Howdy Neighbor: Leveraging the Mojo Dialer and Lead Store for Killer Just Listed Just Sold Prospecting

mojo dialerTwo of the most powerful pitches any real estate agent can make are the Just Listed and Just Sold calls.

When you present someone with the opportunity to “pick their own neighbor” because you’ve just listed a property next door, down the street, or around the corner, it’s a proposition too good for most people to ignore. When you follow up “I just listed the Jones’s house,” with “Do you know anyone looking to buy a home in this neighborhood? Would you like to pick your own neighbor” you have everyone’s attention.

Similarly, nothing sells like success, especially local, close-to-home real estate success. So, calling a prospect and telling them “I just sold the Smith’s house down the street—and I got 90 percent of the asking price—is music, and money, to a prospective home seller’s ears and the Mojo Dialer with Lead Store makes this a reality for Real Estate agents all over North America.

The new Free Form Plotting Search give you complete control over your farm

But, without the right tools like the Mojo Dialer, the number #1  Triple Line Dialer available to Real Estate agents and access to the right data, calling into a neighborhood can be daunting task. That’s why Mojo developed, then perfected, The Lead Store with Neighborhood Search. For a one-time $199 fee, you not only get access to all the publicly listed White Pages and Yellow Pages telephone directory data in the U.S. and Canada, you can hone in on any neighborhood you choose.

The Lead Store with Neighborhood Search plugs right into your Mojo application and you can instantly find the phone numbers within a ½ mile radius of any Just Listed or Just Sold property you choose. Better still, for homes in the U.S., you can free-form plot any customized zone you want.

Is there a several block area of apartments on the fringe of your zone? Just cut it out of the search. Want to search the neighborhood by business code or some other customized cross-cut version of the data? Tell The Lead Store with Neighborhood Search and it will populate Mojo with all the numbers instantly.

In real estate sales, there’s no such thing as too much information; there’s only too much information and too few ways to access it. With Mojo and The Lead Store with Neighborhood Search, that’s no longer an obstacle to breaking your own personal best sales records with Just Listed and Just Sold calls. Now, if we could just come up with a way to let people pick their own relatives…