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Beyond Insurance & Real Estate: Web Designer Empowered By the Mojo Dialer

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

Prospecting is prospecting. Leads are leads. Cold calls are cold calls.

So when veteran independent insurance broker John Petrowski recently decided to take a 180-degree career turn and devote himself completely to web design services, it’s not surprising that he chose to stick with the same sales productivity tools.

Petrowski, who runs The Website Shoppe out of his South Carolina home, had long relied on the Mojo Triple Line Power Dialer to log 250-300 calls an hour to sell health insurance. As the founder of the Independent Health Insurance Agent Association (IHIAA), he shared his Mojo Math with us back in 2011, noting that he used to only be able to manually dial 40 prospects an hour. “I no longer have to spend half a week on the phone to land one deal,” he explained.

But drastic changes in the commission structure, enacted by the Affordable Care Act, motivated him to leave the health insurance field and devote all his efforts to his side business. Initially, Petrowski had helped mostly fellow insurance brokers upgrade their websites, but now he caters to all small business owners (four employees or less), including restaurants, beauty salons, florists, opticians, creative professionals and consultants.

“Cold calling is by far the most effective way to target small businesses,” says Petrowski. “If I could succeed with selling insurance, I was sure I could do it with websites. So far, it’s been working tremendously well. Many small businesses still have these ancient GeoCities websites from 15 years ago. And they’re not mobile or tablet friendly. They’re losing a lot of traffic and a lot of customers without even realizing it.”

Petrowski’s niche is designing WordPress themes — customizing layout, logos, colors, headers, graphics, etc. — so that businesses aren’t using cheap-looking, cookie-cutter sites. His major pitch is affordability, offering most design packages for $600-$800 with an average $1,200 rate for e-commerce sites.

“Most of my competitors advertise as if they were based in the United States or are U.S. companies that farm the work out to affiliates overseas,” he says. “They typically charge $2,500, pay about $300 for labor, and keep the rest.”

“Many clients want to meet with me face-t0-face because they have been burned in the past by their web designers. When you say you are local, it matters,” Petrowski adds.


John Petrowski believes his web design clients prefer to do business with a local company versus dealing with a company based overseas.

As a one-person operation, The Website Shoppe does not have the luxury of having a huge marketing budget for outreach and advertising. Growing and sustaining the business means making cold calls, period.

“People think that when you run your own small business that your phone rings. It doesn’t. You have to call your customers,” he says. “And it’s easy to get clients from cold calling, believe it or not. I like working from home and being with my family. I’m a very independent thinker. I’m not a corporate person. I’d rather not have 3 or 4 people working over me.”

Petrowski started using the Mojo Triple Line Dialer back in 2007 after becoming extremely frustrated with the quality of the leads he was buying at $7 to $8 a pop. They were shared leads, meaning that he had to be the first to make the call.

“It used to be that 75 percent of the people I dialed would answer the phone and were real. It eventually dwindled down to where only 5 percent would pick up. Now if you buy 100 leads today, you’ll only get that same 5 percent. More customers are putting in their real email addresses and fake phone numbers when they visit a website now. I’d say that 70-80 percent of commercially available leads are completely fake,” he says.

When he was still in the insurance business, Petrowski would pay telemarketers $10 an hour to mine exclusive leads for him. With the help of the Mojo dialer, tripling the amount of their calls, his exclusive leads cost $5 each instead of $8 for a shared one.  A meticulous keeper of records, Petrowski used to share his call and sales date on his personal blog.


The Website Shoppe’s clients range across all small businesses.

Based on the lessons of his health insurance sales days, Petrowski now generates all his leads for free through, a service he accesses through his local public library. The “premier source of business and residential information for reference and research” requires that you enter your library card number through your library’s website. (Ask the reference desk at your library if they subscribe to the service.)

Petrowski uses ReferenceUSA to download all the small business listings in a particular town, filtered by business type, state and zip codes. Then he scrubs the list of all chain-stores, banks, supermarkets and doctor’s offices — places where is unlikely to get the chief decision maker on the phone. He then imports those cold leads into Mojo.

“Mojo is a very simple, user-friendly dialer,” says Petrowski. “And now that everything is web based, you can make calls from every computer instead of installing the software each time. You can go online and make calls from anywhere.”

“Everyone needs a marketing plan,” he adds. “If you’re one guy working out of your house, you don’t have the luxury of spending thousands of dollars on advertising and waiting for your phone to ring. For a very reasonable cost, you can pretty much control your own destiny.”

(Interested in redesigning your website? Check out The Website Shoppe. To learn more about the Mojo Dialer, watch our full demo video.)

Power Dial Your Way to Stress Relief and Triple Your Productivity

Thursday, September 19th, 2013

The Mojo Dialer relieves stress


Although it’s not often you see “movie reviews” for one minute promotional videos about boosting sales productivity, please humor me. The acting and cinematography in our Mojo Dialer animated shorts will give you cravings for buttered popcorn.

Jane, pictured above, is a phone “sales genius,” who makes a living from prospecting.

At first, she was frantically dialing her leads by hand, sending her “thumb mileage through the roof” and certainly increasing her risk of carpal tunnel syndrome. You can just see the anxiety spilling out of Jane’s eyes in the opening scene.

If you are in the groove and interruptions are kept to a minimum, making calls the old fashioned way results in up to 30 calls/hour and talking with three live people (on average, getting 10 percent of the leads to pick up the phone is considered the norm).

The endless ringing, hang-ups, wrong numbers and fax machines (yeah, they still answer) are enough to drive anyone batty — and Jane’s no exception. She’s starting to hear phantom rings and begins to hallucinate.

Even her dog is stressed out!

