Past Client and Center of Influence calling made easy with the Mojo Dialer

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Making the most of Past Client and Center of Influence Prospecting

2013 is winding down and the holiday season is fast approaching which means this is a great time to reach out to your past client and center of influence contacts. You’re armed with great information from the last year in Real Estate and unless you’re Ebenezer Scrooge, you want to wish your contacts all the best this holiday season. Of course, you are not just calling to ‘keep in touch’, there is a deeper goal here: to either identify their own upcoming Real Estate needs or gain a referral from someone else they know who is looking to sell or purchase a house in the future.

Before the Mojo Dialer, the task of touching your past clients and center of influence was a tedious one including a lot of hand dialing, note taking and trying to organize all of your calling results and touches, so you know who you have and have not spoken with. All of that cumbersome work is history now because you’ve got Mojo! In this post, we’re going to cover some tips and tricks you can follow to ensure you get the most out of your past clients and center of influence the remainder of this year and in to the next.

In a previous post, we filled you all in on a big statistic, 10% of your business as a real estate agent should and will come from your past clients and center of influence. This is important for a few reasons:

1.)  It’s a free lead source. You know a TON of people and they all like talking to you. Creating a list of people to call is a piece of cake and we would suggest taking the time to create a mind map of all the people you know including everyone you come in contact with in your business and personal dealings. Chances are you already have this list created AND it should (better) be already available in some sort of contact manager like Mojo, Google or Top Producer.

2.)  Your past clients and center of influence are the easiest group of people to call… They know you! Anyone suffering from call reluctance due to a bad experience calling on Expired or FSBO leads needs to understand calling on past clients and center of influence is a different animal, one you shouldn’t be afraid of. Additionally, it is a group which is always growing and becoming more and more of a productive lead source… you are always getting more past clients and certainly you are always meeting new people… FREE!

Think about it, if you are not already calling on your past clients or center of influence contacts, you are about to get a 10% raise just by working a lead source that is readily available to you, virtually free and looking to hear from you!

When we designed the new web based Mojo dialer, we wanted to make calling on your past clients and center of influence contacts as easy as possible. Here are just a few things we did to make this a no brainer for you:

1.)  Dialing Logic: Tracking who you have and have not made contact with is very important to successfully leveraging these leads. Additionally, it reduces call reluctance, knowing you are not ‘double calling’ someone relieves the anxiety associated with thinking we’re bothering someone. Our new calling filters are designed to manage your past client and center of influence calling, ensuring you are only calling those you haven’t made contact based on the time frame you wish to contact them i.e. 30/60/90 days.Top Producer integration

2.)  Mobility: Of all the prospecting Real Estate agents do, past client and center of influence calling is a perfect match for our family of mobile products like Mojo on the Go for iPad and soon, Mojo on the Go! for iPhone. Why? Well sitting back relaxing over a cup of coffee at your favorite WiFi café is hard when you are very concentrated on overcoming objections and concerns while dialing off-market leads. Dialing people you know is much more relaxing, it isn’t the cold calling experience so many are used to and when you are relaxed and out of the office, you will be more personable and it will be much easier to build rapport.

3.)  Making data access easy: Accessing your database to call on it is very important and the last thing we want you to do is have to keep duplicate lists in two different places. Our data sync with Top Producer and Google make calling and updating your past client and center of influence database a piece of cake! Of course, if you don’t utilize Top Producer or Google, you can easily import your records directly in to our pre-created past client lists in Mojo and manage them right there.

We are the technology people, not the ‘know what to say’ people and although calling on past clients and your center of influence is MUCH easier than with off market data, it is important to have an outline or easy script to follow when you get your ‘Hello?’



Hi Mr./Mrs.____________________________, this is ________________________ from _________________________ Real Estate. How are you today? (Great)


We haven’t talked in a little bit and I was just calling to touch base and see how you are doing. How is everything going? (Everything is great; it’s nice of you to call)


Sales Tip: This is where you regain the rapport you had when you spoke to them last.


How is Fred/Martha/the children? … blah blah blah…


May I ask you a business question? (Sure, what is it you need to know?)


As you know, I’m always looking for more people to help in real estate… and I was wondering, who do you know that needs my help to buy or sell a home this year?  (I can’t think of anybody right now)


Well, no problem… I appreciate y our thinking about that. Can you think of anybody at the church/school/neighborhood that has talked about moving?  (Not really but if I think of someone I’ll be sure to call you)


I really do appreciate that Mr./Mrs. ________________, it’s people like you that have helped me build my business so effectively. Now while I do have you on the phone, let me ask you… do you have any questions about the real estate market that I can help you with? (Not really)


Well if anything comes up, would you feel comfortable calling me? (Of course I would)


Fantastic… and before I hang up tell me, when do you suppose you will be moving next? (Oh not for a while I guess)


Good for you, it’s great to talk to you again, I’ll stay in touch and if there’s EVER anything you need… even if you just want to know about a recent sale in your neighborhood… please feel free to give me a call. Have a great day!




The goal is to let them know:


  1. You care.
  2. You sell real estate.


So there you have it, a simple script for you to use while you get your feet wet calling your past clients and center for influence. By calling these leads overtime, YOU will be the one that comes to mind when they or anyone within an earshot mentions real estate AND you will get real-time leads from anyone looking to buy or sell a home.

A win/win!

Lastly, we wanted to give you a few tips for using the Mojo Dialer to call your past clients and center of influence:

Past client prospecting

 Past Client Mojo Dialer Tips

Use a single line:

 By dialing with one line, you will not chance playing a call back message to someone you already have a relationship with. Multi-line dialing is GREAT for cold calling, but this isn’t cold calling.

Take good notes:

 Building rapport is critical when calling your past clients and center of influence. By taking great notes, you can easily regain the rapport you built previously and pick right up where you left off. Just think, if you were calling in to New England to someone you made notes on indicating they loved baseball… you could tell them just how great the Red Sox are 😉

Hot Notes:

 As a follow on to taking good notes, mark the very important/critical notes as ‘Hot Notes’ in Mojo. This will highlight them and you will spot them very quickly on a call.

Have not contacted filter:

 The have not contact filter is critical to organizing your lists by who you have and have not spoken to each month, quarter, year. For example, if you wanted to contact all of your past clients and center of influence contacts every quarter, you would choose your list to dial and select the ‘Have not contacted’ filter and set it to time frame ‘quarter’. In this example, this would ONLY call the people you have NOT made contact with. How easy is that?!

Drop a pre-recorded message:

This is a widely argued tip, but we’ve heard enough success stories to recommend it. By dropping a pre-recorded message on the answering message you reach, contacts will usually let you know, “hey, I got your message” the next time you reach them, this really warms the call up and gets you past any awkward moment you might have with a contact you are not staying in contact with enough.

Start using the Google Contact or Top Producer Sync:

This is a no brainer. If you are not already using these two features, stop what you are doing right now and set them up. This is the single best thing you can do to make sure your contact database stays updated in real-time while using the Mojo Dialer. Of course, if you don’t have Google Contacts or a Top Producer account, you can just use Mojo’s integrated contact manager.

Create email templates:

Unlike most off-market leads, your database and lists of past client and center of influence customers will most likely have an email address. While using Mojo, it just makes sense to send a follow up email to the contact whether you contact them or not. This can easily be done using our ‘click to send’ email feature from the main contact record. So, go ahead and set up your email templates and email signature, you will be happy you did!