How Realtors are using our Real Estate Dialer, Mojo Voice and Mojo ID to maximize their prospecting efforts

Real Estate DialerA popular question we receive from our Real Estate customers is: “How do I maximize your Real Estate dialer to make the most of my prospecting time”.

It’s a pretty easy question to answer, after all, using our Real Estate dialer is all you need to really maximize your prospecting time, but there are some things you can do to get the most out of it.

Change up your Caller ID

If you’re going to put the effort in to making hundreds of calls per hour, it makes sense you display a real caller ID number so interested parties can call you back. Sure, there is an argument among prospectors that spoofing (displaying bogey CID) your caller ID is the better method because ultimately, the goal is to land live contacts while dialing, so worrying about the call back shouldn’t be important and at a minimum, you won’t get all the angry people calling you back. Well, in some cases this is probably a valid argument but homeowners needing help listing their home WILL call you back and you WILL set appointments from it. Are you willing to risk the appointment going to someone else? There is an easy way to reduce the amount of folks calling you back that are angry, change up your caller ID. With the Mojo Dialer, this is simple to do, you simply enter one of your caller ID’s, we validate it in mere seconds and then it is in your account to be used while dialing. We STRONGLY suggest this method when calling on Expired listings right now, inventory is short and these lead types are being called on heavily. Rotating your office number, home number and cell number gives you a level of anonymity that will allow you to cycle the lead multiple times before showing up on their ‘irritation’ meter. Oh, and if you call a lead who is already irritated with you because of all the other agents calling them, simply let them know the calls will stop after you list their home!

Mojo Voice

There are folks who just don’t want their caller ID’s shown while calling leads and this is why we came up with Mojo Voice. Imagine the callbacks your cell phone would receive after a 500 call dialing session! Let us help you with the Math: Approximately 10% of your calls will call you back from the caller ID showing on their phones alone (plenty of curious spouses out there:). This means if you dial 500 calls, you’ll likely receive 50 call backs to your cell phone and these calls could be at 3pm or 1am, not very convenient. With Mojo Voice, you can get a virtual number in the area code you service and use it as your caller ID while you prospect. When a lead calls it back, it gets routed to any number you desire, giving you full control over where your leads are calling you back. Lastly, for total anonymity, subscribe to multiple Mojo Voice numbers so you have the ability to change up what your customers see when you call them.

Mojo ID for iPhone

Here is where it gets REALLY cool! So we’ve discovered its a good idea to display a valid caller ID and control where the callbacks are routed with Mojo Voice. Well, with Mojo ID, if you route the call back to your iPhone, Mojo ID will show you who is calling you back before you take the call. Yes, you heard it right, with Mojo ID, you KNOW which lead is calling you back and why. Mojo ID will display to you the contacts information as an image on your iPhone while your phone rings. You will see their name, listing status, any lists or groups they are in, your notes and when you last called them… completely preparing you for the incoming call.

Imagine you’ve prospected all morning calling expired, cancelled and FSBO properties. An hour after your session a call comes in from an unknown caller, you answer and say ‘hello’ and they say “yes you called me, why did you call?”. You can either start asking them questions to identify what type of lead they are,so you can pitch them correctly (very nerve racking and unprofessional) or you can be equipped with Mojo ID and start the conversation off with “thanks for calling me back Jim, I called you today to see if you know why your home didn’t sell?”

Real Estate agents are achieving great success using our Real Estate dialer, and these 3 tips take their prospecting to the next level. They contact more leads, they do it smart by leveraging callbacks and they out wit the most savvy homeowners by arming themselves with information before answering their call, making it known they are the most professional, resourceful agent for the job!

If your a prospective client wanting to know more about the Mojo Dialer or any other service we offer, continue checking out our blog or find more information at We know you’ll like what you see!