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Mojo On The Go! The Mojo Dialer lands on the iPad

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013


At Mojo, we have spent the past couple of years daydreaming of the day when we would put the power of the Mojo Dialer on to the iPad’s of every sales agent that owned one. It wasn’t until recently, when began developing our web-based Mojo Dialer platform, that we began production of the industries first and only, dedicated power dialing and lead management application for the iPad.

For most agents, prospecting requires them to be tied down to their desktop computers or their clunky  laptops. Clunky laptops certainly get you mobile, but they leave performance  at the mercy of your internet connection, which often leaves the user with slow connection speeds, latency in searching for records and an overall frustrating experience . We needed to get a solution in the hands of our customers that kept them mobile but that also gave them unprecedented speed and reliability, thus the dedication to developing Mojo On The Go!.

‘Mobility for the working agent has never been so easy to reach, thanks to the Mojo Dialer and the Mojo On The Go! iPad Application’

Mojo On The Go! is exactly the solution we were looking for; it gives agents the mobility they need and its performance exceeds our expectations. With a dedicated iPad application, we are able to utilize the resources of the iPad to complete data intensive tasks such as querying records for starting a call session, for searching data and for general contact management duties. Unlike using a web-based service from a laptop or iPad browser, which depends on a centralized web-server for its resources, the dedicated iPad application gets the job done locally and so fast, it might very well replace the desktop!

‘We wanted agents to perform follow-up actions effortlessly from their iPad, so we included touch-to-call, free of charge, for all licenses’

Mobility means many things for our customers but our domain is dialing and setting appointments so we wanted it to be a straightforward, streamlined process for our customers to make their follow-up and appointment calls using Mojo On The Go!, even if they weren’t subscribed to a Mojo Dialer ‘dialing’ license. That’s right, a $10 lead management-only license gets you the keys to our ‘touch to dial’ functionality in the iPad that

Mojo Dialer iPad Application

Touch to Call is available in the new Mojo On The Go! Mojo Dialer mobile iPad app.

allows you to effortlessly call contacts by simply clicking on their contact record. This simple action, initiates a call back to our customer, once connected, the line automatically dials the contact. Heck, if the user doesn’t hang up the phone, they can actually call through a list of records in a row, one at a time which is still much more efficient than hand dialing and these calls can be completed from anywhere, using Mojo On The Go!. Those looking to save a little money, can drop a dialing license for a few months, keep the $10 lead management license and still auto dial through their leads/follow-up using Mojo On The Go! and ‘touch to dial’.. Now that is value!

‘Mojo On The Go! is available now in iTunes’

We’re so confident that this app is going to make a measurable difference in your business, we are offering it on iTunes free of charge with any license purchase. To get your hands on the future of prospecting, go here and download it today!


“Mojo On The Go! is only available for customers of the web-based Mojo Dialer platform. Existing customers using legacy  platforms will be contacted by the staff at Mojo Selling Solutions when the data migration tools are in place to convert over to the new web-based platform”


Sanding Off The Edges

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

Most Salespeople operate under the premise that “I treat everyone the way I would like to be treated”. Mojo

It’s an excellent measuring stick when offering great Customer Service. On the other hand, it does not take long to realize that… you can easily overdo it. When you do, you end up working 24 hours a day &/or your level of production suffers because you are “trying to please everyone”.

So what is the solution?

Here is your ACTION STEP… pleasing everyone is impossible. It wastes the time of our best customers. As author Seth Godin says… “The math here is simple. As soon as you work hard to please everyone, you have no choice but to sand off the edges”. The concept of “sanding off the edges” means that you decide to please some people less in order to please others more. It all boils down to your Definition of Service. In order to arrive at your particular Definition of Service here’s some questions you need to answer:

1. How many sales/how much revenue do I intend to make this year?


2. What is my definition of a HOT lead? ( will buy in 15 days, 30 days, 60 days, etc.)


3. How many HOT leads do I need to make that happen?


4. How many hours a day do I need to work to identify and service that many HOT leads?


5. Am I prepared to put in that much time?

The Big Question: Am I strong enough to SAY NO to all those who do not meet my criteria to qualify as a HOT lead? Am I able to recognize the danger of “serving everyone”? Once you are able to say a resounding YES and then it will be much easier for you to “sand off the edges”. Eliminate the Time Vampires. Now you can spend all your time serving people who really need you. NO Excuses.


Astronomical Results: Realtor Mitch Ribak’s Got His Mojo Working

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

Mojo DialerThere’s the East Coast, the West Coast, and the Space Coast. The latter is Mitch Ribak’s territory, officially known as Brevard County, Florida. It’s home, of course, to the John F. Kennedy Space Center, dozens of Florida’s best-kept-secret beaches, and about two dozen golf courses, which Ribak likes to frequent in between closing real estate deals—which isn’t often enough because Ribak’s Tropical Realty of Suntree in Melbourne, Florida, wrote $8.3MM in contracts during March 2011.

