Random (but important) Prospecting Tips

Mojo Dialer TipsA career in sales is challenging and takes a lot of determination, especially if all of your sales are made over the phone. Below are some phone sales tips to follow to ensure your sales presence is effective and strong:

  • Take advantage of CRM technology

All sales representatives should utilize Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology to stay organized. It will allow you to keep notes on your prospects so you can continue building rapport as your leads flow through the sales pipeline. Schedule tasks for call backs and e-mails so you can keep on top of your prospects, as well as follow up with customers and reassure them they made the right choice.

  • Develop rapport quickly

You only have a few seconds to build rapport with a prospect on your initial call. It is critical you have a bright and cheerful personality during the initial contact as you are at a disadvantage in not being able to convey body language during your conversation. Use your personality to your advantage during your calls and try not to come across as being too salesy or scripted.

  • Schedule calls a week in advance

Plan your calls ahead and maximize your time, as it is extremely valuable. If you schedule your follow ups a week out, you will never run out of calls to make. Rank them by priority based on the nature of the call and call on them accordingly.

  • Recognize the importance of your clients time

Every time you call a prospect, you are interrupting their day so make sure they know you are aware of that. Ask if it is a good time to talk for a few minutes and let them know you will not take much of their time. If they say it is not a good time to talk, ask when would be a good time and schedule the call. More importantly, call them back at that time!

  • Be consistent in follow up

Follow up, follow up, follow up! It is a crucial part of the sales process, as it shows your prospects you in it for the long run. If you tell someone you are going to call at a certain time, follow through with it or you will begin to lose credibility with them. Once you lose credibility, you will not be able to regain it, especially on the phone.

Sales representatives must take advantage of the technology available to them in today’s marketplace. Your competitors are conducting business in the 21st century and you should too if you want to stay on top of the game. Use software to organize the data you have on prospects and provide reminders of tasks you have to complete. The rest of it is up to you, you are in charge of your own success!

We hope you enjoyed these phone sales tips and look forward to your feedback.