Mojo’s new Lead Alert Service helps you avoid getting “turtled!”

When potential customers get bombarded with information overload, they will retreat into their shell to block out any additional sources.
When potential customers get bombarded with information overload they will retreat into their shell to block out any additional sources

My son, who just started Little League, is still getting used to the idea that baseball is a game of urgency.

It’s vital to sprint to first base before the ball gets there instead of a casual stroll. It’s kinda important to take the ball out of your glove and throw it to the appropriate base without taking the time to admire the cloud formations. Hey, he’s getting the hang of it!

Of course, in the sales world, taking your sweet time to respond to an Internet lead is like hanging a signboard around your neck that reads “PLEASE BRING YOUR BUSINESS ELSEWHERE.”

Here’s the reality about consumer behavior and this definitely applies to me when I am looking to connect with a new business for landscaping, plumbing, pest control, mortgages, home renovations, appliance repair and basically anything else I blow my paycheck on…. The first few companies to call me back are the ONLY ones who have a chance at my business. And if the first one to return my call or email gives me a reasonable quote, I’m taking it.

Here’s why. I hate shopping. A lot of guys hate shopping. Sure, I want the best price, but I am not going to spend a week playing phone tag to save 10 bucks. During holiday time at the shopping mall, I’m the guy who just parks far away from the get-go. I hate the idea of circling around a lot for 30 minutes looking for a parking space.

The marketing experts call this phenomenon “turtling.” After getting a few quotes from businesses, the savvy consumer will check out the Website or some references/testimonials and figure out which price is the best bang for the buck. Once the process has begun, and another business calls back a day or two later, it may as well be a bride or groom showing up eight hours late to their own wedding. Sealing the deal with you will be a tough sell after you’ve already “married” or liked the “proposal” from the competition.

Back to the turtle metaphor!  The customer will retreat into his or her shell and block out any additional information once they feel they have enough to choose from. In fact, they will even start to be annoyed when the phone rings from another company if they have already made up their mind.

So you gotta be first to call them back.

Here’s how Mojo can help!

Mojo's Lead Alert Service will contact you at up to three phone numbers (home, work, cell) the moment you get a new Internet lead!
Mojos Lead Alert Service will contact you at up to three phone numbers home work cell the moment you get a new Internet lead

When a potential customer fills out the contact form on your Website or at a referral Website, Mojo’s Lead Alert Service immediately calls you at up to three numbers (work, cell and home). You answer Mojo’s call and press “1” to be connected to the prospect. Your call and lead’s contact information will also be automatically entered into Mojo’s lead management database.

Should you get an answering machine or if there is no answer, Lead Alert will contact you at preset intervals to still give you a shot at reaching them first. Remember, you can’t run casually to first base — and you can’t get information to a potential client who can’t hear you inside their shell.

Here’s something else that makes life a heckuva lot easier for sales reps.  At the same time you receive a text message notifying you about an Internet lead’s inquiry and their background information, your prospect will receive a text message announcing: “Hi, My name is ________ with So-and-So Company. Thanks for contacting us!  I am your assigned agent for your recent Internet inquiry.  I will be calling you in a few minutes to discuss your inquiry with you.”

Because they are the ones who initiated contact with you, AND you gave them a courtesy heads up that you would be calling, they are going to be far more welcoming when they answer the phone.  Remember, the customer is likely calling three or four or more places cold and we can’t assume they will immediately recognize your name.  This special Lead Alert feature gives you a leg up for being well received by the customer.

Best part of all, our Lead Alert Service will soon be included free with the Mojo Sales Engine!

Don’t let yourself be turtled ever again!