You’ll find the Mojo Dialer in your Internet browser!

Mojo Dialer
After many years of installing software and logging in, Mojo Dialer users will now simply access the Mojo Dialer from their Internet browser.

There is a lot of big news coming from Mojo this year and we are going to be releasing a series of blog posts that cover each bit as it comes down the pipeline; one thing is for sure though, it all begins with this post.} 

In the past 6 years, thousands of telemarketers and sales people across North America have downloaded the Mojo Dialer software on their computers and fired up their Mojo Dialer by clicking on the Mojo icon on their desktops. Well, that is all history now.

Last year, impressed with where the industry was going, we decided that it was the right time to take advantage of new web technologies and made the decision to bring on a new dedicated team of developers to tackle the challenge of taking the speed, responsiveness and reliability of our software platform to the web. Seven months later, February 25th, 2012, we went to the front door with web Mojo and began to sell it to new customers.

What is the advantage to the web-based Mojo Dialer?

For starters, it is lightning fast! That’s right, one of our core goals was to have the new Mojo Dialer as fast as it could be. We spent years as a software based solution and dreaded the day we moved to the web concerned that a shared environment might affect performance. Well, thanks to the evolution of the services offered in the web, we haven’t looked back! From logging in, to importing, to querying the database, it is faster than we could have imagined.

Secondly, after releasing the Mojo ACE platform in April 2012 and getting the valuable feedback from our users, it was clear to us that we had released a platform that wasn’t as easy to use as we had hoped. In fact, it was the valuable feedback from our ACE users that helped give birth to the web-based Mojo Dialer and with an ease of use that is unprecedented. From auto-mapping fields during import, to a simple list/group data management scheme, to a revised, easy on the eyes dialing interface, it is by far the most simple to use Mojo yet.

Lastly (well not really, but I can’t write a book here), we wanted to draw in our horns regarding feature content and get back to basics. Our core domain is dialing and in the web-based Mojo Dialer platform, we concentrated our efforts on everything dialing related. This is the smartest, fastest and most overall efficient Mojo Dialer yet and we know that just 20 minutes behind the seat of our new dialer will make anyone a believer!

As stated earlier, this is the introductory post to a series of new feature posts to follow. We are very excited about what bringing the Mojo Dialer to the web browser has done for us and we look forward to showing off our new feature offerings here on our blog very soon!

Until next time, keep your Mojo goin’!