Mojo Sells… “I wanna come home”… This single line dialer is too slow!

Mojo Dialer vs.
The Ford Pinto left a lot to be desired. Sure, it got you from point A to point B but you were the last to arrive, much like using a competitors single line dialer.

We received an email today from a long time customer looking to come back to Mojo. This customer left our Triple Line Dialer to try other single line dialing solutions promising to have the same efficiencies as Mojo, for a minimal monthly savings and in the end, it actually ended up costing them.

“Mojo Sells… I wanna come home! I am sooooo spoiled by Mojo’s 3 line Power dialer, I’m able to get my calls done in the less time and get at least double if not triple the contacts with Mojo!!!” ~ Socar

The more people you talk to on the phone, the more appointments you will set, the more deals you will close and the more money you will make.

Now, before we go in to why our triple line dialer is advantageous over any single line dialer, we will point out we also offer a single line dialer option. We do this to get our customers feet wet before mashing the throttle with our triple line dialer. Dialing for dollars demands one thing and one thing only, talking to people. This means the more people you speak with, the more you will pitch and the more you will close.  Few people will disagree that a auto dialer, either single or triple line, will make a world of difference against hand dialing when it comes to talking to more people, but let’s dig deeper.

Single line dialers are convenient against hand dialing but they don’t stack up against the Mojo Dialer.

The Mojo Dialer makes you more contacts
This Ford Mustang Shelby on the other hand, gets you to your destination in a hurry, just like the Mojo Triple Line Power Dialer.

The average calls per hour a single line dialer can physically dial is between 50-90 calls per hour (unless you are using one of those systems requiring you to end your calls via push of a button before it moves on to the next call. In that case, jump to our single line dialer if you must, we end your calls and begin your next calls automatically saving you the headache.) This means that in an hour of prospecting, you’re doing good to complete 80 calls

The Mojo Dialer is a triple line dialing system that blazes away at up to 300 calls per hour. It auto completes your no answer, busy and disconnected calls and allows you to drop pre-recorded messages on live answering machine connects.

Our customers gain almost 200% using our triple line dialer in both total calls and contacts made!

Upwards of 200% is a HUGE increase in calls and contacts made using the Mojo Dialer, no surprises here though.  We’re comparing a triple line dialer to a single line dialer. The average cost of our competitors single line dialer is $99 and the cost of our triple line dialer is only $149; a $50 per month increase for those bean counters:). You can dial 197% more people and contact 188% more leads, doesn’t it just make sense to use the most efficient system possible for the money? So the next time someone tries to sell you a single line power dialer against our triple line power dialer on price, on efficiency or value, remember how much saving $50 per month is COSTING you!

If you’d like to see a demonstration on how the Mojo Dialer will make a dramatic impact on your business, visit us at or click HERE to watch some demonstration videos.