Ribak is somewhat unique in the realm of real estate agents. Whereas most agents practice a seller-based, cold-calling approach, Ribak’s business, thanks in large part to his phenomenal success as an Internet marketer, is buyer-based. His Internet marketing savvy generates inbound leads (about 43,000 and counting) of people looking to buy property along this prime piece of Florida coast.

To follow-up on all those leads, Ribak fields a team of 3 lead conversion agents (LCAs), agents whose job it is to do nothing but follow up on inbound leads and convert them into Brevard County buyers. To do that, since November 2010, Ribak uses Mojo’s Triple Line Power Dialer. The impact it’s had, Ribak says, has been nothing short of amazing.

“I was getting ready to hire three more LCAs because we weren’t making our numbers in terms of the daily contacts we wanted,” Ribak explains. “Then, I decided to try Mojo instead. The team of LCAs fought me tooth and nail, but I decided to go ahead and give it a try.”

Now, instead of being able to make 50 calls a day with 15 contacts and 35 messages left on voicemail, each LCA is getting 250 to 300 calls a day placed with 30-plus contacts using the Mojo Dialer, Ribak says. If you ask his LCAs how they feel about Mojo’s triple-line power dialer now, “They would never go back,” Ribak says. “Their productivity is through the roof, and instead of spending $1600/month plus commission per LCA, I’m spending just $450 a month with Mojo and doubling our contact results.”

And, maybe it’s no surprise, but now that Ribak has connected the Mojo Dialer into his CRM system and customized it to work the way he wants it to, that $8.3MM sales figure for March, well that’s double their average monthly sales of $4MM too.

Ribak didn’t shop around before he licensed the Mojo Dialer. “I’m the kind of person who knows exactly what he wants, goes into a store, buys it, and leaves. Mojo offered everything we wanted. I can put multiple agents on each LCA license. They use copper line technology that eliminates that annoying lag time other power dialers use that telegraph a sales call and the folks at Mojo are great to work with.”

Mitch teaches brokers and agents all over the country via the Real Estate Success Network. Topics range from capturing more internet leads to effectively mining your current database for results. For more information, visit the Real Estate Success Network website”

Make the Most of Your Leads: 5 Tips for Top-Notch Lead Management

Friday, April 1st, 2011

rolodexIt’s true. Every once in a while someone calls you and says, “Let’s talk.” They want to buy a house, sell a house, take out an insurance policy, invest in their future via the financial instruments you sell.

But, no matter how good you are, how long you’ve been in the business, those calls are too few and far between to make a living at it. To succeed, in good times and bad, you’ve got to get up in the morning and start beating the bushes with the Mojo Power Dialer in search of those people who need your services but just don’t know it yet.

You can get by using a manual lead management system you’ve devised especially for you—that organized chaos you call a filing system where only you know where everything is…sort of, most of the time. Or, you could do what the best brokers and agents do—implement a lead management software application to power up your performance.

Here are 5 ways to make the most of managing your leads:

1. Automate, Accelerate

Paper has it place. It’s served mankind well for thousands of years, ever since the Pharaohs put their policies down on papyrus for most people to despise. But, paper is also extremely inefficient, especially when it comes to managing and growing a thriving sales practice. Jotting notes on pieces of paper, filing them (hopefully where you can find them later), shuffling them from one sales call to the next, doesn’t make sense (or cents) when you can automate your sales calls records, connect it to a power dialer and actually manage and cultivate your leads the way you can with lead management software applications.

2. Lose the Losers

With a robust lead management software application, you’ll be able to jettison those folks who do not now, nor will they likely ever, want to talk to you. Unqualified leads don’t do anyone any good. They’re a waste of your time and the people you’re needlessly calling. Using lead management software, you can parse your call results and file those dead leads away in a safe place, out of your way, yet, still close at hand should you ever decide you need to increase your odds in some bizarre game of telephone number poker and pull a couple of aces out of your electronic sleeve.

3. Make the Most of Your Data

Too much information, you’ve heard the phrase before. And, it’s true, we are inundated with information. But some of it, a lot of it, is valuable in your quest for the next hot prospect—if you can find it when you need it. Use lead management software to mine the gold nuggets in your data. Slice and dice the information to maximize the results of your time spent slogging it out cold calling. Lead management software lets you work efficiently; act on hot leads right away and follow up on the leads you’ve flagged as warm next.

4. Flex Up, Flex Down

Use a power dialer—up to three lines at once—when you’re casting a wide net; use a single line dialer and Click to Call capabilities when you’re nurturing your hottest opportunities. The best lead management software lets you customize your sales calling process to best suit the type of work you’re doing at any given moment.

