Introducing Mojo Voice – your new personal secretary for inbound marketing

Mojo Voice is like having your own personal secretary!
Mojo Voice is like having your own personal secretary!

If you’re running a successful business, chances are you have not put all your marketing apples in one basket.

In addition to prospecting for leads with outgoing phone calls, you likely have several other avenues to spread the word: brochures, face-to-face networking events, advertisements, Web site, blogs, etc. For those delightful occasions when people are knocking on your door, you naturally want to be there to answer it.

Now, no matter whether you are on a sales call, on the golf course or in the bathroom, Mojo has a tool for you to make sure your response is as swift and professional as possible.

It’s called Mojo Voice, and it’s the next best thing to a personal secretary who’s available 24/7.

When someone calls you, Mojo Voice will try to locate you at up to three additional phone numbers (office, cell and home — or anywhere you wish) and the caller will believe you have been reached at your desk. Or, if you choose the Domino setting, the caller will receive messages indicating they are being connected to second or third phone number. The message: Their call is your priority and you will stop what you are doing if possible to take care of their needs.

Best of all, if the incoming caller has already been in conversations with you, you’ll instantly be sent a text message indicating their customer history so you can personalize the discussion. If they are not already in your Mojo database, the call will automatically be cross-referenced with the white pages and their name and number will be entered into your prospective leads.

It doesn’t matter if consumers are shopping for roses, insurance or electronic widgets, if no one answers the phone, they’ll just hang up and move on to the next business they found on Google. Even if you can’t answer the phone at that moment, Mojo Voice keeps you in the game. Mojo instinctively captures and logs the phone number in your lead management program.

And the caller will be invited to record a voicemail, which will be immediately emailed to you or an assistant.

If a potential customer is calling you cold, you know they are calling some of your competitors cold, too. At this stage, if there is not a drastic variable in price or services, the winner is the first business to reply to their call.


As a bonus, all users of Mojo Voice will receive free local phone numbers for your marketing needs. These local numbers will pop up on caller ID, making it more likely the prospect will pick up the phone. Also, the numbers can be used on all your marketing literature and Web pages. If you are licensed for real estate or insurance in multiple states, people are far more likely to respond to the local contact.

Mojo Voice is now in its Beta testing phase.  Drop us a line and let’s chat how you can be one of the first businesses to integrate our personal secretary into your Mojo lead management system!