses you’ll get will be minimal.  Because the reality is that MANY people really do want to hear from you even if they seem rushed or harried.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a phone call to make….

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