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Beyond Insurance & Real Estate: Web Designer Empowered By the Mojo Dialer

Prospecting is prospecting. Leads are leads. Cold calls are cold calls. So when veteran independent insurance broker John Petrowski recently decided to take a 180-degree career turn and devote himself completely to web design services, it’s not surprising that he chose to stick with the same sales productivity tools. Petrowski, who runs The Website Shoppe

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Power Dial Your Way to Stress Relief and Triple Your Productivity

  Although it’s not often you see “movie reviews” for one minute promotional videos about boosting sales productivity, please humor me. The acting and cinematography in our Mojo Dialer animated shorts will give you cravings for buttered popcorn. Jane, pictured above, is a phone “sales genius,” who makes a living from prospecting. At first, she

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At last, the Mojo Dialer Google Sync has arrived!

Introducing the new Mojo Dialer Google Sync (Beta) One of the most requested features in the past year, the Mojo Dialer Google Sync was top priority for our development team following the release of the new web-based Mojo Dialer. Google Calendar Sync. The new Google Calendar sync allows Mojo customers to sync their Mojo appointments

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Follow Up Made Easy with the Mojo Dialer

Mojo Dialer features that promote strong follow-up habits   Follow up is one of the most overlooked pillars of lead generation. Everyone has excuses why they don’t complete it.  Our favorite excuse is the notion leads either close on the first call or they are a waste of time. This is our favorite because we

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When You've Got Mojo, Sales Happen

Becoming more efficient with the Mojo Dialing System

We’ve been using this slogan for years and never before has it rung truer than it does today. Prospecting by phone is a low-cost, high-yield alternative to glossy ads, mailers and social media marketing anyone can do from the comforts of their home, office or anywhere it is convenient. Real Estate agents are embracing listing calls like

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To Become a Power Prospector or Not?

After 10 years of training prospecting skills and strategies, I find the success rates to be very bad.  Meaning the ratio of how many people decide to “try” prospecting and in the end quit, or the most common decision is the statement, “that’s just not my style”.  As my ratio of training created more and

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The Flying Car's first test flight in the Mojave Desert.
The IHIAA is America's premier trade association and training network for independent health insurance agents.

Insurance Guru: Nervousness is a natural part of telemarketing success

It might seem lonely on the phone sometimes, but you are not alone. Representing over 1,000 sales agents, the Independent Health Insurance Agent Association (IHIAA) is America’s premier support and training network for go-getters who want to improve their home-based businesses. The IHIAA focuses on generating exclusive leads where agents are not pitted against other

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Insurance sales star: “The Mojo Dialer replaced my entire call center!”

Over the years, Utah’s Ethan Selph has sold satellite dishes, cable TV packages, security systems, water filters and prepaid legal services on the phone.

Today, he’s one of the rising stars in the health insurance industry, sharing advice to other sales people how to maximize their chat time. To Selph, it doesn’t matter what you are selling as long as you don’t come across as the stereotypical sales guy.

“Don’t sound like a total marketer,” he suggests. “I don’t even mention the name of my company. I say, ‘Hey, it’s Ethan’ instead of trying to come across as some big corporation. I try to sound like the Joe down the street.”

Another tip to project confidence: Don’t think of yourself as “bothering” or “interrupting” the people on your prospect list.

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Successful phone sales requires the patience and endurance of a marathon runner

Power Dialer Insanity: Pushing the limits of human endurance

California real estate agent James Festini is a recreational runner, about to compete in his fourth San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon.

For Festini, cardiovascular exercise is a great way to keep in shape to counter the sedentary nature of making cold calls — an activity he feels comfortable doing up to 12 hours a day. And San Diego’s R & R Marathon is more about fun than winning, featuring a course that runs through Sea World, that has up to 2,000 cheerleaders on the sidelines, has live music acts at each mile (past artists have included Smash Mouth, Hootie and the Blowfish and Pat Benatar) and offers free beer at the finish line!

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One disreputable telemarketer tarnishes us all.

Telemarketing sales ethics no different than face-to-face business ethics

The Federal Trade Commission is suing three companies that have been making automated recorded phone calls to sell “worthless” credit card interest reduction programs, charging customers an up front fee as high as $1,495 and delivering zilcho. Here’s a snippet from the official government press release: “According to the three FTC complaints, Economic Relief Technologies,

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Dr. Evil had to steal his Mojo. You can get yours legally at

Predictive Dialer vs. Power Dialer

If you are a sales agent who has realized the value of using a dialer over manually calling your leads, you have most likely done some research to see what is out there. You have probably come across the terms predictive dialer and power dialer and may be wondering what sets them apart and which

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