Prevent Prospecting’s ‘Silent Killer’ with Mojo’s Updated Neighborhood Search

Neighborhood Search auto updates

Calling lists that become stale can really destroy productivity for you and your team. At Mojo, we refer to it as prospecting’s ‘silent killer’. You may have experienced it before.

It works like this:

You download or import a new calling list in your dialer and begin prospecting. For the first few weeks your list is fruitful. You are making contacts, setting follow up calls and putting appointments on your calendar.

Soon though, you begin to notice your contact rates starting to drop. You are spending less time talking with prospects and more time dialing through no answered calls. The disconnected phone number rate begins to go up. Answering machine messages indicate you haven’t reached the correct target – frustration begins to set in.

If this sounds familiar, you have experienced the silent killer, or in other words, you’ve reached the shelf life of a list.

Until now, to prevent this , you were required to keep downloading updated information manually from the Neighborhood Search or other data source, doing your best to prevent data duplication – lot’s of work.

Stop wasting time on stale data and start thriving with Mojo’s new auto-updating Neighborhood Search.

The Mojo Neighborhood Search has been totally revamped under the hood and now pushes daily contact updates to your existing Neighborhood Search lists – automatically!

Each day, our Neighborhood Search master database receives thousands of updates. These updates include new data for mapped areas and updated contacts, phone numbers and emails for existing contacts. Additionally, we remove outdated contacts and contact information from you existing lists!

More contacts, more conversations and more appointments.

This Neighborhood Search updating functionality is a game changer for anyone serious about prospecting. Your lists will stay clean, accurate and updated with the latest available information.

This will result in maintaining higher average contact rates and more productive conversations – more appointment setting and more listings!

If you haven’t already subscribed to Mojo’s Neighborhood Search, do it today and start prospecting with the best neighborhood data product on the market!

For more information about Mojo’s Neighborhood Search, please click on the image below for a short demonstration:

Mojo Neighborhood Search Real Estate Prospecting data.

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