Power Dial Your Way to Stress Relief and Triple Your Productivity

The Mojo Dialer relieves stress


Although it’s not often you see “movie reviews” for one minute promotional videos about boosting sales productivity, please humor me. The acting and cinematography in our Mojo Dialer animated shorts will give you cravings for buttered popcorn.

Jane, pictured above, is a phone “sales genius,” who makes a living from prospecting.

At first, she was frantically dialing her leads by hand, sending her “thumb mileage through the roof” and certainly increasing her risk of carpal tunnel syndrome. You can just see the anxiety spilling out of Jane’s eyes in the opening scene.

If you are in the groove and interruptions are kept to a minimum, making calls the old fashioned way results in up to 30 calls/hour and talking with three live people (on average, getting 10 percent of the leads to pick up the phone is considered the norm).

The endless ringing, hang-ups, wrong numbers and fax machines (yeah, they still answer) are enough to drive anyone batty — and Jane’s no exception. She’s starting to hear phantom rings and begins to hallucinate.

Even her dog is stressed out!

Triple your productivity with the Mojo Dialer

But when Jane tries out the Mojo Power Dialer, her fortunes quickly reverse.

With the Mojo Single Line Power Dialer, she is able to make 90 calls per hour and talk with an average of 9 prospective clients, tripling her previous productivity.

But leveraging the Mojo Triple Line Power Dialer, she can triple those tripled results! Now, we’re talking up to 270 calls per hour and up to 27 real pitch opportunities to prospects.

No matter how your Mojo Math shakes out, odds are that you’ll get more results in less time.

Sales per hour on the phone

Let’s say hypothetically that you’re able to close on 10 percent of your prospects. That would leave you with almost 3 sales an hour on average. Of course, sales results do not rigidly follow any formula. The real point here is that more calls = more prospects = more chances to close the deal.

The beauty of the Mojo Power Dialer is that you only spend time with people who pick up the phone AND with our “First Hello” technology, you get connected the moment a human voice is detected. No more annoying delays that frustrate the prospect and cause him or her to immediately hang up.

Needless to say, now Jane’s life is a lot less stressful. And using “Mojo On the Go” on her iPad, she can make those autodialed calls pretty much from anywhere. Not a shabby looking office, huh?

Mojo Power Dialer-beach

(Check out the full Mojo Dialer adventures of Jane or see a video demo of the Triple Line Power Dialer in action!) Also, check out how Mojo compares to the competition!