5. Organize, Optimize

One thing the Mojo Power Dialer with Lead Managment does better than almost anything else is give your workflow logic. Organize your calls into categories: Hot lead, warm lead, not yet, dead lead. You’ll never sell to everyone, that’s a given. But, the ability to optimize the fruits of your labor to eliminate bad numbers, remove people who are on the Do Not Call list, or who otherwise will simply never lead to a sale is time saved. Time is money. And money is why you keep showing up and doing what you do, right?

5 Common Traits of Failing Real Estate Agents by Neil Schwartz

Friday, December 10th, 2010

mojo-university-video-openingWe asked our friend Neil Schwartz to get candid with us about why some Real Estate agents prosper and why some flounder. We knew it took dedication and the willingness to ‘go after it’ but it’s more than that, Neil has passed us along 5 of the traits that don’t help you succeed in Real Estate and gives great advice about ‘Going to work to work’. ~Enjoy!

Most agents come into the real estate business with energy, enthusiasm, and high hopes; some do great, while others leave the business disappointed and depressed. It is very disheartening to see agents leave the business. In my over 30 years in the business I have learned that working as a real estate agent is very different from a “normal” job. I have noticed that many of the agents who leave the business share some “traits;” below I discuss those which are most prevalent and costly.

1. No Structure and Lack of Discipline

If you had a conventional sales job paying you eight thousand dollars a month how much would be expected of you? What activities would your boss expect of you? Would you have to work 5 days a week, at least 8 hours a day? Would you have to come in on time? Would you need to know your product, the competition and what to say to get things sold?

Some agents come into this business and forget that they have a “job.” Because they don’t have a “boss” telling them what to do and holding them accountable, they do not set a schedule and/or fail to stick to it. Successful agents keep in mind that they are their own bosses, they set a schedule for themselves and abide by it, just as they would if they worked in a “conventional” job. Successful agents make sure that they preview properties and prospect. They follow up with their leads and know their scripts, dialogues and how to handle objections. Since you don’t have a “boss” other than yourself, you need to be disciplined and self motivated. You have to let others know that just because you don’t punch a time clock, you still need to be at work, you cannot always be available to pick up the dog food or take Aunt Sally to the doctor.

2. No Systems

Successful businesses have one thing in common, systems. Systems allow a person or a company to create predictable and “duplicatable” results, because agents don’t have a boss who tells them what to do to earn money, they need to set up their own systems. Successful agents have a structured outline of their day, week, month and year. The more detailed the plan the more effective and efficient they are.

Real estate agents must create systems for:

• Lead generation
• Lead Follow up
• Listing appointments
• Prequalifying
• Buyer appointments
• Negotiating contracts
• Pending Transactions
• Tracking Numbers
• Practicing/ Role-play

3. No Accountability

Without a traditional “boss” there is no one to hold you accountable; oftentimes this causes agents to be easily distracted, confused, unsure and uncertain about getting work done. Agents need to stay focused on their goals and hold themselves accountable for working their schedule. If you’ve committed to making 40 contacts during a prospecting session, hang in there, don’t stop at 39, and remind yourself that quitting is not an option. Many successful agents “make bets” with themselves or other agents to keep them on-track. Some write multiple checks to their least favorite cause, competitor, or rival political party, place them in a preaddressed and stamped envelope and send it out if they fail to complete what they set out to do.

4. No Ability to Anticipate the Market

Wayne Gretsky was one of the greatest hockey players of all time. While everyone else skated toward the puck, Wayne separated himself the rest and skated toward where the puck was going to be next. In a market that constantly fluctuates, successful agents pay attention to what will happen a few weeks or months from placing themselves in a powerful position. Anticipation is a skill that gives you the confidence you need to close more of your appointments and get homes sold.

5. Not Being Honest with Themselves

Successful agents are honest with themselves. If you only make a few calls during your prospecting hour, but you tell your broker/coach that you’ve done more, who are you really hurting? If you find yourself telling yourself what you want to hear, you can’t expect improvement. Remember, you are where you are because it is okay with you.

Final Thoughts

This market is difficult and competitive, in order to survive; you need to work harder than your competition. In order to do this, you need have structure and discipline, powerful systems in place, strong accountability, skills to anticipate the market, and to be honest with yourself. Every agent who walks in the door is capable of doing the work necessary to succeed, the ones who succeed work harder than those who fail.

What do you need to work on? Make the commitment to start working on it today, put it in your schedule for tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day…

What 2 or 3 things will you commit to change before the year ends?

neilNeil Schwartz has been in the real estate industry for over 30 years. He is the broker of Century 21 Masters, the #2 Century 21 office in the Nation. He blogs on, providing valuable information to agents regarding sales training, real estate marketing, social media, and technology.

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