Mojo on the Go! has arrived for the Android platform!

The Mojo Dialer on your Android Phone

We first got the itch to turn your handheld device in to a mobile power dialer control center back in 2009 when we released our first Mojo the Go! app for the iPhone. Since that time, we’ve released multiple iOS versions of the app, to improve the user interface and overall performance of the mobile Mojo Dialer.

During this time, the requests for an Android version of our App began stacking up, and we set out to find a core team of Android developers that could take our platform in the direction our clients wanted.

Unlike many companies who hire on mercenaries to do their design and development work, we interview, vet and reference all our developers and keep them on full-time. While this takes more time, it has many advantages long-term for our clients.

First, when an issue arrises with our web or mobile apps, the people/team responsible for designing it and coding it originally, are there to resolve the issue fast. Second, when we want to improve on our services, the people responsible are uniquely intimate with the work, resulting in much more stable results, as well as quicker turn-around times. Lastly, our development process holds the people on our team accountable; if they don’t produce long-term, reliable results, they leave the team.

Last year, we found our A-team and they worked closely with our other mobile developers to create our new Mojo on the Go! for Android app.

Today, we are happy to announce their work is complete, and the app is ready for you to download and begin using in the Google Play store!

The next phase of their work will include Android tablets and we expect this work to be completed and tested within the next few weeks.

If you’re an agent who likes to work on the go, make sure to visit the Google Play store today and get Mojo on the Go! for Android. 

Mojo Dialer on your Android phone


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