How Mojo Makes It Easy to Leave Messages

In the past, leaving an answering machine message was cumbersome, repetitive, boring, slow, and failed to yield enough positive results. Nothing could ruin your sales mojo more than hitting answering machine ‘speed bumps’ every other call.

Many agents do not believe in leaving messages. On average, only about 5% of their answering machine messages ever get returned so, for every 100 people, five call back and you may get one or two solid leads from it. On the average, calling a lead, listening to their message, and then dropping yours would take about a minute and a half, if not longer. For those two leads, you spent a couple hours, said the same thing over and over 100 times, and lost a bit of sanity in the process.

Finally, Mojo has leveled the playing field. Now you can leave quality messages without wasting your time, energy, or sanity. Leaving a message now is as easy as clicking a button, actually it IS clicking a button. Our program has the ability to pre-record your messages and as soon as you hear an answering machine pick up, all you do is click a button, no waiting for the Beep, and you are already off to the next call. And you can bank multiple messages for use in different calling stages.

Now here are some tips on how to leave that perfect message.

  1. Treat it like a radio commercial
    Do you Remember that radio commercial from the local auto dealer you heard on your drive to work today? You may not be in the market for a car, but the pitch stayed with you. Many of the elements that work for radio commercials apply with answering machine messages. So think about what resonates with you from these ads when you compose your answering machine script.
  2. K. I. S. S.  (Keep It Short & Simple)
    The message you leave should not last more than 30 seconds. Get to the basic point of why you’re calling. Some machines out there have a cutoff of 30 seconds. Nothing is worse than giving a great pitch and having the machine cut off you’re contact numbers.
  3. Speak clearly and evenly
    You want to make sure that your message is heard. And we all know that answering machines are not the most sophisticated recording devices out there. Make sure your message is clear and even. This may take a couple of tries before it’s perfected, but once you get it right, you don’t have to do again, ever.
  4. Hit the ‘Hot Buttons’
    Commercial writers know that every word counts. They also know that some words carry a lot more weight than others. The most effective ads use “hot button” words. “Free” and “affordable” are powerful words because they grab people’s attention. But these “hot button” words may not apply to your particular business. You need to use the right words for your specific audience. Other examples are: Low Price, Quick, Easy, Guaranteed, and Trusted.
  5. Offer the solution to their problem
    Make sure to mention how you can be the solution to a problem that they have. It may not look like a problem on the outside, but you are calling because you have a solution to something in their life. A Real Estate Agent is solving their problem of buying or selling a home. An Insurance Agent is solving their problem of not having coverage or lowering high premium costs. A Mortgage Broker is solving their problem by getting them a mortgage or a better rate. Think of how you can solve their problem and incorporate it into your message.
  6. ‘But Wait, There’s More’
    You always want to leave them wanting more. It makes them want to call you to find out more information. Your message should tell basically what you can do for them, but if they want specifics, they will need to call. You may also want to tell them that they will receive a free gift when they call, such as a free home evaluation, or a free health insurance quote.
  7. Put a Time Stamp on it.
    You can also give them a sense of urgency by reinforcing that they need to get back to you in a short amount of time. By setting a deadline, they may feel more inclined to call if they feel that to offer wont stay on the table for long.
  8. Double Up Your Contact Numbers
    Your message should have your point of contact mentioned at least twice. If they are writing your number down, now they don’t have to keep playing the message over and over to get your number.
  9. Get up! Stand Up!
    Standing up when you are leaving your message is old sales trick that works well. By Standing, it naturally gets your energy up. Therefore it will show in your message. The more enthusiastic you will sound. A good rule of thumb is that if you think you’re pitch is too upbeat or ‘over the top’, then you’ve probably got it just right.

10. Write Down Your Message and Practice the Script
This one goes without saying, but I am mentioning it anyway. Write down your message and practice. Practice makes perfect, and you don’t want to sound like you are reading a script. You want to own these words. The more you own the words, the more natural and conversational you will sound.

This may sound like a lot of information that you need to cram into a thirty second time frame but it can be done. Start timing your message before you record it. And once it’s recorded, all you need to do is keep pressing the message button and cashing in on all the extra leads that start coming in!

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