What I learned at Inman Connect 2010- NYC

What I learned at the Inman Connect conference

There is a BUZZ in real estate right now. Everyone I was lucky enough to meet was very optimistic about 2010 and their creative marketing juices were flowing! The exhibitor hall was filled with companies displaying the ‘next best thing’ in real estate marketing and work flow. I was quite impressed with the technology that is available right now for agents to market themselves, their websites and their properties.

Next to our booth was United Lane which easily had one of the most exciting booths at the conference. They sell software that allows agents to show off their properties floor plans in 3D and customize the home to the customers wants/needs. Nothing like painting a picture to help the sales process along! If you’re an agent, you really should check them out.

The conference had all kinds of great speakers and workshops. I was fortunate enough to sit in one workshop for us exhibitors by Greg Robertson, Co-Founder of W&R Studios. He outlined how to sell new, innovative products in to the Real Estate industry and I was pleasantly surprised to find out we are doing 75% of what we do right.

I also sat in on the “Duet” between Tom Ferry and Rob Hahn which addressed the up and downside to social marketing…Loved the title of the event, Social Media or Social Snake Oil. They presented their cases and debated the pros and cons of social marketing.  I loved it when Tom started it out by stating he had research his opponent’s blog to get more info for the Duet!  I left thinking that social media can be a very good passive marketing tool. Oh yeah…and both Tom and Rob are absolutely fantastic to watch! For more on Tom Ferry please visit www.yourcoach.com and take time to visit Rob Hahn’s blog at www.notorious-rob.com .

Final thoughts…

We had a great time, met tons of wonderful people and learned a lot about the industry that has helped shape our company in to what it is today. Prospecting by phone is still the single most effective form of marketing today. Fast results, real time ROI and one-on-one relationship building makes prospecting expired listings, FSBO leads and just listed/just sold a must do in 2010! Visit our site today to see just how we can make a dramatic impact on your business MojoSells.

– David