Live Prospecting Call with the Mojo Dialer

Live Prospecting CallLive Prospecting Session

We recently asked one of our customers in the real estate industry if he would be interested in recording a live prospecting call using the Mojo Dialer so others could get an idea of how the Mojo Dialer makes an impact on prospecting. Bryan Washington, a Coldwell Banker real estate agent out of Pennsylvania, made the following video for us to showcase his personal use of the system.

As you will see, prospecting by phone can be cumbersome and not always a fun activity, but using Mojo to do so allows you to call more people in less time and quickly move through calls that might otherwise take up a bit of time. Of course, there will still be negative responses while calling (as you will see in Bryan’s video), but that rings true in any calling situation.


It’s been 7 years since we released this video of Bryan on this live prospecting call with Mojo. Since then, the video has over 18,000 views and likely gave birth to the many live prospecting call videos available on Mojo today. We hope Bryan is doing well in life and look forward to receiving more live prospecting call videos from our clients:).