Triple your productivity with the Mojo Dialer

But when Jane tries out the Mojo Power Dialer, her fortunes quickly reverse.

With the Mojo Single Line Power Dialer, she is able to make 90 calls per hour and talk with an average of 9 prospective clients, tripling her previous productivity.

But leveraging the Mojo Triple Line Power Dialer, she can triple those tripled results! Now, we’re talking up to 270 calls per hour and up to 27 real pitch opportunities to prospects.

No matter how your Mojo Math shakes out, odds are that you’ll get more results in less time.

Sales per hour on the phone

Let’s say hypothetically that you’re able to close on 10 percent of your prospects. That would leave you with almost 3 sales an hour on average. Of course, sales results do not rigidly follow any formula. The real point here is that more calls = more prospects = more chances to close the deal.

The beauty of the Mojo Power Dialer is that you only spend time with people who pick up the phone AND with our “First Hello” technology, you get connected the moment a human voice is detected. No more annoying delays that frustrate the prospect and cause him or her to immediately hang up.

Needless to say, now Jane’s life is a lot less stressful. And using “Mojo On the Go” on her iPad, she can make those autodialed calls pretty much from anywhere. Not a shabby looking office, huh?

Mojo Power Dialer-beach

(Check out the full Mojo Dialer adventures of Jane or see a video demo of the Triple Line Power Dialer in action!) Also, check out how Mojo compares to the competition!

At last, the Mojo Dialer Google Sync has arrived!

Friday, August 23rd, 2013

Introducing the new Mojo Dialer Google Sync (Beta)

Mojo DialerOne of the most requested features in the past year, the Mojo Dialer Google Sync was top priority for our development team following the release of the new web-based Mojo Dialer.

Google Calendar Sync.

The new Google Calendar sync allows Mojo customers to sync their Mojo appointments to their Google calendars and vice versa, giving them the power of keeping their calendars synched across the web. By authorizing the connection between Mojo and Google, any appointments scheduled while dialing real estate leads, insurance leads or any other lead type, are automatically pushed to their Google calendars in the cloud. This means alerts and appointment information will be available across all platform types including all mobile phone products.

Google Contact Sync.

The new Google Contact sync enables Mojo customers to sync Google contacts from their Google account to their Mojo groups area, making calling on past clients, customers and SOI a simple process. Additionally, if while dialing leads, an agent qualifies a lead as someone that needs to be in a Google group, the simple assignment of the lead to one of the Google groups in Mojo immediately adds the contact to the corresponding group in their Google account.

The Mojo Cloud just keeps growing with the addition of Mojo Dialer Google Sync.

You will see from our blog and recently released Mojo Dialer updates, we have been hard at work making the Mojo Dialing System the most versatile sales tool on the marketplace. It is our goal to continue to offer new ‘time saving’ solutions with each version update. The ‘Mojo Cloud’ just keeps growing! The Mojo on the Go! for iPad has been downloaded over 2500 times, the Mojo ID app for iPhone has been downloaded 2000 times and our new Mojo on the Go! for iPhone will be released soon. Today, we released the Google Contact and Calendar Sync (beta) and in the next week, we will release the new Cole Information data push.

2013 has been the year of Mojo innovation and 2014 is shaping up to be even better! Stay tuned for updates.




With Mojo on the Go! you can get a FSBO Dialer with Data for only $35!

Friday, June 7th, 2013

FSBO DialerWhether you are a new Real Estate agent just starting out or a veteran agent adding FSBO prospecting to your lead generation, the Mojo on the GO! app and the Mojo FSBO service are paired to offer you the most affordable FSBO dialer on the market.

Our Mojo on the Go! iPad application is the companion application to our Mojo Dialer, allowing you to power dial your leads over our multi-line copper-architecture from an iPad, just as you would in our hosted, web-based Mojo Dialer. There is one big difference though; with our web-based version of Mojo, agents must purchase a dialing license to dial, not the case with Mojo on The Go!. That’s right, when we developed our mobile app, we wanted agents to take full advantage of being mobile and included single line Touch-to-Call in our $10 hosted lead management licenses.

Touch to Call allows agents to auto dial leads one at a time with a push of a button, saving them the hassle of hand dialing each number.

Earlier this year we released our new real-time FSBO lead service with the goal of offering quality data for our Real Estate agents to call on, and we nailed it! And at only $25 per month, our new FSBO lead service is a no brainer for any agent looking for the highest quality FSBO leads at the most affordable pricing.

When you put it all together, with our Hosted Lead Management license and our real-time FSBO lead service, you get a FSBO Dialer on the iPad with FSBO leads for only $35 per month. Best of all, you always have your data, notes and contact history with you everywhere you go. Watch the video below to see what it looks like in action!

Watch and see how easy it is to prospect FSBO leads for only $35 per month!

Test drive our new Mobile Dialer, Mojo on the Go!

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

Mobile Dialer

Mojo on the iPad is revolutionizing the way salespeople work

Mobility has been a hot topic in sales for a few years now. The ability to perform sales functions while on the go gives salespeople the freedom to multi-task like never before. Until recently when we launched our new Mojo on the Go! application, a mobile dialer, salespeople struggled with being completely mobile because there was no good power dialing and lead management applications available for the iPad. Sure, agents could lug around their laptops and prospect on the go where it was convenient, but laptops are heavy, cumbersome and their controls do not provide the flexibility the iPad does.

The video below is a walkthrough of the Mojo on the Go! application. We demonstrate the full capability of our new mobile dialer, from data management to power dialing and show you just how easily it is now to take your prospecting on the go!


The Mojo on the Go! Test Drive

For more information about Mojo on the Go! Please check out our website at OR read the official launch press release here

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