Mojo Mastermind Group – Learn, Share, Connect

Mojo Dialer Mastermind GroupAfter what feels like a gazillion requests, we have finally chosen a social platform for our Real Estate customers to share and learn on. Utilizing the latest technologies available on the Google + platform, the new Mojo Mastermind Group offers our clients the best social platform for asking questions, attending best practice webinars (hangouts), sharing information and building relationships with other agents.

Most exciting is that some of North Americas most successful Real Estate agents use Mojo and their insight is a shortcut for new agents to set more appointments and list more homes.

Our plans include having industry experts moderate and lead hangouts where members of the Mojo Mastermind group can join, communicate and learn the latest Real Estate prospecting methods both on and off the phone. If you are a client of ours looking to learn, share and connect with other Real Estate agents, click here to join the new Mojo Mastermind Group on Google +.

If you have an interest in being a featured speaker at an upcoming hangout, please email us today!